Coomera Circuit

Lamington National Park
Many walks are currently closed due to COVID-19. Please,
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This track showsoff some of Binna Burra's best assets and is one of the prettiest walks in this section of the park. The waterfalls are at their best after rain. The track does cross over the Coomera River several times and crossings can become tricky if water levels are high.

Picnic Facilities
No Dogs Permitted
No Horses Permitted
No Cycling Permitted
No Trail Bikes Permitted
Eucalypt Forest

Getting there

From Nerang go to Beechmont, then onto the Binna Burra campground. The track entrance is located at the top of the carpark.


Beechmont, Great Walk, Lamington National Park maps available from Campsite, Lodge and Information Centre

Route/Trail notes

An easy trail to walk. Can become hazardous especially after rain. Some areas along the Border track have numerous exposed roots. The walk can be extended to include the Hobwee Circuit if you also want some views!

Other Information


Really enjoyed this walk. 5 hours going at a leisurely but steady pace. Never particularly difficult, fully shaded, fun scrambles over creeks. Really well set out. Even the uphill doesn't feel hard when you're following a bouncing creek.

Marcus coleman on 17 Oct, 2021

Finally did the whole thing. Beautiful!

sarasvati on 11 Jul, 2021

An easy circuit with stunning scenery. I don't think I've ever seen so many waterfalls and streams in one hike. Absolutely beautiful after recent rain.

Monstar on 20 Jun, 2021

Amazing waterfall after waterfall, rarely a time you can’t hear running water

Kell on 22 May, 2021

Gorgeous walk on a rainy day! A few creek crossings, one of them was a little higher and we got our feet wet, all other were fine (despite all the rain over the last couple of weeks). About 20 km clocked in from car park and back. Easy track, plenty of roots and mud, and a few leeches to keep us on our toes. Absolutely recommend!

Dannie on 4 Apr, 2021

Went the day after a couple of days of heavy rain - waterfalls, boggy mud, leeches, fallen trees everywhere. It was great fun, managed to get it done in about 5.5 hrs (with stopping at every waterfall and plenty of photography) and would definitely do it again. If it has been raining prepare to get your feet wet, we crossed many creeks that just weren't possible to cross without stepping ankle deep in the flowing water. The grade of the track is quite mild the entire way, we did it anti-clockwise and we reckon that's the way to go.

asherbasher on 18 Mar, 2021

Great walk

Jasmine Goode on 9 Feb, 2021

Great walk so many waterfalls

TrinaAtley on 6 Feb, 2021

This is a great walk. Waterfalls everywhere. It’s pretty dry at the moment but everything is still flowing. Awesome!

Ian and Sue on 17 Oct, 2020

Walk is currently closed due to the late 2019 bushfires. Not sure when it will reopen or if the tracks will be repaired

Charlie98 on 21 Mar, 2020

We did out and back to the falls 13km

Garth on 4 Aug, 2019

Beautiful walk with my two children, my GPS showed a total of 21.7klm from top carpark.

James Williams on 28 Jul, 2019

Well everyone said this was a special walk and it was. Sensational... literally. Such a great day did it in 4 hrs including lunch and tea and a few stops in the rock pool looking at the blue fresh water crays. Great track one I’ll be doing again

Mark Whitford on 27 Jul, 2019

Amazing walk! Waterfalls at every turn. Track was quite muddy but not too bad. Took 4 hours including lunch.

Mkos on 2 Jul, 2019

Went on an amazing and soul soothing hike with the Brisbane Womens Hiking. Met some lovely ladies. Took us 6 hours, it said 7 hours going by the park map, pretty happy bout that. Stopped for about 40mins all up. I tell ya i will be sore tomorrow but wow it was soooo worth the effort. Such an extraordinary experience.

Chelle Ryan on 5 May, 2019

A stunning walk with plenty of waterfalls. It rained the night before the walk and again for about an hour during the walk so plenty of mud and leeches, but also plenty of water to make the falls look their best. The track was easy to follow and pretty straightforward but there was a few trees down along the track that needed to be clambered over. A highlight for me was seeing a huge blue crayfish up close and of course the Coomera Falls. My original intention was to follow the river up from Gwongarool Pool but was advised that it wasn't a good walk to do alone so did the circuit instead, but wasn't disappointed as it was a great day. I stayed at the lodge the night before and after so that I could get an early start and not have to drive home straight afterwards. A walk I would definitely like to do again. All up from lodge to lodge with side tracks to all the falls I clocked 20.5 kilometres in a time of 5 hours 53 minutes so made it back in time for lunch.

jgmansell on 3 May, 2019

A rather long walk not to hard just a long slog. Forget trying to stay dry after rain and even before rain as the track criss cross the creek so many times I lost count. Boots and socks were soaked from the bottom of the lookout onwards.

ian parker on 24 Apr, 2019

Beautiful hike with two stunning views along the way and plenty of waterfalls and creek crossings. We encountered one docile pademelon and several large crayfish who were quite reluctant to let us pass on the trail. The circuit with a few breaks took us 5 hours.

Hannah on 17 Apr, 2019

3rd time I've done this track but the 1st time I was lucky enough to see the famous Lamington blue cray, not just one but they were everywhere. It had rained a few days before, so the track was a bit muddy and slippery in some spots but still relatively easy going, with only 2 leeches spotted and removed from my friends shoes. So many waterfalls. So many beautiful spots for pictures.

rainbowshlee on 10 Apr, 2019

Absolutely beautiful walk. Took us 6+hrs and we are of moderate fitness level.
There is very little signage once you get past the falls and quite a few little off shoots to other falls that are not on the map. Just a heads up as I did find this a bit stressful unfortunately.

Jaya on 9 Apr, 2019


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