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Flinder’s Peak Circuit - approach from South (Ipswich - Flinders Goolman Conservation Estate)
26 Nov, 2020
Very Hard
12km return
3 hrs
What an amazing experience. I loved every second of this climb up and down. I don't particularly agree with the level 5 rating. Definitely a 4.
Mt Cooroora (Sunshine Coast)
12 Nov, 2020
2.6km return
2.5 hrs
Have climbed this lovely mountain twice. Today for sunrise and again a few weeks after. Steep climb. Rock scrambling. Great views.
Mt Ngungun (Glass House Mountains)
12 Oct, 2020
2.8km return
90 mins
Great walk and the views are spectacular 360 degrees of the Glasshouse mountains.
Mount Beerburrum (Glass House Mountains)
12 Oct, 2020
3.5km return
90 mins
Soooooooooooooooooo Steep but soooooooooooo amazing. Just Do It.
Wild Horse Mountain (Glass House Mountains)
12 Oct, 2020
1.4km return
30 mins
Such a cute little steep trek. Lovely from the top. Loved it
Mount Coolum (Sunshine Coast)
27 Sep, 2020
1.8km return
90 mins
Very busy these days but always worth it from the top. Easy walk for all ages. Take water.
Mt Ninderry (Sunshine Coast)
27 Sep, 2020
3.3km return
90 mins
Lovely walk. Incorporated into our 6 mountains in 1 day climb.
Mt Walsh (Mount Walsh National Park)
20 Sep, 2020
4km return
3 hrs
What a beautiful walk. Can't wait to go back in winter for a sunrise walk.
Mount Tibrogargan Summit (Glass House Mountains)
15 Aug, 2020
Very Hard
2.7km return
2 hrs
I totally overestimated myself and underestimated all advice about this climb. I ignored all advice and 1. climbed alone, 2. climbed in the rain, 3. climbed outside of my comfort zone. I was meant to climb with a beginner group but when I got there they had cancelled. I followed a well set out path to what they call Chicken Rock and this is where my buddy tapped out. There is no shame in stopping here believe me. Up I went. Thankfully 2 experienced climbers from our group found me and coached me up and down. I wanted that pic from the top and the bragging rights back at the bottom. Personally I found it terrifying. I rarely maintained 3 points of contact and had no idea where to put my feet or where to find a grip hold. This is extremely doable, but I can't stress enough that you should go with someone experienced. Coming down was easier but only because of the experienced men I was with. There were still a couple of places where I was terrified but to put it in perspective, one of my buddies walked most of the way down. I can't wait to do it again but this time I'll heed all advice and will not go without our group. The top IS AMAZING. Enjoy
Mount Larcom Walk (Central Queensland)
Aug, 2020
7km return
4 hrs
I have walked Mt Larcom over 30 times to date. I love it. A 2km walk warm up then from the bridge it's straight up. Well marked path with blue and yellow markers to follow. For first timers, allow the 4hrs to enjoy all that this gorgeous location has to offer. A very short scramble at the top where the views are extraordinary. Then down you go. If you have knee problems don't try it and the decent is punishing on them & your quads will scream with that good workout pain. Literally anyone can do this walk. Some just have to take it slower than others - it's not a race. Take at least 2ltrs of water each. In summer make sure you climb by 6am. It gets very hot. It's a busy place on the weekends. Everyone is friendly. You'll know you're alive both up and down on this one. Enjoy :)
Mount Robert (North Queensland)
26 Jul, 2015
Very Hard
5.2km return
6 hrs
Mt Robert is located in the beautiful Boyne Valley west of Gladstone, Bundaberg areas. It's on private property called Harmony Farm and the family usually opens their property up once a year around July for the event of climbing.
In July 2015 I joined one of these events and attended the farm to climb this mountain for my 47th birthday with the only victim I could find. We had absolutely no idea what was in store.
We commenced our climb very early and was guided for the first hour by the owner around a mountain in heavy, long grass until we were advised the start of the climb had been reached. At this point the owner left us with a smile and a wave and we were off.
To reach the summit you traverse upward along a riverbed. There is no track but if you stick to the obvious riverbed you will be fine.
It took the 5 of us front runners 3 hrs to get to the summit which is beautiful. There is a book that lives in a pipe drilled into the rock for you to put your name and the time it took to reach the summit.
We then headed back. It was much harder to stay on track heading down and we got lost several times. It got very frustrating. In short we took just over 3hrs to get back.
As you will see, there is very little to absolutely no information on this mountain. If there was you would fully understand that this is no beginners hill.
A very good level of rock scrambling skills is required and for a 6hr turnaround a good level of fitness. There are no easy spots. There was very little phone reception which was frightening as we could not see anywhere a rescue chopper could hover if we were injured and had to be extracted. For a team to reach you and carry you out would be a major effort and extremely painful for the victim. We actually had a stern talk to the owner on our return about the safety hazards and how future climbs could be organised in a much safer way but felt we were not heard.