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Yuraygir Coastal Walk (New South Wales)
19 Sep, 2022
70km one-way
4 days
Bunya Crossing Reserve (South East Queensland)
26 Jan, 2022
3.89km return
30 mins
This was our third time here. Usually only sparsely populated with dog walkers. Today (Australia Day) there were tons of families and each tree with a rope swing had a queue of kids keen for a turn. Although it seems that most dog owners come so their dog can swim, we were warned that it's a fine on the spot to have your dog off lead.
The Rocks Circuit (From Stretton Reserve) (Karawatha Forest)
8 Sep, 2021
2 hrs
Lovely outlook from the rocky hilltop. We ended up there a little randomly as signage was confusing (trying to follow the ironbark circuit, but arrows pointed at nothing!) Saw a grey kangaroo hopping away down the hill which was a first time experience for us - usually only see them near campgrounds or in zoos!
Keperra Saddle (Brisbane City Council Local Walks)
18 Jul, 2021
3.4km return
90 mins
2.4km loop in 53min according to Google. Next time now that I know the way, I'd rather go counterclockwise so that I ascend on the dirt track and descend on the bitumin as the dirt firetrack was heavily eroded and a bit unnerving to descend (we took the strategy of semi jogging down in small stretches to avoid worrying about stable footing). Lots of birdsong lovely to hear and we thought it would be interesting to combine into a longer walk into the Gap.
Morelia Track (D'Aguilar National Park)
10 Jul, 2021
6km return
2 hrs
A very pleasant walk, easy grade, good condition. One tree across path which has been there quite a while, judging by the worn off bark where people are hopping over it. Views down to Samford (to right at the top) but otherwise surrounded by trees and no other views even from the slightly higher point (to left at the top).
Denham Falls walk (South East Queensland)
9 Apr, 2021
2.5km return
1 hr
Just the walk to the viewpoint and then to the CLOSED private property sign. Seems there is a local group maintaining this so maybe sometime, someone will develop a new access track to the bottom. A half baked track (very steep) leads down at right angles from the closed sign, but ended in a fallen tree trunk. We could see a rock climbing group at the top of the falls on the other side (pretty sure we saw them head in just before we did) but not sure how they got there.
Tullawallal Circuit (Lamington National Park)
8 Apr, 2021
5km return
90 mins
Really easy (very gentle grade up, practically level) with dense forest until atop the boulders at Tullawallal, which then provides glimpses across the valley. Beautiful ferns, mushrooms and beech trees with whipbirds, bellbirds and some chattering birds (unknown). A few spiked plants with spikes in top and underside of each leaf, impressively serious defense!
Caves Track (Lamington National Park)
7 Apr, 2021
5.2km return
90 mins
Lovely cool walk after several days of rain. Some water dripping over the cave overhangs and coursing down parts of the path. We saw a 30cm land mullet, a red bellied black snake and not very many people at all. I was a bit nervous walking down the road but otherwise enjoyed the walk, especially the fine views.