Lower Bellbird Circuit

Lamington National Park

This circuit branches off ship's stern 3.7 km from the trail head. It passes though a variety of habitat types and some impressive views. You can start from either just south of the information center (500 m) and walk clockwise finishing up at Binna Burra the walking back down the road. You can also return via the Caves Circuit (add an extra 1.6 km). A nice 3 km diversion is to go down to Lower Ballunjul Falls.

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Getting there

Begin either north of the information center or at the beginning of Ship's Stern/Bellbird Lookout walk?




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Done this walk, not exhausting, pleasant stroll. The waterfall is worth visiting too.

ovel on 11 Aug, 2023

Early start at track entrance below information centre. We walked till it joined the ships stern circuit and decided to do that instead of heading back to Binna Burra. Up until that it was a easy pleasant walk under all the towering cliffs.

ian parker on 3 Jun, 2023

Good recovery of the upper part of the track after the 2019 fires.

Wanderlust on 11 Feb, 2023

Very good walk. Lots of beautiful sights throughout and the extra 3km to Ballunjul Falls is well worth it!

Caity on 1 Jan, 2023

Lower Bellbird Circuit is open again and it is truly spectacular. We chose to park at the upper carpark and walk down to the lower carpark entrance to the entrance of the Lower Bellbird walk via the Caves Circuit. It took us 3hrs and was 11.1kms total. A moderate level of fitness needed on the way back up the gradual ascent back up to Binna Burra. The views and scenery are spectacular - walking along sheer cliff edges and having colourful rock faces towering over you is breathtaking. Highly recommend this walk and will definitely be doing it again.

Paul on 10 Sep, 2022

The information on the national park website is confusing and unclear about closure and detour.
The lady at Binna Burra's information centre said the Bellbird track is partially closed indefinitely. I've uploaded a map showing where is it (see the blue lines).
That said, we can still enjoy the walk from Saddle trailhead, pass 2 beautiful lookouts marked in the map, go down to Lower Ballunjui Falls (water is still running but not strong), then return the same way. All up it's about 12km. We stopped at both lookouts and snacked at the falls, and finished in 3 hours at a moderate pace. It's a shady, pleasant and not difficult walk.

PC on 15 Aug, 2021

Just a beautiful walk. Lots of great lookouts. I did the extra 3k down to Ballanjui falls. Well worth it.
Next time I'll park close to where you come out and walk the 2k down the road at the beginning.

RosieG on 24 Aug, 2019

Good one

Olga on 11 Aug, 2019

Love all the walks in Binnaburra. Easy walk, beautiful scenery. The Caves circuit is part of this walk.

rebecca on 1 Mar, 2019

Great walk. Some fallen shrubs and trees after the storm 2 days earlier.

Elimbah on 23 Dec, 2018

Great walk. Parked next to information center approx 400m walk down the road to the start of track. Some great views and awesome little pockets of cliff faces both above and below. Some nice crossings of small waterfalls/streams. Track gets narrow at points. If you are afraid of heights or you get vertigo, this walk may test you. Add an extra 2km downhill on the road from the end of the track.

Woodlaz on 18 Aug, 2018

We did this walk with our 7 and 8 year olds. I would recommend parking your car at the Information Centre and walking down the road to the start of the track so that when you reach the end of the track (up near the Teahouse) you walk down the road to your car, instead of uphill. The majority of the Lower Bellbird track is a gentle gradient with a few steps in places, but otherwise an easy, pleasant walk. If walking with kids, take special care of the track in places where the cliff drops away sharply (there are warning signs along the way).
We detoured to check out the Lower Ballanjui Falls, which added an extra 3km on the 12km for the Lower Bellbird Circuit. Very pretty, although if you've seen Purling Brook or Twin Falls, it doesn't compare. In hindsight, with kids in tow, we could've missed the Falls and still enjoyed the remainder of the walk.
It is well worth stopping at the Yangahla Lookout, although again, please take extra care - the lookout juts out over a sheer cliff drop, no safety rails, and it's a long way up. The views are absolutely breathtaking. The "cave" - or overhanging rock face, provided a nice resting spot on the way back. All in all a really enjoyable walk. Amazing views. The vegetation is beautiful and changes as you descend/ascend down/up the side of the valley. It took us 4 and a half hours altogether with the detour to Lower Ballanjui Falls and many rest stops along the way (it would take less time without kids in tow).

Sarah on 13 Aug, 2018

This is a very beautiful walk, and a very comfortable one, which passes through several different ecosystems including dense rainforest, palm groves and more open grass tree/eucalypt forests (which smell exquisite). It's a 12km walk without going to the Lower Ballunjul Falls, but really, if you're doing this walk, the falls should well be part of it - they are absolutely stunning (very high, very full, with a great swimming hole beneath). Adding the falls into the equation, the walk is 15km long, and still super manageable and enjoyable. We saw a three metre long python, a green tree snake and several large goannas - just awesome!

Bush Talker on 8 Apr, 2018

Parked and walked this from the info centre up to Binna Burra with 2 x 6.5 year old kiddies in tow. Added in a detour to Lower Ballanjui Falls. I think around 13km-14km or so in total (we stopped the kiddies at Binna Burra and one of the adults walked down to the info centre to bring the car up to pick them up as they were pretty knackered! Beautiful walk with plenty of varied vegetation, landscape and even a few obstacles to negotiate on the trail. The lunch break at the falls was welcome and the kids loved exploring. Took us around 5.5hrs including a decent lunch break at the falls and several smaller breaks after lunch at the lookouts and along the track.

BGS3 on 18 Jan, 2018

Lovely walk through beautiful rainforests and amazing views. Wanted to do it along with the caves circuit but that was closed and will be for a while(caves circuit) from what the information centre told me.Instead of the caves circuit i added the lower ballanjui falls walk which was just about half an hour more and is on the way, well worth it. Started from the lower carpak near the information centre walked back down the slope of the road and the walk starts to your right. not too difficult and can be done with kids. The end of the circuit is along the cliffs and some amazing views from there. bellbird lookout also has some lovely views of turtle and egg rock. If you do stop at Yangahla lookout(which is on the way).. take care as this is on a downwards sloping rock and will be slippery if it has rained and its a sheer cliff edge.. but a beautiful look out point. Definitely recommend this walk can be done in around 3 hours . The walk back to the car is along the road so take care of cars.

Ashwin on 14 Oct, 2017

Lower Bellbird circuit connects with an additional (3km return I think) to Ballunjui Falls which we also did this day.. long doable walk with lots of tree roots to trip me up.. The falls were lovely to stand under on a hot day!

_Susan_ on 25 Aug, 2017

Great walk with plenty to see, including wildlife and two amazing lookouts. Even on a hot day the temperature in the rainforest sections is quite cool and pleasant. This walk does not take the suggested time of 4hr return. Dawdled through and returned in 2hr 45min.

rob.bushman on 4 Dec, 2016

Very easy trail with no steep sections and is well signed and maintained. Several nice lookouts, but not as many attractions as some other nearby walks.

We included the caves circuit at the end. The "caves" are more like overhanging cliff faces, which are still beautiful - but don't expect to go spelunking.

We completed Lower BellBird with the caves circuit in about 3.5 hours at a moderate pace and a few breaks.

Ryan Ketterl on 25 Apr, 2016

Great morning.lovely walk finished it with the Caves circuit. That was fantastic

Jodie on 2 Apr, 2016

Very scenic walk with lots of lookouts. Recommended to be done with caves circuit. The entrance is down the hill from the information centre near the truck down gear signs. I went the caves first as I didn't think the entrance would be that far down

callo on 24 Nov, 2015


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