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Direct connection between Binna Burra and O'Reillys. Graded, well used and partly very muddy after rain.

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Great to finally tick this one off. Used the bus shuttle from OReilleys to Binna Burra.

bronwenz on 2 Oct, 2021

Solid but beautiful immersive rainforest hike with a few glimpses out to some exceptional views (the lookouts will add extra kms to your overall). Path was very clear, with clear sign posting, slippery/muddy in some parts due to moisture/rain. Approached the walk from O’Reilys. Passed a few people coming from Binna Burra about half way through. Started walk at 10am due to taking resort bus from Binna Burra to O’Reily’s, would of liked to have started at around 8am so I could of relished certain parts for longer. Overall I probably did the walk in about 5/5.5hrs at a reasonable pace, however taking photos, absorbing certain parts for longer and stopping for lunch had me arriving back into Binna Burra at 4.30pm. Happy I did the walk from O’Reily’s for my first approach as it would of been a constant uphill walk the other way. I will never be able to forget the Antarctic beech trees covered in moss.

Tee on 18 Aug, 2021

Completed the walk by walking on two occasions from either Binna Burra and O'Reillys to the middle (Chakoonya lookout) and return.
The purist: this does not count
The pragmatic: did the walk in each direction and did not have the hassle with the car pickup/ overnight backpack

Wanderlust on 3 May, 2021

Thoroughly enjoyed the walk. We left O'Reilly's at 10am and arrived at Binna Burra at 2.45pm (4.45min to complete). We found it mostly flat, great views along the way and a few nice places to stop for a quick drink. It is long and the last 5km we certainly felt the distance but it is quite achievable.

Moira on 1 Jun, 2019

This was a long day and one I wasn't really prepared for fitness wise. The kids did it easily and I completed it without incident but I was pretty tired at the end of it. We walked Binna Burra to Green Mountains due to our camp being at Green Mountains which is the harder way to do it but a nice walk with lots of great look outs.

Bobbe on Jan, 2019

Can't say I'd recommend this one over the other stunning walks in this area.. it's a bit of a trek for the sake of completing a 21k bush walk. 6 Hours completed taking it easy - about 30m pitstop for lunch.

The few lookouts along this trail are extremely over grown and there's not much to see unless you take a risky detour and add length (mt merino for one was great) - the walk itself is mostly flat but only challenging due to it's length. Bring plenty of water. Track was very dry due to time of year - plenty of spots where I could see water would rise up in wet times.

brenjin on 3 Nov, 2018

Great walk. O’Reilly’s to binna burra on Saturday and back the next day. 6 hours each day. Some track blockages but generally firm. Would do it again anytime

Mitch on 27 May, 2018

We only walked O’Reilleys to Mt Bithongabel/Toolona Lookout along the border track return. 12.5 km and 4.5 hrs.
Antarctic beeches amazing, very gradual ascent along trail, great walk.

Wig on 27 May, 2018

This the fourth time I have done this walk. I can't say that it gets any easier, in fact as I get less capable it becomes harder. I would still find it hard to pass it up next time. For the first time we were privy to the wonderful views from the southern lookouts over Limpinwood, the Tweed Valley and Mt Warning. We started at about 900 metres high, climbed to 1200 over the next 10 kms strolled back down to around 850. The highlight was the amazing stands of Antarctic beeches near Mount Wanungra.

oldcoastwalker on 28 Mar, 2018

Did this in two days -- 1st day, did at night starting around 9:30pm and went to the Bithongabel bush camp. About 7km to the bush camp, took us two hours. Did the rest the next day, the next 15km took about 3.5 hours. Track is pretty easy to do with no real strenuous uphills or obstacles, just long. Some good view points.

No water from Green Mountains for the next 13km or so.

FizzSerpent on 16 Aug, 2017

Probably due to walking in summer we saw quite a few snakes on the track. The overnight stay and dinner at Oriellys was great. A good weekend walk.

Linda on 19 Jan, 2017

My husband and I did the Border track today. Feeling it now 😌 This is the longest walk we have done, but we did it in 5 1/2 hrs. The track was fine, muddy but no damage one water crossing today and rocks so no risk of wet shoes. It isn't to steep but does have a slow considerable climb. Few sections that are close to the edge but I have crazy fear of heights and it wasn't so bad. Track is pretty well signed only issue we had was we went binna burra to Oreilly and they only have rubbish beer at the cafe. Xxxx and that kind of much lol.. Binna Burra has corona. But we thing we got the better walk direction. Photos added 👌🏼 Enjoy

Jodie on 16 Oct, 2016

Severe track damage from 100km/hr winds last week. Numerous huge trees fallen across tracks along the rim, particularly from Wanungara Lookout towards Binna Burra. Ranger classed the damage as 'horrendous'. Due to staff shortages damage will be repaired 'sometime after September' (they used to have 22 staff but now only have 5 for all of Binna Burra and O'Reilley's). If you are looking for a good track, they will be repairing Ships Stern Circuit first.

AH on 8 Aug, 2016

This track was part of the Diabetes Qld #bordertracktrek and was muddy in a lot of places. The days before had rain, and this day was fine. The creeks were also up slightly.

GlasshouseBW on 12 Mar, 2016

Now, that was fun. We started off a little later than we would have liked and made pretty quick progress over the first 5 or so kms. When we got to the Albert River Circuit turnoff, the track went from wet to downright boggy in places. After a few kms, most of us gave up avoiding the mud and squelched on through.
Some people (well, nearly all of us) were particularly concerned about leeches. Lyn removed 30 from her trouser legs at one point.
The Antarctic beeches along the east west section of the track are amazing. The site of their roots long since exposed, forming gothic shapes, covered in moss, surrounded by mist. I was sure Little Red Riding Hood or the Headless Hunt would emerge from around the next corner.

oldcoastwalker on 9 Mar, 2016

I did this as an overnight walk- Walking from Binna Burra to O'Reilly's and then back again in the morning. You can eat dinner at the guest house which means you don't have to carry cooking gear and there's even hot showers at the camp ground which is a treat! The walk itself is very clearly marked and there are some really great lookouts. The 5kms or so closest to O'Reilly's were quite muddy, though surprisingly I didn't encounter any leeches!

Genevieve on 28 Sep, 2015

How lucky can you be. The 21.4 km walk from O'Reillys to Binna Burra is not an arduous one, but is still very satisfying to complete.
Great views of the Caldera, Mt Warning, the Tweed Ranges and the Numinbah Valley.
While it was a little cold (it is winter still,) the sun was out and the threatened rain stayed away.
We got back to Binna Burra at about 4 to tuck into tea, scones and coffee overlooking the Coomera Valley.

oldcoastwalker on 19 Aug, 2015

Did this one with a gal friend as part of practice for doing the Milford Track in NZ later in the year. The terrain was very comfortable. We had come from Brisbane on an absolutely stinking hot day, and thought we were mad for doing such a long walk; however the temperature under the canopy was very manageable. My memories of the challenge of the walk were sore feet and the annoyance of leeches; not tired muscles or sweat.

Dvette on Jan, 2015

We've been planning this return walk for a while and very happy to be able to tick it off. We started at 5.20am from the O'Reilly's end using torchlight. It was pitch black without it. The walk there wasn't too bad though there was a lot of mud on the O'Reilly's end around the rim section. Also lots of mist. We skipped the lookouts because there was nothing to see. We arrived at Binna Burra at 10.30am. After a hot drink and food from the Tea House we left Binna Burra at 11.10am for the walk back which was a lot harder. The muscles started to hurt and trying to avoid the mud really stretched them. We are quite sure that there was more up-hill on the way back as well, though from the rim back to O'Reilly's was mostly downhill. Such a relief. We arrived back at 5.10pm so over all 4 hours 10 minutes there, and 5 hours back - total 11 hours 10 minutes plus 40 minutes for lunch. Also it was quite cold. We thought we might have over-dressed, but we didn't.

Ian and Sue on 9 Jun, 2014

Walked from Green Mountains to Binna Burra. Fog in the morning so missed the best views to the south, but cleared up later on. Finished the walk in about 4 hours of walking time, with another half hour for lunch. Saved the side tracks for another day.

petedavis on 14 Sep, 2013


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