Mount Walsh National Park

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500 m return
15 mins

Coongara Falls

Short walk 500m return to waterfall and rock pools

4.2 km return
3 hrs

Coongara Rock

I have found this gem a challenging summit but only because the two times I have been up has been off-track. There is a track but I haven't been on it all the way. Awesome views of over Mt Walsh National Park and also west towards Coalstoun Lakes. Certainly some steep rocky sections and would not advise if wet or inexperienced.

4 km return
3 hrs

Mt Walsh

Fantastic views from the top of Mt Walsh. The climb can be difficult up at the last part. The trail is easy to follow if you have basic trail sense and is marked with flag tape and arrows painted onto rocks. No ropes are need but hand over hand climbing is required for the last part.

6 km return
5 hrs

Mt Walsh Tassels Track

If you've ever climbed Mt Walsh and stood out on the huge north bluff. You'd have looked down at the " four sisters " and drooled at the rocky boulders and peaks beyond.
This new track that my friends and I are marking out, turns Mt Walsh summit into an awsome through walk.

3 km return
1 hr

Mt Walsh Waterfall Creek (Utopia Falls)

This pleasant moderate grade walk to the rock pool area—a nice place to picnic, cool off in the shade beside the rock pools or just enjoy nature.
The walk begins in hoop pine dominated dry rainforest and vine thickets fringing a moist gully. Further on, open forests and grassy woodlands feature and merge into shrubby heath along Waterfall Creek.
The creek cascades through a series of rock pools that have potholed into the granite by years of water erosion. Cabbage palms, (Livistona decora), growing near the rock pools occur here at their most western limit. Further along Waterfall Creek, impressive water gums, (Tristaniopsis laurina), grow to over 25m high and wrap buttressed roots around rocks.
Look for wildlife as you walk. You might see wonga pigeons in the dark shaded understorey of the rainforest or catch a glimpse of white-throated treecreepers in the open forest and woodland. Swamp wallabies also use the track and red-necked wallabies often feed around the rainforest fringes.
Caution is required when accessing the creek as rocks may be slippery and unstable.