Brisbane Koala Bushlands (Multi Use Trail)

Brisbane City Council Local Walks

A pleasant walk in bushland that takes about 1 hour. You are likely to have the walk to yourself and see wallabies and various bird species.

Bird Watching
Horses Permitted
Cycling Permitted
Eucalypt Forest

Getting there

There is no public transport. The walk starts at the end of Longton Court, Burbank where there is plenty of parking.


There is a not-very-useful Brisbane City Council map at - these trail notes are so detailed that you won't need a map.

Route/Trail notes

Intersections on this trail are marked by posts with numbers on them. Times given in these notes are cumulative and based on a walking pace of about 4 kph.

From the end of Longton Court, pass through the gates and follow the wide horse trail straight ahead.

After 3 minutes – you will see post number 25. Continue straight ahead.

5 minutes – you get to a Bushfire Water Tank. Continue straight ahead keeping the tank on your left.

8 minutes – post number 30. Take the left fork. If you look carefully you are likely to see wallabies in this area, often well hidden in the grass. The trail descends past a small dam, across a creek bed and up the other side.

16 minutes – post number 84. Turn right.

23 minutes – post number 75. Ignore the trail straight on and turn left to go down onto another trail. This drops down towards Buhot Creek and then follows above it - there is a range of birdlife in this area.

40 minutes – post number 85. Turn right here and ignore the horse trail on the right 1 minute later.

42 minutes – post number 29. There is another small dam on the left. Continue straight ahead across the creek bed and around to the left above the dam..

47 minutes – post number 28. Take the left fork.

48 minutes – you get back to the Bushfire Water Tank you passed near the start. Turn right.

53 minutes – you should be back at your car.




GPS Tracks

  • No GPS available for this walk yet.


The best set of directions ever! Thank you to the person who put them together. The walk was easy to follow and highly enjoyable. Timed to the minute :)

ct__ on 20 Sep, 2022

We did the Horse Trail loop - but it wasn't a loop! Very surprised when after an hour the marked horse trail ended up in a rural neighbour hood - a very hilly one at that. We ended up having to walk back to the carpark along the rural roads to get back to our car, which after our long walk was exhausting. We followed the trail carefully, so wondering. Why this happened. Note there is no phone reception in most of the area, so you can't use trail apps .
The trail itself was good, albeit mostly uphill. Very pretty, with creek views. If we go back, we'll have to carefully research the trails.

MadeleineF on 15 Apr, 2022

Lovely walk on a well formed easy track. We saw loads of birds at the top of one of the wooded rises.

Olwyn on 14 Aug, 2021

Did this walk/track just this past Sunday.
Another comment here says that this track is mostly flat paved/pathways. It certainly is not! It is dirt, rocks and natural debris, with many varying changes from flat to up and down-hill. A more strenuous adventure than first thought based on the comments here. Thoroughly enjoyed it though. As the guide says, took us (a couple of very amateur bushwalkers) aprox an hour . We spotted a Koala early on in the journey and a Kangaroo right at the end.

PS: This page indicates that a wheelchair-bound person could enjoy this track. No they could not! Unless it was petrol powered and had some serious bush-bashing wheels and plenty of torque!

Richie_C on 8 Mar, 2021

Easy walk. nice creek area, newly planted trees. Lots of birds there in places.

Jill on 2 Mar, 2021

I love this walk and I love the change in species that can be seen as you move through. Very easy. There is another track that goes off a bit (i think it is used for horses). This one is a bit more hilly, but not difficult.

Have seen a wallaby and a kangaroo.
The bushland is called a Koala reserve, but in reality the type of bushland is not really of high quality (soil nutrients/ tree species) for koala populations, so if you see a koala you are very lucky.

Samramham on May, 2020

A fairly flat easy and paved walk. Not too much to see. If you're in the area check out the Daisy Hill Koala Centre, there's Koalas and it's free.

rob.bushman on 24 Aug, 2018

great place. quiet and relaxing.
didnt see any koalas.

gizmobazz on 12 Aug, 2017


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