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Ships Stern Circuit

This one is long but definitely worth it. The views of Binna Burra and Numinbah Valley were truly spectacular. Some wildlife to see as well.

I went around anti-clockwise, based off the elevation profile this seems to be better. Roughly 50% long gradual descend, 30% flat and 20% moderate ascend. If you do this clockwise you're going to have 50% long gradual ascend at the end :-/

I did all the side tracks which makes the total distance 26km. Ballanjui Cascades is worth a look but if you are time restricted I would skip Booboora Falls and Guraigumai Rock. If you are feeling energetic check out Charraboomba Rock, don't feel guilty if you skip this one though, once you reach Ships Stern you'll get plenty of amazing views. I'd definitely recommend Lower Ballanjui Falls. Probably the largest waterfall I've seen, the sheer scale is remarkable.

Rob Nicholson on 25 Mar, 2017

Python Rock

Another great visit. Check out the Pat's Bluff track while you're here (adds an extra 20min to the walk).

Rob Nicholson on 11 Mar, 2017

Pat's Bluff

Breathtaking views, possibly the best in the area. Highly recommended. The entrance was hard to find so did the circuit starting through Luke's Farm, the track through here is a little unclear so best to bring a map. You might want to check out Luke's Bluff while you're in that section. Returning via the standard track was a lot clearer. About 5 minutes from the road a tree has fallen (seems like a while ago), there is orange tape to guide you around this.

Rob Nicholson on 11 Mar, 2017

Tallebudgera Creek Circuit

A nice one for the late afternoon or early morning, most of the track does not have tree coverage so bring a hat. Great views to be seen along the way. Plenty of places to stop for a picnic or swim.

Rob Nicholson on 5 Mar, 2017

Elanora Wetlands

A bit smelly from the treatment plant but it's not too bad. Apparently a good spot for birding but didn't see many due to the time of the day.

Rob Nicholson on 4 Mar, 2017

Cudgen Creek Estuary

Flat and easy. Nice beach and creek views. The Cudgen Headland section of this walk doesn't have much of a set path. Choose whether you want to walk through the park, along the beach or the road. There were a few osprey flying around which was nice.

Rob Nicholson on 25 Feb, 2017

Springbrook Pinnacle

This walk was nice but I didn't really enjoy it once the track left the Warrie Circuit. The pink tape was frequent and very handy but the track was quiet overgrown. There were some nice views approaching the pinnacle. We managed some scrambling but did not continue passed a rocky platform which looked ready to crumble (probably due to frequent access by hikers). Be mindful this is a whole day hike, make sure you have sufficient daylight to complete the walk. Despite all this, the views were nice and features of the Warrie Circuit are worth the journey.

Rob Nicholson on 19 Feb, 2017

Warrie Circuit

A magnificent rainforest walk with plenty of waterfalls to see (and go under) along the way. Picked up a couple of leeches, no big deal. Plenty of wildlife to see also. Well worth the effort :-)

Rob Nicholson on 19 Feb, 2017

Tamborine Rainforest Skywalk

Another great visit, still a bit expensive but nevertheless. If you come between October and January you may be lucky to see some Richmond Birdwing Butterflies (I saw several).

Rob Nicholson on 5 Feb, 2017

Bullocky Rest to Forgan Cove Loop

An easy walk with some nice lake views. Good for a cool afternoon.

Rob Nicholson on 4 Feb, 2017
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