Wide bay Burnett


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Council Areas

  1. Gympie Regional 
  2. South Burnett Regional
  3. North Burnett Regional
  4. Fraser Coast Regional
  5. Bundaberg Regional

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Walks in Wide bay Burnett

3.2 km return
90 mins

Auburn River National Park , Gorge -top walk

The track follows the river on a gentle walk through open eucalypt forest along the top of the gorge. At the lookout there are spectacular views down the river,
which flows over a series of cascades to the Auburn River Falls—best viewed after heavy rain.

1.5 km return
1 hr

Auburn River National Park , Riverbed and rockpools walk

This is a strenuous walk and should only be attempted
by fit walkers. This rough track winds down the side of
the gorge to the river, travelling through dry rainforest,
eucalypt forest and creek vegetation. The swollen
trunks of bottle trees are a forest feature.
Before exploring the river: take time to observe the
immediate area to ensure you will be able to find the
trail on your return. Take care when walking on wet rock
surfaces, as they can be slippery.

600 m return
15 mins

Auburn River National Park, Gorge Lookout walk

This short stroll leads to impressive views across Auburn River gorge. Take a camera and capture views of the river and its distinctive boulders. The 'Giant's Chair' can be seen from the lookout; so too is a peregrine falcon's nest—easily detected because of the 'white-wash' marks on the cliff face below a collection of sticks and debris which make up the nest. Unfenced lookout: Stay well back from the edge and supervise children at all times.

3.3 km return
1 hr

Baldwin Swamp

A walk around a series of lagoons and home to a variety of birds. There is also a large colony of flying foxes. The length of the walk will vary depending on which tracks you take. Note motorised bikes must be registered and dogs must be on a leash.