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Lower Bellbird Circuit (Lamington National Park)
18 Aug, 2018
12km return
3 hrs
Great walk. Parked next to information center approx 400m walk down the road to the start of track. Some great views and awesome little pockets of cliff faces both above and below. Some nice crossings of small waterfalls/streams. Track gets narrow at points. If you are afraid of heights or you get vertigo, this walk may test you. Add an extra 2km downhill on the road from the end of the track.
Witches Falls (Tamborine National Park)
18 Jun, 2018
3.4km return
75 mins
Beautiful scenery.
Twin Falls Circuit (Springbrook National Park)
10 Jun, 2018
4.6km return
90 mins
Absolutely gorgeous rainforest, waterfalls and streams.
Heard alot of birds but didn't see much wildlife (this walk doesn't need it)
Great view at Canyon Lookout.
If you're in the area, pop into The Best of All Lookout on your way home (only an extra 700m (round trip) but worth the view)
Thylogale Track (D'Aguilar National Park)
2 Jun, 2018
9km return
2 hrs
Started from Jolly's Lookout
Nice easy walk with a couple of very nice views, some great looking trees and a mild amount of wildlife
Saw a scrub/bush turkey at the turn around point who was very happy to see we had apples
Saw 2 x Pademelon (keep your ears open)
Note* If using a phone to track your steps/distance, it appears that the track is a bit longer one way - was stopped by a couple to confirm if they had to keep going as the phone told them they had done over 4km. (both phones said approx 4.7km)
Billai Dhagun Circuit (Brisbane City Council Local Walks)
19 May, 2018
2km return
45 mins
Nice easy walk. Had lunch next to the beach. Most Cyclists made their presence known by ringing bell or calling out so wasn't too much of a problem. Recommend hat and suncream
Hell's Gates (Sunshine Coast)
12 May, 2018
5.4km return
90 mins
Excellent walk. Great views of beaches and ocean. Hells gates is spectacular. Track is well maintained