Mt Walsh Tassels Track

Mount Walsh National Park

If you've ever climbed Mt Walsh and stood out on the huge north bluff. You'd have looked down at the " four sisters " and drooled at the rocky boulders and peaks beyond.
This new track that my friends and I are marking out, turns Mt Walsh summit into an awsome through walk.

Bird Watching
Scrambling or Climbing
No Dogs Permitted
Camping Permitted
Eucalypt Forest

Getting there:

Start as per the normal Mt Walsh ascent.  Mt Walsh is close to the country town of Biggenden which has all facilities including 2 pubs which both serve great food and cold beer. 


Which maps cover the area?

Route/Trail notes:

Climb Mt Walsh as normal.  Once you reach the top, turn right along the ridge. But instead of veering right and slightly down (north) towards the bluff. Veer left and over the back (north west). Head down the gully marked with red and white reflective tape. The gully follows the cliff line diagonally down to the first of the rocky outcrops. The track passes below the left western side. You can make a tricky detour to the top of the first sister with some scrambling.

Follow the track onwards up the western edge of the tallest second sister. There is a nice little camp site near the top and a brilliant lunch cave on the eastern side of the huge boulder at the top.

Follow the track down and up the last 2 sisters.

Then head down the rocky slope aiming towards the carpark. Follow the red and white tape and also the rock cairns. The track veers left north then turns right across the face and diagonally down towards the grassy hill back to the carpark. The track can be hard to follow once in the grass. There are markers and rocks placed in trees. But if all else fails, just aim for the carpark. The more people that take this awsome track, the clearer it will become



Other References/Comments:

How can I find more info? Any guide books?

GPS Tracks

  • No GPS available for this walk yet.


Was much fun only took 3 hours at a relaxing pace.
Very scrubby in places. Watch out for snakes.

Chesspeople on 2 Sep, 2022

Amazing walk! The rock scramble up to the top was quite challenging with full overnight packs on. We lunched at the summit and then headed to the saddle between the first and second Pinnacle. Down from Mt Walsh the track takes a lot of mental effort ensuring foot placement is secure as the rocks are very loose. We dumped our bags and went around the second Pinnacle looking for the elusive cave, which alas we didnt find. Camped overnight and the stars were absolutely amazing. Sunrise was pretty awesome too. In the morning we headed over the last three Pinnacles it was hard going ... wish I had taken my climbing gloves as still lots of scrambling, had to lower our bags in one spot as it was too tricky to go down with our packs. The views from the top of each pinnacle was priceless. Headed down the ridge and caught up to the path near the end.

EchidnaScout on 19 Jul, 2020

Sorry, could not find the track....and possible a little too tired to wander around looking too much. found one pink(I imagine faded red) ribbon but could not find the track from there. Maybe next time :)

Danielle B Latta on 12 Jun, 2020

Got lost on the mountain, never travel alone haha! Even getting lost still only took me 3 hours 15 mins return. Great climb :)

Emily on 6 Nov, 2017

Got lost on the mountain, never travel alone haha! Even getting lost still only took me 3 hours 15 mins return. Great climb :)

Emily on 6 Nov, 2017

One to do on a nice chill morning like today. Got there early before this group showed up so had ample time to work out where to go/track to follow. Nice one guys !

J on 19 Aug, 2017

Great walk/climb/hike. Worth every minute of travel.

Mick+Caity on 12 Feb, 2017

The "four sisters" are known as The Pinnacles. The small one with the eagle head is called the Biscuit Pinnacle and the other three are from west to east, the Big Pinnacle, the Middle Pinnacle and the Little Pinnacle. These names were given by the Frauca family who explored there in the 1970's and are used by other bush walkers since.
As the local bush walking guide for Mt Walsh National Park, please go easy on using markers. The plastic ribbons are toxic to wildlife.
Mt Walsh National Park is a remote national park and we are trying to limit the number of people visiting in order to maintain its pristine nature.

Experience Altitude on 6 Aug, 2016

Climbed to the summit with husband and 4 friends without too much trouble. This was only our second "planned" bush walk so we were (and still are)quite new to this. Looking back, I regret not wearing more suitable footwear and/or using walking poles for the decent which I found very slippery and landed on backside more times than I care to remember. Fantastic views on a clear day and a great feeling of achievement when safely down again. Lunch and a few cold beers at the pub rounded off a perfect day. (slept well that night)

kathynash on 25 Jun, 2016


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