A steep walk to the summit of the mountain, a bit of an uneven but level scramble along the ridge for about 50m with a small 6-8m steep scramble to get to the peak at the end of it. Summit has spectacular views of the surrounding mountains and north to the Sunshine Coast. There are two alternative tracks which meet at the the top of the ridge at a point where an arrow painted on a rock directs you along the ridge to the summit. Take care as both tracks can be slippery after rain due to wet clay/ tree roots and loose shale at the top of the tracks can be a concern in any weather as well.

Scrambling or Climbing
No Dogs Permitted
No Camping Permitted
Eucalypt Forest
Maximum Elevation
Total Climb

Getting there:

From the Bruce Highway travelling north turn into Steve Irwin Drive and turn left just after Mt Tibrogargan over some railway lines into Barrs Rd (which eventually becomes Marsh's Rd).  Follow this to the new Mt Tibrogargan carpark, or park 200 metres further along, across the road from a gated 4WD track designated T-212, which is the start of the track up the Northern face. A second track up the South-Western face can be accessed by turning left at the intersection of Marsh's Rd and Old Gympie Rd and then taking the second gated 4WD track on the left off Old Gympie Rd. Drive towards the base of Mt Tibberoowuccum until you find a safe place to park on the side of the 4WD track. The road has recently been graded (August 2019) and is suitable for conventional vehicles. Several off-road parking spaces have also been created right at the start of the track. You will find the start of the SW track where the the 4WD track takes a sharp bend to the left (North) and also intersects with one coming up a steep gully from the right. Alternatively, you can access this same track from the Tibrogargan car park by following the service roads and 4WD tracks around the Eastern and Southern sides of the mountain for a little over 2 km. For more detail, see the following Route/Trail notes.


Glass House Mountains

Route/Trail notes:

Northern track:

From the new Mt Tibrogargan car park go back out to Marsh's Rd and head left. Continue for 200 m along the road before entering the gated 4wd track marked as T212 on your left. Head right at each fork and follow the track for about 300m. After coming up a large dip in the track, keep a lookout on the left side of the track for a small cairn marking the start of the climb. From here it is easy to keep to the track all the way to the top. When you reach what appears to be the summit that is obscured by trees (and both trails converge) follow the ridge towards Mt Tibrogargan (East) and scramble up a 6-8m knob to the absolute summit. Retrace your steps to the bottom or descend via the south ridge to the 4WD trails as detailed below. 

South Western track:

Follow the gated service road at the southern end of the new Mt Tibrogargan car park for 500-600m and then take the first 4WD track to the right (designated T-215 if the sign is there). Follow this for a  a further 1.5 km, keeping the mountain on your right. Follow the 4WD track till you get to the south western side of the mountain and look for an intersecting 4WD track on your left coming from Old Gympie road heading up a moderate incline. When you get to the top of the incline you will see the  track ascending the mountain straight ahead. It is marked with a couple of 600mm high Koppers logs set in the ground. Follow this up for about 15-20 minutes until it levels out and keep walking carefully East along the ridge till you get to a rocky bluff and an relatively safe and easy scramble to the top. Excellent views from here. To descend retrace your steps or come down the Northern track to meet up with the T-212 4WD track and back to Marsh's Rd and the nearby Tibrogargan carpark. If you elect to retrace your steps down the mountain, when back at the 4WD track at the foot of the mountain, you can either turn left or right and follow the 4WD trails around the base in either direction till you are back at either the start of T-212 or T-215 and continue back to the car park. The North Western 4WD track around the base is much more difficult than the one around the South of the mountain which is really just an enjoyable walk with nice views across to Mt Beerburrum and the Jack Ferris lookout.

The South western track can also be accessed by turning left at the intersection of Marsh's Rd and Old Gympie Rd and then taking the second gated 4WD track on the left off Old Gympie Rd and driving / walking back east toward the foot of the mountain. You will need to park off-road. 



Other References/Comments:

The Peak Baggers Guide to the Sunshine Coast ( although parking information out of date)


A nice walk to tag-on after climbing Tibro, giving great views of Tibro. I made a 4-min video with drone footage and maps here: https://youtu.be/jDrkNSVOxFc

Richard Pattison on 13 Oct, 2023

Awesome hike. Loved the scramble before the amazing views.

Cara on 22 Jul, 2023

Second time doing this walk. They were logging so unable to enter from Marsh's Road so had to back track and take the South Western track. It's not as well mark as the Northern track, a few times we thought we had lost the trail due to leaf coverage. But its longer and a little harder so a better work out.

Tegan on 23 Nov, 2022

Easy little hike. Lovely summit, which involves a short scramble with a little exposure risk. Made it thanks to Steve.

Kaz Manley on 16 May, 2022

A great little hike with amazing views from the summit. I went up the Northern track and came down the Southern track then looped back around past Tibrogargan to make it a bit longer. Of the two trails I prefer the Southern track - it's a bit shadier in the mid-morning and has nicer vegetation (Sheoak+Gum trees with fern understory, vs. a bit more lantana on the northern face).

Lewis on 2 Apr, 2022

My absolute favourite mountain. It can be tricky to find from car park but once you find the opening it is pretty easy. The most difficult part is the tiny rock you climb at the end, but it's super easy and so worth it. Beautiful views of Mt Tibro.

Krystle on 15 Jan, 2022

One of the 7 Peaks for Daniel :)

Michelle on 29 Oct, 2021

One of the 7 Peaks for Daniel :)

Michelle on 29 Oct, 2021

OK so went to this mountain as a kickback from yet another attempt of tibrogargan. Tibberwoocum is literally next to Tib and is easily accessible from near the new car park. I actually drove just past the new car park about 50 metres and parked across the road in front of a house. You then go through a gate that is a vehicle access fire trail I suppose. Head up the trail, both ways lead to where you need to go and then you'll see to your left a track up into the mountain with a pile of rocks and a tree being the marker

Valda on 21 Sep, 2021

The summit after the scramble was awesome. It's quite a unique mountain peak being such a small but comfortable area, possibly my favourite glasshouse yet. 360-degree views and plenty of rocks to sit on to soak it in. I spent a long time looking east towards Mt Tibrogargan, marvelling at its size and trying to spot the little moving specs that were the people climbing. Binoculars would have been cool.

Very steep but short enough that you don't need to pace yourself too much.

A large pile of rocks on your final turn off the 4WD trail signals the start of the dedicated track.

Jack McGrath on 6 Jun, 2021

Easy but steep climb, easy to follow the trail.

lathan on 17 May, 2021

Loved this walk and will do it again. The trail was easy to follow, the ridge walk was quite pretty, the scramble at the end was fun, and the views excellent. A steepish start to the trail, which is uneven and has some loose rubble, nothing to worry about if you have good grippy shoes. Anyone of average fitness could do this trail. Even the scramble at the end could be done by a novice if they have someone experienced with them.

Olwyn on 21 Feb, 2021

After doing the Kondalilla circuit to see the falls after the rain. I decided to stop in and do Mt Tibberoowuccum as well. Had a little trouble finding the start of the trail but found it eventually. It's a good start incline and steep at times as you get to the top. A good fitness level and shoes required for it. Great view of Mt Tibrogargan.

Chewie on 16 Dec, 2020

Nice short steep walk, great views of the surrounding Glass House Mountains

Bribie 61 on 13 Sep, 2020

Great views of all the glass house mountains. Do not recommend doing this track in the wet. Slight scramble to the peak but well worth the view. Finding the track was hard due to the lack of signage.

Jacqui on 13 Sep, 2020

My first proper scramble at the top - exciting stuff :) Walk back down was a little scary, just lots of lose dirt & stones, and extremely steep. Would not try this in anything other than dry conditions.

Simon Hazelgrove on 24 Aug, 2020

Mt first type of walk/scramble and totally loved it.. a great introduction to these kind of walks. Was easy enough to find the entrance when you walk down the road out of the car park.. the instructions on here are pretty accurate. The cairn to the left where you leave the 4wd drive and start going up stood out but if you didn't know what to look for you would easily walk past and would continue along, this would continue around and you would then climb up the other side (which is where we came back down), I am glad we headed up at the Cairn on the left as it was nice to knock out getting up the top before the crowds start coming.. just follow the trail from there.. its fairly steep with tree roots to step on/over but plenty of places to stop along the way if you need a breather.. your legs will burn but before you know it you have reached the end of that part and then head left along the ridge to the peak.. the day we went it was foggy so could not see the views but it was stunning and peaceful. On a clear day the views would be spectacular. There is a bit of a scramble up a a rock wall at the end.. its not to difficult at all if you just take it easy, plenty of places to step and hold. We continued back down along the ridge from the way we came but didn't climb back down the same way we came up and continued down the northside which you just continue following and you will reach the 4wd track again, continue along and you eventually come back out on the road and then walk to the car park. Took us approx 2.5 hours at a slowish/regular pace, nothing to strenuous. A flock of Black Cockatoos at the end flying around us was beautiful. I recommend this one to anyone wanting to try something with some scrambling with amazing views that isn't terrifying to get up to the top.

Janelle on 14 Aug, 2020

I did this hike with my kids.... Had a great time and amazing view


Macdonald Nature Photography on 18 Jul, 2020

Instructions made it easy to find and follow this track. Short but steep with a little rock scrambling. Sandy in some parts. Great for a shorter mountain climb.

Whicheverway on 7 Jun, 2020

This is one of my favourite Glass House Mountains. There is no signage for Mount Tibberoowuccum, but its obvious track neighbours Tibrogargan and is a quick and enjoyable climb to the top before you have the summit in which you must rock climb in order to reach.

The views from the top are beautiful, providing 360 degrees of the surrounding Sunshine Coast Hinterland and a perfect view of Tibrogargan.

basalamant on 2020


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