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Bare Rock track and Morgan's Walk (Main Range National Park)
17 Jul, 2020
4.5 hrs
We arrived at around 10am and there was absolutely no where to park. After a 1.5hr drive to get there, I freaked out a bit but decided to drive down the road and see how far the next stop was. There is another carpark/ picnic ground down the road that has a 2.5km hike to get to the carpark. It is really beautiful and worth the walk. What it does mean though, is that it takes another 5km onto your hike.
We did the full bare rock and Morgans track. The additional km really packed a punch, safe to say I was exhausted by the end. In saying that though, one of the best hikes I have completed. So varied along the track. The Gondwana at your feet. Something I will definitely complete again.
Minnippi Parkland Circuit (Brisbane City Council Local Walks)
Jun, 2020
Very Easy
4km return
1 hr
Brisbane Koala Bushlands (Brisbane City Council Local Walks)
May, 2020
Very Easy
3.5km return
1 hr
I love this walk and I love the change in species that can be seen as you move through. Very easy. There is another track that goes off a bit (i think it is used for horses). This one is a bit more hilly, but not difficult.

Have seen a wallaby and a kangaroo.
The bushland is called a Koala reserve, but in reality the type of bushland is not really of high quality (soil nutrients/ tree species) for koala populations, so if you see a koala you are very lucky.
Seven Hills Circuit (Brisbane City Council Local Walks)
3km return
45 mins
I do this one frequently. It is quite nice, a bit dusty so water helps when its been dry for a bit. Mozzies late afternoon/evening.

You can make it more challenging by moving quickly uphill. Theres a few other paths to take throughout the walk that come off the circuit.