The Box Forest Track leaves the Picnic Rock track 2.7 km from the entrance and is a most rewarding circuit walk. The track winds down through stands of Brush Box and Piccabeen Palms, to the lush sub-tropical rainforest along Canungra Creek. Pepper Vines cling to tall trees that often support spectacular tree gardens.

Turn right at the next track junction. During wet times, you will have to wade through the water when crossing above Wajinya Falls. The track continues near the top of the falls on the other side. Darragumai Falls and Picnic Rock are considered good lunch spots. Don't miss Box Log and Elabana Falls on the way home.

Bird Watching
No Dogs Permitted
Maximum Elevation
Total Climb

Getting there

The Trail branches from the Border Track which starts from opposite O'Reilly's resort.


The National Parks Office above the car park on the left hands out some paper maps for free, the kiosk (right) sells Topos for $12.

Route/Trail notes

Well signed


No costs.

Other References

How can I find more info? Any guide books?


The Box Forest Circuit is well worth the walk and the drive.

After walking 1.8 kilometres down the border track, you can go clockwise or anticlockwise. Going clockwise and descending into the valley, you can hear the waterfalls all around. At the bottom, you are greeted with a small cascade and a stunning waterfall. I prefer to go clockwise to enjoy the hike back up along the river, encountering all the waterfalls along the way.

There are many places to stop for lunch and a breather if needed.
If you're after a quick walk and only want to see one fall, then I highly recommend going counter-clockwise down to Elebana Falls.

This is a kid-friendly adventure if you're trying to get them to do a longer distance and I would recommend this track for weighted pack training. This makes a great full day hike including drive time.

brad on 29 Jul, 2023

This is one of the prettiest walks we've done so far in Qld. We took about 5 hours with a 2.5 year old who walked way more than he had before (probably almost half). There were definitely sections I wouldn't be comfortable with a toddler walking, some narrow tracks alongside steep drop-offs. Carrying him back up the hill was tough going, we rewarded ourselves with a happy hour drink and live music at the bar across the road from the track entrance. The walk is very shady and with lots of access to water to cool off so would be nice in summer too.

Natalie Taylor on 8 Jul, 2023

This ended up being about a 12km round trip which took us 4 hours at a steady pace.

We went clockwise, which was great, as it left the 2 main waterfalls more towards the end of the walk.
It was a nice walk, but if you're only interested in the waterfalls, I would go anti-clockwise and just go as far as boxlog falls. You need to do a tiny bit of rock scrambling to see Elabana Falls.

Definitely recommend getting there early-ish. We got there around 9am which was ok. When we got back from our walk, the carpark at O'Reilly's was full.

Suz on 10 Apr, 2023

If you are after an easy hike around the 11km mark through ancient old rainforest, tree's as big as giant's and some stunning waterfalls........well I have the perfect hike for you!

Box Forest Circuit is found in the Green Mountain Section of the Lamington National Park.

This hike is pretty well signed and the path is well trodden 🥾

I personally hike this one in a clockwise direction and exit the circuit via Picnic Rock 🏞

This 11km hike will take you deep into an ancient old majestic forest 🌳
The sound of bird's can be heard from up in the treetops as sunlight dancer's through the canopy while the thundering sound of the waterfalls gets louder as you wind your way gradually downwards 🍂

You will hike through some lush rainforest, rock hop over running creek's while passing a number of picturesque waterfalls including Box Log Fall's, Darragumai Fall's, Yanbacoochie Fall's and one of the most photographed falls in the Lamington that you will come across, Elabana Fall's 📸

This is yet another of Mother Natures finest that I hope you all experience for yourself 🌬

Enjoy 🙏💕

Insta:- hikes_boots_dustytracks

Mel on 4 Jan, 2023

Started this walk around midday and took 3 and a half hours. Was sooo windy and cold at the start/at the carpark so bring a jumper for sure :) It's Qld storm season right now and we've had lots of rain so the waterfalls were INCREDIBLE. So loud and gushing. Lots of magnificent trees but only one bush turkey sighted, nothing else in terms of fauna. Bring lots of water and enjoy the fresh air! :)

Tegan Atkins on 5 Feb, 2022

Spectacular walk with many waterfalls and a few creek crossings. Creeks were very full after rain when we went, track was a little muddy in parts, particularly the couple of kms. Also spotted the native blue crayfish. Recommend the clockwise route.

JamesR on 23 Jan, 2022

What a fabulous track. Certainly up there in my top 10. It's mostly flat, only very gentle grades. The Box Circuit part is simply amazing. We walked the circuit clockwise. The Box Brush trees are enormous. The walk up the creek has many beautiful waterfalls.

Vaughan on 22 Aug, 2021

Great walk!

Nic on 13 Feb, 2021

2nd time round this beautiful track.

Sally on 1 Jan, 2021

Walked this in the rain today-- suuper lush, really puts the rain in rainforest. Pretty quiet, only saw maybe 4 other people on the entire circuit. Some leeches here and there but nothing too major! Just don't pee in the bushes like me or you'll feel weird and squirmy for the rest of the walk 😬

🌼💐 Currently in bloom: Stream lillies were super cute, heapsssssssss of fungi friends, and an endangered dorrigo waratah!!

rb on 12 Dec, 2020

Good easy walk that took about 3 hours to do (including short break for lunch). The receptionist at the gift store gave me some really great pointers about the trail and drew a little map for me to make sure not to get lost.

Tom Luxton on 15 Nov, 2020

Beautiful waterfalls and trees. Did the walk clockwise. Saw 2 snakes 😬 I think they were red bellied black snakes

Z on 26 Sep, 2020

I was part of a group doing the Toolana Creek CCT walk, however we took a shortcut at one of the switchbacks and ended up on this track by accident. We wandered for about 10km before we realised our mistake, eventually completing the Toolana Creek CCT as planned.

I have left a detailed review on the Toolana Creek CCT page

Remy on 3 Sep, 2020

Fantastic walk with my love, just a tick under 11kms and had amazing waterfalls/rock pools and even a ladder climb that put you up with the tops of trees. Would have to be our fave Hinterland walk so far!

maverick0208 on 19 Aug, 2020

4 hours. Nice walk, especially along the creek. O'Reilly's was absolutely, ridiculously crowded when we returned from our walk at 12.30ish. Getting back down the road was difficult with drivers being impatient and unsafe when trying to deal with the fact that an already narrow road was made more difficult by the number of cars parked in the pull over bays. I absolutely adore Lamington National Park but the crowds are starting to make it unmanageable.

Natalie Noon on 14 Aug, 2020

Lovely work

samkramer on 2 Aug, 2020

Enjoyed this circuit. Heavy rains in previous weeks made for good falls but one quite tricky creek crossing and a bit of muddiness.
An Albert's lyrebird happily went about his business just off the path as we watched for a good 5-10 mins.
Looking forward to returning.

Pi on 27 Jul, 2020

An absolutely misty, green, lush, and gorgeous gem in Lamington NP. A slightly wet day today, which really added to the ambience. Waterfalls were flowing well, but tracks were super muddy! No reports of leeches in our party :)

We thought 4 - 5.5 hours (according to Parks QLD) was a bit much for 10.9 km but you really don't want to rush this one! Especially with climbing over rocks to get to some of the falls, taking photos, etc. If you start after noon and want to take your time, forget it.

rb on 28 Jun, 2020

did this one yesterday,,,i clocked 12.2 klm on my gps and completed it in 3 hours 20 mins with a couple of 10 min breaks...overall this is one of my favourite walks....not overly hard...the uphill is more slopes than recommend wear shoes with some grip as the track was a little slippery in places....the walk starts near the toilet block (left hand side of the road opposite the cafe) at Reilly's and after that its well sign posted.

Greg Brady on 23 Jun, 2020

Completed walk clockwise. Amazing waterfalls all the way and lots of photo opportunities. A large fig was fallen over the track near the first falls and we had to scramble up the hill to get around it. Completed on a Friday starting at about 10am. Did not see many other people. We are hammered along and completed it in 3 hours. Very rewarding hike.

Jimcar on 12 Jun, 2020


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