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Toolona Creek Circuit

Very impressive waterfalls. Conditions are bad on this track at present - 100km/hr winds last week felled huge trees across tracks and damaged tracks, have to climb up or down cliff to go around them. Added at least an hour and a half to hike time. Ranger said many tracks damaged by these winds, and it will be 'after September' before they get to this one to clean this track up

AH on 9 Aug, 2016

Border Track

Severe track damage from 100km/hr winds last week. Numerous huge trees fallen across tracks along the rim, particularly from Wanungara Lookout towards Binna Burra. Ranger classed the damage as 'horrendous'. Due to staff shortages damage will be repaired 'sometime after September' (they used to have 22 staff but now only have 5 for all of Binna Burra and O'Reilley's). If you are looking for a good track, they will be repairing Ships Stern Circuit first.

AH on 8 Aug, 2016

Box Forest

Beautiful walk, wonderful scenery. They are preparing for track maintenance so there are bags of gravel/rocks and equipment placed along the track by helicopter in a few sections. Took 3 hours walking, and an hour and a half stopped for lunch, photos etc. Lovely day out.

AH on 1 Aug, 2016
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