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The Box Forest Track leaves the Picnic Rock track 2.7 km from the entrance and is a most rewarding circuit walk. The track winds down through stands of Brush Box and Piccabeen Palms, to the lush sub-tropical rainforest along Canungra Creek. Pepper Vines cling to tall trees that often support spectacular tree gardens.

Turn right at the next track junction. During wet times, you will have to wade through the water when crossing above Wajinya Falls. The track continues near the top of the falls on the other side. Darragumai Falls and Picnic Rock are considered good lunch spots. Don't miss Box Log and Elabana Falls on the way home.

Bird Watching
Maximum Elevation
Total Climb

Getting there

The Trail branches from the Border Track which starts from opposite O'Reilly's resort.


The National Parks Office above the car park on the left hands out some paper maps for free, the kiosk (right) sells Topos for $12.

Route/Trail notes

Well signed


No costs.

Other References

How can I find more info? Any guide books?


2 days after rain. Was still very boggy in some sections. Other than that it was a beautiful walk.

Louisa on 4 Aug, 2019

Great walk. Plenty of rain in the last 2 weeks made the track really muddy in patches which added to the adventure. Beautiful waterfalls with lots of water flowing. 3 water crossings in total, 2 easy and 1 requiring a little more thought. We walked clockwise thanks to the suggestions and definitely the way to go.

Curry Bunch on 9 Jul, 2019

With two children in tow (aged 7 and 12), we set off at 11am from O'Reilly's. The kids were in awe the entire walk, which we did in a clockwise direction, thanks to many other's recommendations. The track was well kept and easy to navigate with the available signage and National Parks maps. We stopped for 30mins at the first creek crossing after encountering several spectacular falls and waterholes. There are some incredibly large, ancient Brush Box trees along the way. I did read that some have been dated to 1500 years old. We were in awe the entire way; so much so the kids didn't whinge once, and are already asking to go back.
I will say the walk is not suited for those who are unfit, unprepared, or who leave too late in the day. We were part of a rescue (again) of an elderly gentleman who simply was not physically able or fit enough to make the ascent from Elebana falls. Five National Parks gents had to bring him out in the dark. Additionally, he and his young companion did not have enough water, etc, and were in no way prepared for the walk.
Regardless of this, the walk was breathtaking, and we encountered many scaled and feathered creatures. A huge red-bellied black snake was one close call. We heard several male Albert lyrebirds but were not lucky enough to see one this time.
I highly recommend this walk. I wouldn't leave any later than 11am if you are not a fast walker, or want to stop frequently for photos, exploring and eating. We returned to O'Reilly's at 4pm after also including the Treetop walk.

Scorpiowoman73 on 10 Jun, 2019

Well kept track, stunning waterfalls. We are inexperienced hikers, this was a good introduction to some scrambling and longer walks. Took approx 4 hours with half hour lunch in middle. Perfect day.

Glang on 26 May, 2019

Awesome walk!!

Kcdixon on 12 May, 2019

Awesome walk!!

Kcdixon on 12 May, 2019

A nice walk down past magnificent Brush box trees and along the creek with waterfalls and swimming holes.
No crayfish around today but plenty of bird life and a placid Land Mullet.

Allan on 31 Mar, 2019

What a beautiful spot! We had a wonderful day chasing waterfalls, and even spotted a blue spiny crayfish! 😁 We had the trail to ourselves for most of the day. Super impressed with ourselves, it was the longest track either of us had ever done. It was an easy trail for gradients and hardly any stairs, but the path was narrow with a steep drop, lots of leaf litter concealing roots and rocks - easy to turn an ankle. also some scrambling to get to the waterfalls. (I might maybe have slipped on a river rock and landed on my arse 😳) I think I might need to invest in some proper boots!

Mel on 1 Feb, 2019

Amazing walk. Highly recommend. We did it clockwise, I think because the information board recommended it. It's probably the better way to go too. the trail goes by some very beautiful waterfalls.

Lobster on Oct, 2018

Beautiful walk. We did this in lieu of Canungra Creek Circuit which is currently closed.

We walked clockwise which I think is the slightly easier way to go with the most rewarding bits towards the end.

Gorgeous wildlife including tadpoles, freshwater crayfish red breasted wrens.

Jen on 30 Sep, 2018

Wonderful walk for the two of us who are pretty inexperienced bushwalkers. Highlights were the amazing trees and the waterfalls.
Highly recommended

Graeme Martin on 2 Sep, 2018

Went to Picnic Rock and Elabana Falls. Beautiful Walk!

Celine on 30 Jun, 2018

Did the Elabana Falls & Picnic Rock section of this walk & returned the same way. Only took 65 mins each way roughly as it’s not a hard walk. Photographed the Falls extensively & had to wait for the harsh sun to shift behind the trees. Highly recommend this walk

Steve Batho on 29 Jun, 2018

Very enjoyable walk and we did with children.
Also plenty of beautiful waterfalls to see along the way and to stop for lunch!
Didn’t encounter any leeches and also didn’t get to spot any of the famous crayfish!
I would definitely do it again!

Shara on 20 May, 2018

Lovely walk, best to do it after some rains so you get the best out of the waterfalls. Best to do it anti clockwise so you save the best waterfalls for the end. Either ways it is a beautiful walk and can be done with kids. Elabana falls are beautiful but my favorite was the box log falls the sheer force of it and the cliffs surrounding it give it that magical feel. All in all definitely recommend doing this one if you love chasing waterfalls. A bit of rock hopping to do to get across a few falls bit nothing too dangerous

Ashwin on 24 Mar, 2018

Sensational Elabana Falls and Box Forrest Falls.
Excellent easy walk that traverses the top and bottom of both falls. Amazing swimming at Elebana falls.

Peter Hill on 19 Mar, 2018

Nice walk, absolutely worth it.
Not too hard or steep.
Go clockwise.
On the way back go via the gardens and the tree top walk, it’s nice too.
Did not encounter a single leech, but plenty of blue/ white lemmongton crayfish.

Holger on 11 Feb, 2018

Great walk through the rainforest, visiting a number of spectacular waterfalls on the way due to the recent rain. We stopped for morning tea at the waterfalls just before we reached picnic point which was busier with people. Leeches galore! Wear long pants and sleeves.

Cyn on 1 Jan, 2018

I Adore this walk. Beautiful waterfalls, quite easy track.

Asha on Jan, 2018

Bloody wet and we fed plenty of leeches but those ancient brush box trees and the falls on Canungra Creek were worth it.

GMess on 18 Nov, 2017


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