The Rocks Circuit (from Illaweena Street)

Karawatha Forest

Starting from Stretton Reserve on Illaweena St, head to the far end of the picnic area and across the bridge over the lagoon. Start following the power lines and head slightly up hill. About 700 metres in, follow the sign to the right Dianella Trail. There's an interesting and rather random car wreck in here. Keep following it at any sign posts by heading to the Wallaby track.

When you reach the Wallaby track, head right for 170 metres then left for 120 metres onto the Rocks circuit. Head right (ignore the path in front of you) and keep following it around. Stick to the Rocks Circuit. You'll eventually come to an unsigned junction. Don't go uphill to the left (that will take you back to the Wallaby track) but head right down the gully and then up some stairs. This will eventually take you to an excellent little picnic area at the highest point in the park, with a nice view of the local area.

From the picnic area, head west on the Entolasia track towards the reservoirs and mobile phone towers. After the mobile tower (but before the huge/second water reservoir) head left where the sign says Wallaby track, but don't head onto the Wallaby track. There'll be a green arrow painted on a tree. Follow that arrow and head down the Casuarina track. If you ever wander off track, just follow the main track under the power lines until you get back to the bridge and lagoon.

Bird Watching
Picnic Facilities
No Toilets
Eucalypt Forest

Getting there

Park at Illaweena St in Drewvale, at Stretton Reserve.


Route/Trail notes

There are a tonne of little trails in here, many unsigned, so it can be easy to get lost. Keep a copy of the map with you and plan ahead which trails you want to follow.



Other References

Brisbane City Council has a park guide as well.

GPS Tracks

  • No GPS available for this walk yet.


Certainly another hot day. Started at 4.00pm and it turned into a very pleasant walk with the sun setting amongst the gumtrees.

Wanderlust on 24 Oct, 2023

I did a combination walk of all the different tracks. They all connect to each other and are fairly easy depending on the distance you want to be walking and how much you want to see. There are signs but I found it still to be quite confusing where exactly the start and finish of each track was, I think it’s because they all connect. Paths are flat gravel surface and well kept. There is a nice resting area at the top of the rocks track. Best to walk in morning or afternoon as it can get quite sunny and hot. Cool view of the quarry as well walking a little off the lomatia/curtisii trail. Super chill walk and suitable for families :))

Courtney on 28 Mar, 2023

Lovely outlook from the rocky hilltop. We ended up there a little randomly as signage was confusing (trying to follow the ironbark circuit, but arrows pointed at nothing!) Saw a grey kangaroo hopping away down the hill which was a first time experience for us - usually only see them near campgrounds or in zoos!

Elaine P. on 8 Sep, 2021

Did a big loop of the park trying to take everything in. Plenty of different challenges, however overall being close to the highway and hearing cars/trucks takes away a bit of the connection. Very well signed, I didn't get lost once which is a first for me hah!

insidelane on 9 Nov, 2019

Rode our bikes around this in conjunction with the Banksia Track. Nice bit of bushland close to Brisbane.

scruffy on 22 Jul, 2018

We just ended up walking, not really knowing exactly what track we were on. We had a map so we knew basically where we were but its not signed very well. A lovely walk but a little disappointing to be walking past the backs of peoples houses at one part of the walk. It was only a short part of it but it takes a little from the feeling of being in the bush. Nothing to challenging along the way, lots of trees, very shady. We went when it was a little cooler but I expect during summer this would be quite a dry, hot walk.

Janelle on 22 Apr, 2018

Such a great place to run/walk after work as it is so close to home. Fantastic views at sunset up at the north western rocky lookout.

dalehikes on 18 Apr, 2016

I did a combination walk along this track including Poets Rock, the water tanks up in the north as well as the rocky outcrops near the Gateway motorway. Was a good day and a good training walk for longer day trips.

Viking on 8 Jun, 2014

Fairly easy walk ..

DrummerJeff on 28 Dec, 2013

Karrawatha is 5km from my home and I've been walking there for training since 2009. Really well maintained tracks and Poets Rock, The Rocks circuit all great for a training hit out. I generally throw 20kg+ of iron in my pack to do any course in Karrawatha. Like I said, to me it is my 'local'..... a great place to explore and keep fit in if you live on the Southside of Brisbane !!

davealex on Sometime...


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