This is a great walk through mostly canopied forest that skirts around Enoggera Reservoir. There are some quite steep hills which will be a challenge if you are not very fit, but most of the walk is easy. Glimpses of the reservoir, lots of beautiful trees, the odd encounter with wildlife make for a very enjoyable couple of hours.

It is best to call into the Information Centre at Walk About Creek before starting this walk as they have detailed instructions on navigating the bit of suburb walking required to complete the circuit. It's also useful to have the topographical map as the hike isn't on marked trails - it would be difficult to get lost - but it's possible! If you are doing a circuit then just keep taking Left hand turns if going anti clockwise!

Picnic Facilities
No Dogs Permitted
Cycling Permitted

Getting there

Start at Walkabout Creek Information Centre


Which maps cover the area?

Route/Trail notes

Follow Reservior Break around the reservoir, see attached GPS for further guidance



Other References


Loved Lace Monitor and my friend saw a Koala 🐨 the first time she hiked this circuit.

Julio on 25 Apr, 2023

2.5 hours is a fair estimate - the inclines and descents moderately challenging, lush bush, birdsong abundant, walking sticks useful and probably 2L water each. Start early to avoid the heat.

Angela Buchanan on 28 Dec, 2022

Nice walk with a few decent hills. Had the same problem at the end with the locked gate but there was a truck leaving just at the right time so we walked through while it was open. Allthough I did see a track going off to the right a few hundred metres earlier so maybe that would lead you around the fence. Took us 2 hrs 15 walking at a steady pace.

Kent on 15 Aug, 2022

Initially planned to do the short 3km Walkabout creek walk. Came across the crossroads that lead us onto this track. Ended up being quite underprepared eg. not enough water. The walk itself was straightforward, with some good hills and pretty in places. I particularly enjoyed the creek about halfway through. We saw 4 turtles, 1 red-bellied black snake, 3 parrots and lots of willy wagtails. The ending was complicated by the locked gate but easily found a way around the fence to finish in suburbia. We were very grateful for the water fountain at the park'n'ride.

Definitely check if this is still open as we ran into workmen that closed a section of the track for maintenance post floods.

jumpingjacq on 21 Jun, 2022

Husband and I completed this today. I’m of moderate fitness and hubby above average. Hills are a burner but a good challenge for a Sunday afternoon. We went anticlockwise so the first half had the bigger hills. Great walk, completed in the 2 hours. We usually complete walks and Hines faster than the recommended times.

Leisa on 7 Nov, 2021

Nice walk, lots of belbirds chiming. Also cute water birds.

Call me Al on 1 Nov, 2021

I've been searching for hills around Brissy without driving an hour + to climb a mountain. I was warned there were some killer hills and they were correct. I went anticlockwise only because I thought that's the way you went. I was in search of the 'Fire Trail' which apparently is the 10k return. With little to zero signage I was lost from the start. but trundled on. Friends said follow the track however there was regularly an intersection with 2 options and no hints on which one to take. One on these intersections was a five ways (WTH). The route I chose wound around to the left with a couple of the biggest inclines yet - only to come out right back at the intersection I'd left. At one stage I was at a 3 ways when a lady jogger came by and pointed me in the right direction although once I got going I was still faced with multiple intersections branching off in opposite directions with no way of knowing which one to take. As others have suggested, I just kept hugging left in the hope I would see the dam soon and I did. I realised it was near the end of the walk and then I came across a weir wall with a LOCKED GATE! I was sure I hadn't missed a road. Fortunately I found a hole in the fence and once through found my was to the Translink Park n Ride then walked up the Mt Nebo Rd to the carpark. I thought I'd stuffed up but I see other comments advise this is what they did to (don't feel so bad). It was an odd way to end the trek which took me over 3hrs but only because I kept getting lost. I will go back. The inclines the walk provides are perfect for the fitness I'm chasing. I guess the more I do it the more I'll learn which way to go. When I say lost, I don't mean scarily lost. In many sections you're walking parallel to busy roads. At one stage I just felt like calling an Uber loll. I do recommend it both for fitness and for scenery.

Tess on 28 Sep, 2021

An easy walk following a four wheel drive track around the lake. A little up and down. Nice views of the lake. Some spots very pretty.

Bruce on Sep, 2021

Great walk, very beautiful and not busy at all. Took us just under 3hrs. A couple of steep sections in there, but a nice challenge. Quite gravely track so recommend boots over sneakers.

Anonymous on 25 Apr, 2021

Good walk, a few steep hills, otherwise nothing too challenging or spectacular.

Jeff Ells on 24 Jan, 2021

Great walk.

EchidnaScout on 24 Oct, 2020

Lots of hills. You can't see the reservoir for half the walk. This walk took me 2 hrs. Get a map from the discovery centre and ask them for directions.

Clem on 9 Oct, 2020

My first time, did this walk on Sunday 19th July, no issues with closures (was closures recently due to burn offs), parking was difficult to find as this is a popular spot for walkers, runners and people using the water to SUP, kayak etc. Lovely walk with lots of greenery. Lots of birds. Lots of hills as well, take plenty of water even during cooler weather. Not a difficult track to follow with a map or app but there are no signs so be mindful of this. I popped into the Info centre and was given a map and some instructions on which way to go, very helpful for especially coming across a couple junctions and when exiting the walk at the dam wall. A little disappointing to finish in suburbia with the sounds of traffic and dogs barking and to walk through a bus terminal after such a pretty walk with sounds of nature. A great walk though that will burn the legs for sure.

Janelle on 19 Jul, 2020

I am a 13 year old who is writing a review on the Enoggera Reservoir Circuit. This walk is a lovely walk that follows the dam all the way round. We started at walkabout creek car park and went clockwise. It is an extremely hilly circuit with one long giant steep hill if you go clockwise. We ran the flats and downs and powerwalked the hills and did it in around 1h 30mins, probably around 2h if you just walked it. No drinking fountains along the walk so make sure to bring lots of water, especially in summer. This walk is also net very well sign posted, I suggest downloading a app called and it shows you where you are and you can look which way to go. There is also a fence which we had trouble getting through, if you want to get through going clockwise then walk down hill past the bus station and follow the fence line to the end and there is a dirt path that goes through it. Overall nice walked, and I really enjoyed it. Hope this Info is useful, hope you enjoy this walk too.

TheN8tureBoy on 19 Jul, 2020

Absolutely beautiful scenery and views of the dam. I went clockwise, and it was a little hard to find the gap in the fence to get through (at the start of the walk). Varied walk, with lots of inclines, logs to climb over etc.. It could be a little better signed, as I got lost a few times about 30min in. Otherwise, great walk! I'm going to go back and try anti-clockwise.

KB on 30 Jun, 2020

A lovely walk. A good range of flat and gentle with a few really steep inclines.
It would be a good idea to have the map with you. There are a few tracks that loop onto themselves turning a 10km walk into a 15km walk.

Louisa on 31 May, 2020

Completed this circuit in an anti clock wise direction. Well people are right, there are some killer hills on this track, but very enjoyable all the same. 2.15 mins

Robert on 18 May, 2020

Beautiful hike early in the morning with the steam rising off the water.

Nadine on 15 May, 2020

Walked with Simon, Sam, Mum and Dad

Brooke White on May, 2020

Nice walk, some killer hills but that was all part of the variety! incredibly wet as we walked, so 1/2 the track at lake level was underwater. Exciting Creek crossing due to water levels.

AliC on 9 Feb, 2020


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