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Fantastic views from the top of Mt Walsh. The climb can be difficult up at the last part. The trail is easy to follow if you have basic trail sense and is marked with flag tape and arrows painted onto rocks. No ropes are need but hand over hand climbing is required for the last part.

Picnic Facilities
Scrambling or Climbing
No Dogs Permitted
Eucalypt Forest
Maximum Elevation
Total Climb

Getting there:

Drive from Biggenden towards Maryborough along Maryborough-Biggenden Road and approx 2.6km out of Biggenden you turn right into National Park Road (this is well signed), then follow National Park Roadd to the end where you will reach Mt Walsh Natiional Park (Mt Walsh Section) picnic area car park. Summit track starts from there.


Mount Walsh National Park

Route/Trail notes:

The first part of the walk is quite easy through bush with a well defined trail but as the walk ascends you need to climb over rocks and through tight crevasses. The top of the mountain is quite flat and can be explored easily, upon your return some sliding is required during the descent. Allow a good half day or full day if intending to hike in surrounding bushland.


None. There is a bush camp towards the Pinacles.

Other References/Comments:

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GPS Tracks

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It was double mountain Monday again and after a 2 week break from resting it was not going to be my fastest. So we got to mount Walsh about 10am and it was a nice clear winter day. It did prove to be a hot time to climb even though in winter and having rested for so long it proved tough. Got up in 45 minutes and had a nice long rest under the cool rocks at the top. Because it had been dry it was a little dusty and slightly slippery so I went down with extra caution so 35 mins down. Stretched out before and after and then set off for mount woowoonga.

Valda Wakefield on 2 Aug, 2021

Tough climb

Jonno on 10 Jul, 2021

Once again a lovely climb. Freezing at the top this time.

Tess on 2 Jun, 2021

Another great climb.

Tess on 29 May, 2021

Another great climb.

Tess on 29 May, 2021

Labour day holiday. Began climbing just after 7. It was fresh but the climb would soon warm us. It had been raining so the ground was soft and a little muddy. Went for speed today up and down to beat other previous times and were headed to Woowoonga straight after to complete double mountain Monday. Flora and fauna life in the cooler months really flourishes. So it only took 37 minutes up this day and 22 down as I scooped in just under an hour. I keep race climbing for fitness so don't be crazy like me unless you workout regularly. Even with the wet overnight it was still fine to climb the rock etc so I was thankful for that. It wad very windy at the top so I didn't stay long plus I wanted to get down and up the next mountain in the morning!

Valda Wakefield on 3 May, 2021

Set out early as we like to do when the morning is fresh for the warm up the mountain. Was surprised to see water tracking out of the rocks today on the climb. So that in itself created a small challenge, not so much for me but for my husband who is built differently to me. However we still made it up to the top in which I explored more than I had before really hoping to find the path for the tassel track to the four sisters but I was not lucky enough today to find so I will save that for next time. I did travel all the way to the north end of the top and I could look down on the sisters which seemed so far down. Always a good climb. I will get to the sisters one day when I'm less time poor and have more time to explore😊

Valda Wakefield on 12 Apr, 2021

Started the walk early in the morning around 7.30 am. Low gradient to start increasing steeply from the base. Track clearly marked with tape. Care needs to be taken on the ascent due to loose rocks and slippery rock faces. Two small climbs up crevices, ropes have been attached. I suggest you carefully check the condition of the ropes before using them. The top of the mountain is open. Walkers need good non slip footwear and plenty of water. This is a great walk for experienced bushwalkers

David Eke on 12 Apr, 2021

Great climb. Early start to catch the sunrise but slippery after rain overnight

Diana on 9 Apr, 2021

Went up this in Easter Monday and looks like sometime has added a rope for the beginning of the climb. How long that will last who knows. Sadly this day it rained so the rock face was too slippery to safely climb up with the extra newbies we brought along but will be going back again because it's always worth it at the top!

Valda Wakefield on 5 Apr, 2021

Great walk. Not for the unfit but definitely doable.

Kelvin on 13 Mar, 2021

A solid push up hill to the summit. We did this hike closer to midday. Something I wouldn't recommend in warmer months as there is little to no shade. Gorgeous views.

Monstar on 13 Mar, 2021

On this day took my co workers with me. It was a HOT day, we began the climb about 10am. I'd packed extra water as I suspected they wouldn't have enough. Even with my 3 litre backpack and a couple bottles we ran out. This day it took 2 hours up and an hour and a half down. I'd done this before around the same time but it had been overcast and I had similar fitness companion. Today was varied levels of fitness and did I mention it was hot haha anyhoo these girls still made it up and down all with fear of heights they conquered fear for the day. It really is an enjoyable feat especially once you're down again you feel accomplished. My favorite time to climb is still early as the sun is not as hot but I always enjoy this climb regardless of time of day but I am quite fit 😊

Valda Wakefield on 23 Feb, 2021

So set off today on an overcast day in aim to beat our last time. We began the climb at 10.25 but it wasn't as hot because of cloud coverage. I was amazed at how it all seemed different from the last time but last time was 7 start and we were new to combing. We've since climbed a few more and gained more skill and equipment ie appropriate shoes and hydrate back pack... very useful by the way. This climb today felt quicker and even less distance... tried a few different climbing avenues and as always so grateful for the ribbons that are guides and paint on rocks or tees that help lead the way. Today being quite fit we went up and down in an hour and fourteen minutes. First time was an hour forty five minutes up and an hour and four minutes down so a massive time jump for us. I still advise to take caution always with foot placement on track or during climb and use your arms as well . I personally get low on descension as I can reach objects easier then if I were standing and you've less chance of falling forward. Great climb I'm sure I'll do again... maybe take my other kids up one day.

Valda Wakefield on 8 Feb, 2021

Mount Walsh was my first climb and I went in with no idea what to expect. We began the ascend approximately 7am. The track itself is very natural terrain and while a slight slant at the beginning it became fairly steep quickly. Take lots of water as it can be quite warm. There's enough space for rest brakes. There's ribbon and paint on rocks and trees to help guide you along the way when you might not know where to go. You'll know it's time to rock climb when you get to a flat slanted rock face. No ropes or chain just find areas you can grab or put your foot in and make your way up. Total time up was 1 hour 45 minutes . The top is glorious and spacious with plenty of great views. Descending was approximately 1 hour. Just take your time climbing down the rocks then be wary when going down the bush track as using your legs for braking for a length of time they might tremble a little. I'm definitely going back to try get a quicker time.

Valda Wakefield on 28 Dec, 2020

Nice 2 hr return walk at good pace. Some scrambling.
Did this at 5am before the Bundaberg chess tournament!

Chesspeople on 21 Nov, 2020

This is an amazing walk but I definitely did not expect it to be so tough based on the other reviews!
To be fair I am quite unfit and myself and the people I went with aren’t experienced but it was slightly terrifying.
Did not realise there would be climbing. There were no ropes when we went through. We got it done and managed to get to the top which is well worth it and the climbing was quite exciting just a lot more than we bargained for!
Although we passed someone on the way who had already been up and down twice that morning.
I can’t remember exactly but it took us somewhere between 3-4 hours.
We also found ourselves sliding down on our bums a few times on the way back.
Definitely stop by Mollydookers for lunch if your way home is through Childers.

Benitta on 7 Nov, 2020

What a beautiful walk. Can't wait to go back in winter for a sunrise walk.

Tess on 20 Sep, 2020

This is a beautiful hike with breathtaking views at the top! There is a couple of rock climb sections but there are lots of hand holds and they’re only short so you get a chance to re-coupe before carrying on. The view is incredible and there is lots to explore along the top. We are moderately fit and it took us 3 hrs up and back including lots of breaks, time at the top and taking our time in the climbing sections. One of my fav hikes!

MELG on 29 Aug, 2020

Second time I have attempted this walk and the first time I have made it to the top. First time I traveled up with my 17 year old daughter and my 4 year old daughter. 17 year old made it to the top but I had to pull up before the final scramble as was concerned about the 4 year getting up and down. This time I made it up with my 11 and 6 year old boys. Took 4 hrs including 30-45 minute stop at the top. Recommend this walk. Trail is well marked and easy to follow. The surface is loose in places but manageable.

Dave on 20 Jul, 2020


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