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Border Track

My husband and I did the Border track today. Feeling it now 😌 This is the longest walk we have done, but we did it in 5 1/2 hrs. The track was fine, muddy but no damage one water crossing today and rocks so no risk of wet shoes. It isn't to steep but does have a slow considerable climb. Few sections that are close to the edge but I have crazy fear of heights and it wasn't so bad. Track is pretty well signed only issue we had was we went binna burra to Oreilly and they only have rubbish beer at the cafe. Xxxx and that kind of much lol.. Binna Burra has corona. But we thing we got the better walk direction. Photos added 👌🏼 Enjoy

Jodie on 16 Oct, 2016

Box Forest

An awesome walk one of my favourites so far, stunning waterfalls and nice walking track, a little muddy in places but it has rained last few weeks, few water crossings but on rocks and stuff so only mud on the shoes. Thought we had lost the track a few times but stay true it just gets a little over grown and small.. ❤️ Loved it

Jodie on 2 Oct, 2016

Daves Creek Circuit

Fantastic walk the start is border track opposite the Binna Burra tea house
Took us a while to find it.. Track was quite wet and we saw quite a bit of wild life, wallabies etc and our first bushwalking snake 🐍😬
Took 3 hours- surprise rock is easy to walk past if you don't know what you're looking for.

Jodie on 4 Sep, 2016

Thylogale Track

Great walk. We were looking for a different one but did this instead. Not hard, not any really slope just gentle walk through nice rain forest. We added th1km rainforest circuit at the other end before heading back.

Jodie on 21 Aug, 2016

Goolman Lookout

Very steep climb up, Took my breath away. Can't see much of the view from the top because of trees but nice enough to sit in the cool breeze. Enjoyable walk just difficult enough that you should feel it the next day I expect.

Jodie on 14 Aug, 2016

Bluff Point (Capricorn National Point)

Fun walk with my sister

Jodie on 17 Jun, 2016

Witches Falls

Good walk few sections where you need to watch your footing. Definitely not for wet weather but very nice

Jodie on 12 Jun, 2016

Witches Chase

Great walk not to difficult but not to easy.

Jodie on 12 Jun, 2016

Lower Bellbird Circuit

Great morning.lovely walk finished it with the Caves circuit. That was fantastic

Jodie on 2 Apr, 2016

Caves Circuit

Gorgeous walk

Jodie on 2 Apr, 2016
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