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Bicton Hill Circuit (North Queensland)
16 Jan, 2021
3.9km return
Nice little circuit - gradual incline the whole way around. Less than an hour round trip.
Mt Sorrow Ridge Walk (Daintree National Park)
18 Dec, 2020
8.5km return
5.5 hrs
Hard walk in hot conditions. Split into 3 parts: initial climb, up/down mostly flat section, final climb. Final climb is the most intense, make sure you have energy left in the tank. Saw snakes and leeches. Make sure to continue past the platform - about five minute walk to rock ledge with best view.
Mt Eerwah (Sunshine Coast)
30 Nov, 2020
3km return
3 hrs
Directions to start of walk are good as per previous comments. The trail is generally easy to follow. It is very steep as described.

Importantly, there are two peaks to the mountain. It is about 45min to the highest point of the walk. You can continue along this ridge for about 10 minutes. Views to the west here only. At the most southerly point of the ridge, the trail heads down again. It is from here that you can continue the walk for an additional 30mins to the second summit. This is where the trail is quite faint and hard to follow. Staying on the ridge is the main idea. It is lovely and through a rainforest section, before climbing up to a final rocky outcrop with a vantage point to the north-east. This is the best position of the climb and would recommend.

My advice is to mentally prepare yourself for the two summits, rather than thinking it's over at the first.

All up spent 4 hours.
Toohey Forest to Mt Gravatt (Brisbane City council local walks)
31 Jul, 2020
2 hrs
Takes about an hour from the Toohey forest entrance, up to the lookout and then down to Logan Rd. Nice walk and rewarded with the beautiful city view towards the end. There's a few paths, but just use general compass to head in the direction you need to go and all paths converge in the end.
Yul-yan-man Track (Glass House Mountains)
12 Jun, 2020
8km return
4 hrs
Great track. It is incredibly well-marked and worn - so if you don't see a pink marker in a while then backtrack! We ended up getting off track in in the Mt Beerburrum section.. and had an arduous bush bashing journey to find it again. Took 3 hours in the 10km loop return via Soldier's - and that was with a significant delay in getting lost at the start.
Billai Dhagun Circuit (Brisbane City council local walks)
7 Jun, 2020
2km return
45 mins
Mosquitos in the area are quite fierce. Take repellant and wear long clothes.
Mount Superbus (Main Range National Park)
31 May, 2020
10km return
3 hrs
Comment below describes the walk well.

DO NOT miss the rock arrow on the ground to the left of the path. The path veers to the left up onto the ridge from here. It is possible to get through if you lose the trail, just remember the ridge is to the left. A GPS is advisable, because it is very very easy to lose the trail on the way up.

At the top, the Superbus summit is not far from the junction of the paths. You will head up a steeper section, and immediately at the top there is a clearing on the right (west) side of the path. The metal tin marks the spot. The path then continues onto the bomber (seems to be about 45 mins of walking additional each way).
Pages Pinnacle (South East Queensland)
17 May, 2020
6.7km return
2.5 hrs
Quite easy to take the wrong turn. Look for pink ribbons at the intersections. There are often a few people on the trail if you get stuck. Strong climb but along a fire trail and not too lengthy. Hopping along the ridge is fun :)
Mt Mitchell (Main Range National Park)
18 Apr, 2020
3.5 hrs
Relatively easy ascent. 3 hours return with half an hour break at the top. Beautiful views. Very brambly and thorny on the way up - lots of reveg and cobblers pegs after summer fires. Saw brown snake on trail.
Warrie Circuit (Springbrook National Park)
25 Mar, 2020
17km return
5 hrs
Well marked and beautiful trail through lots of waterfalls. Just over 4 hours return with a stop for lunch, walking at a moderate pace. Expect leeches, so ankle covers are recommended.
Mount May (Mt Barney National Park)
20 Mar, 2020
4 hrs
Attempted this two months after the January bushfires. It’s currently extremely difficult. The entrance is obscured by multiple fallen trees. The trail is very rarely visible, lots of bush bashing to get up the main part of the mountain. Didn’t get to either peak once we had rock scrambled to about 750m, exhausted and concerned about losing our orientation to the camp ground so turned back. Snakes, fallen trees, etc. Would not recommend until the trail is remarked.
Mt. Coot-tha Summit Track (Mt. Cootha)
5 Mar, 2012
5.3km return
75 mins
Not a very difficult walk. The track has four creek crossings, which require getting your feet wet during wet weather.
Keperra Saddle (Brisbane City council local walks)
12 Dec, 2011
2 hrs
View not fantastic. Manageable walk - don't think it's quite the 8ks stated. Otherwise, very nice :)