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Rainforest Circuit (Daintree National Park)
26 Sep, 2020
5km return
90 mins
Suprisingly quiet (most people seem to only go as far as the swimming area), some beautiful spots along the way.
Jindalba Boardwalk (Daintree National Park)
22 Sep, 2020
645m return
45 mins
The long walk (2.7km) from here is a beauty and less popular. Lots of evidence of cassowary but I didn't see one until driving on the road back out.
Kulki Boardwalk (Daintree National Park)
20 Sep, 2020
600m return
15 mins
Dubuji Boardwalk (Daintree National Park)
19 Sep, 2020
1.2km return
45 mins
Very pleasant, did it a couple of times while staying nearby.
Northbrook Mtn bush camp walk (D'Aguilar National Park)
31 Jul, 2020
4.5 hrs
Excellent overnighter. Late afternoon walk in. Long steady decline followed by not quite as long incline, not uncomfortable in the cool air. Very pleasant campsite, lots of birds in the morning. Walk back up was more taxing in the warmth of the day - I wouldn't be very keen to do it mid-summer with a pack.
Toolona Creek Circuit (Lamington National Park)
28 Jul, 2020
19.8km return
7 hrs
Stunning! After some heavy rains in the week before the waterfalls were glorious and the multiple creek crossings a little challenging and the track was muddy but nothing to bad. Did the circuit clockwise.
Leaving a bit late at 10:30am, with a stop for lunch and many photo stops, got us back just after 5pm to catch some sunset. Only saw 3 other people all day once past the Picnic Rock track.
This is a world class walk!
Box Forest (Lamington National Park)
27 Jul, 2020
5 hrs
Enjoyed this circuit. Heavy rains in previous weeks made for good falls but one quite tricky creek crossing and a bit of muddiness.
An Albert's lyrebird happily went about his business just off the path as we watched for a good 5-10 mins.
Looking forward to returning.
Gold Creek Reservoir (South East Queensland)
7 Jun, 2020
5.5km return
2 hrs
Scrub Road bush camp walk (D'Aguilar National Park)
5 Jun, 2020
2.5 hrs
Scrub Road bush camp walk (D'Aguilar National Park)
17 May, 2020
2.5 hrs
Afternoon walk in and out with camping gear as pack training. 2:20 return walk time inc stopping for a peek at the creek and birds - king parrots, finches and numerous unidentified types.
Saw one other walker and a couple of mountain bikers (who thought it was fine to toss their fruit peels into the fire pit). Pleasant afternoon!
Enoggera Reservoir Circuit (Brisbane Forest park D'Aguilar National Park)
25 Apr, 2019
10km return
2.5 hrs
Busy on ANZAC day but enjoyable walk with many birds around.
Mt Ninderry (Sunshine Coast)
14 Mar, 2016
3.3km return
90 mins
Enjoyed this walk and the views today. I think the distance is only 2.5km return not 5km.