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Yankee Hat

Amazing scenery throughout. Good to see the aboriginal artwork is still intact. The weather changed a few times during the track. Plenty of wildlife to been seen as well.

Rob Nicholson on 6 May, 2017

Water Tower Circuit

Best walk in the reserve. The views from the top of the watertower are great.

Rob Nicholson on 1 May, 2017

Waterfall Track

Not too much to see. Couldn't see any sign of a waterfall. A very short walk.

Rob Nicholson on 1 May, 2017

Quarry Circuit

Very short and easy. Might be a good place to walk the dog (there were a few).

Rob Nicholson on 1 May, 2017

Bluey’s Circuit

Easy and short. Not too much to see. There are many signs but they are inconsistent at times.

Rob Nicholson on 1 May, 2017

Cliveden Avenue Reserve

Short easy and flat. Nice place to see some horses. Was expecting to see more birds here since it's so close to Oxley Creek Common. A small section of the track was really muddy due to recent rain.

Rob Nicholson on 29 Apr, 2017

Eagleby Wetlands

Great for birding. Watch out in the afternoon for mosquitoes, even after applying heaps of repellent they were still swarming us.

Rob Nicholson on 25 Apr, 2017

Coucal Trail

Didn't see any coucals but there were a few decent views of the Brisbane River along the way.

Rob Nicholson on 25 Apr, 2017

Boggy Creek Walk

The track took a bit of a beating from a recent storm but it was still walkable. Not too much to see compared to the tracks to Minyon Falls but this is an easy in comparison.

Rob Nicholson on 15 Apr, 2017

Peates Mountain

This one was a bit disappointing as the 'impressive views' are overgrown are no longer visible from the peak. If you want to make this one a bit easier I suggest leaving the peak via the management trail / Peates Mountain Road.

Rob Nicholson on 15 Apr, 2017
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