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Coomera Circuit (Binna Burra)
3 May, 2019
8 hrs
A stunning walk with plenty of waterfalls. It rained the night before the walk and again for about an hour during the walk so plenty of mud and leeches, but also plenty of water to make the falls look their best. The track was easy to follow and pretty straightforward but there was a few trees down along the track that needed to be clambered over. A highlight for me was seeing a huge blue crayfish up close and of course the Coomera Falls. My original intention was to follow the river up from Gwongarool Pool but was advised that it wasn't a good walk to do alone so did the circuit instead, but wasn't disappointed as it was a great day. I stayed at the lodge the night before and after so that I could get an early start and not have to drive home straight afterwards. A walk I would definitely like to do again. All up from lodge to lodge with side tracks to all the falls I clocked 20.5 kilometres in a time of 5 hours 53 minutes so made it back in time for lunch.
Obi Obi Gorge (Kondalilla National Park)
10 Apr, 2019
Very Hard
14km one-way
8.5 hrs
An amazing walk, but found the directions a bit unclear. I think the notes say that when you reach the junction of Skene and Obi Obi, continue heading down Obi Obi, but you are actually heading upstream from this point and the paths were non existent so it is just a matter of taking the path of least resistance. The notes in "Take a Walk in SEQ" say to head uphill as soon as you come to the large rock at the junction of Skene and Obi Obi, but that was near impenetrable shrubs so we had to bush bash for quite some time before finding any sort of a path. There was plenty of water running which was good, but it also meant that the swimming was a challenge heading upstream wearing long pants, boots and carrying a pack. I kept all my gear in a dry bag inside my pack and found that everything stayed dry and the air trapped inside also helped the pack to float. The highlight for me was swimming through the main gorge and seeing that waterfall from water level as you swim round the corner. A great walk for the summer months, I think the water would be freezing in the winter.

Ships Stern Circuit (Binna Burra)
27 Mar, 2019
7 hrs

A fantastic walk to the Ships Stern today. The day began with perfect weather for walking, overcast, cool and a beautiful breeze until we reached Charraboomba rock where we detoured to check out the amazing views and have a snack with a brewed coffee. Just as we packed up to begin walking again it began to rain very lightly, not enough to get really wet, but just enough to keep us cool. After passing through a stretch of wet shrubs we were so wet, it was no longer worth stopping to put on the rain gear. From then on the rain increased steadily, ending any hope of catching the great views and soon becoming too wet to take out the phone to capture any more photos. The last 3 hours in drenching rain was fantastic, making up for the lack of views. We arrived back at the car in exactly 5 hours with everything completely drenched except for the rain jacket and pants which were perfectly dry inside the pack.
Northbrook Gorges (Brisbane Forest park D'Aguilar National Park)
4 Dec, 2018
3 hrs
From the Maiala park to the bridge was around 12k, so further than expected. The walk was amazing and easy enough for kids, providing they can swim a few metres or else be carried through the deeper sections. A great walk for the hot months, short and crystal clear cool water, one to take the grandkids.
Mt Barney via Logans Ridge and return via Gorge (Mt Barney Summit)
31 Jul, 2018
Very Hard
15km return
9 hrs
Went up Logans Ridge and came down SE Ridge yesterday for the second time this month in perfect conditions.
Look out for the path that branches to the left as you approach the bottom of the mountain, this takes you to a new gate 800 metres from Yellow Pinch carpark and is a much better track than than the one following the road for 4km and cuts at least 20 minutes from the walk back. The track is easy to spot going up but not so clear coming down, especially if you are not looking out for it.
Mt Barney - East Peak - Up South-East - Down South (Mt Barney Summit)
16 Jul, 2018
Very Hard
13km return
9 hrs
I ascended via Logans Ridge and descended via SE Ridge and noticed a new sign for The South East Ridge with a new gate 800 metres from Yellow Pinch carpark. Is this a new track? I know they are doing work including new markers but can't find anything about this. We were in front of a couple coming down but they were at the carpark before us and assume they took this track.
This has now been confirmed, the start of the track up SE Ridge is 800 metres from Yellow Pinch carpark, through a new gate.
Mt Barney via Logans Ridge and return via Gorge (Mt Barney Summit)
10 Jul, 2018
Very Hard
15km return
9 hrs
Went up Logans and down SE Ridge yesterday in perfect conditions. My first time up Logans and loved it. It was definitely more technical than SE Ridge but I think it took less effort, probably because it was more direct and the fact that most of the walk was on rock so very solid under foot whereas the SE Ridge was very loose and made for lots of slipping. Neither of us had done this route before so we were a bit apprehensive but were pleasantly surprised overall. We did make a few wrong turns by not keeping on the high ground, if you do that you can't go wrong. It took us a total of 4 hours to reach the summit including all stops for photos and just to take in the views, and I am no spring chicken. This is the route of choice for me in the future.
Spicer's peak (Main Range National Park)
22 Jun, 2018
Very Hard
6km return
4 hrs
First time I have done this walk and really enjoyed it even though I was with a group of fit young men [ I am 69 ]. I agree with Peter Hill that it is probably best to head straight up rather than head to the right at the first scramble, nothing too difficult and good views at several points on the way up. The track was fairly easy to follow but would be hard to get lost even if it was overgrown as long as you follow the ridge. It took us an hour and a half to reach the summit, and about an hour down plus half an hour on the top for a snack and a break.
I would definitely to this again, but will probably travel a little lighter, especially leave the 2kg camera and lens behind and maybe go alone or with someone closer to my age so that I can enjoy the journey and not see how fast I can do it.
Mt Norman (Girraween National Park)
2 Jun, 2018
10.4km return
5 hrs
I did this walk on Thursday as well as the pyramid, Sphinx and Turtle Rock. I walked from the sign near the junction to the left, then the right as far as the granite slab several times and couldn't find the arrow marking the start of the rock scramble to the summit. This is the first time I haven't found a point that I was looking for, so could someone please tell me where it is so that I can do it next time. I have previously climbed Tibrogargan and Beerwah severel times and Mt Barney without any trouble. I even read through some articles while I was up there but no luck. Photos would be nice too if it is difficult to describe. Thanks heaps.
Warrie Circuit (Springbrook National Park)
26 Apr, 2018
17km return
5.5 hrs
A truly awesome walk after rain when all the falls are flowing well, the meeting of the waters is brilliant, a walk I will do again and again.