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Mt Blaine Summit Trail (Queensland)
19 Oct, 2019
1km return
90 mins
Tough walk..The initial part of it is along the fire trail which is quiet steep, so this will keep the heart pumping. You then come to the sign for the start of the trail to your right. path is easy enough to follow in most places. There is a rocky bit where you scramble up, loose rocks all over to take care as you will slip (especially whilst descending). After a point you pretty much bush bash all the way to the top (not difficult). The views are amazing and are 360. best views of flinders peak that i have seen.
Mt. Mathieson Circuit (Main Range National Park)
17 Aug, 2019
4 hrs
Lovely Hike and not too difficult at all with beautiful views towards Cunningham's Gap and Lake Moogerah. Recommend driving all the way up (along the dirt road can be done in a 2WD as long as it hasn't rained otherwise 4WD is recommended) and then walking all the way back to the start of the hike at the lower car park (which is clearly signposted) that way you can cover off the pioneer graves and moss'es well) Lots of history to read about on the way things to see. Views from the Governors chair lookout are amazing .
Ships Stern Circuit (Lamington National Park)
20 Apr, 2019
7 hrs
Did this walk clockwise..lovely views along the way.. Did it during the rains though so the views were only possible once the clouds cleared. Past a couple of beautiful waterfalls (Nagarigoon Falls) comes to mind. Heaps of leaches around as it was raining. All in all easy and lovely walk will do again on a clear day. all up around 4 hours an a brisk pace but stopping heaps for pics and to enjoy a bit of detour to the waterfalls.
Caves Circuit (Lamington National Park)
13 Jan, 2019
5.2km return
90 mins
Nice easy walk. Started from the lower information centre car park and ended up at the lodge. You can either start from the top of the bottom but have to do the return leg via the load (which does give you a few views of egg rock). Overall a nice easy hike, good for beginners as well as people with kids. Caves are quite beautiful and view nice views of the valley below as well.
Somerset Trail (Brisbane Forest park D'Aguilar National Park)
22 Nov, 2018
13km return
3.5 hrs
Nice east stroll with amazing views of the valley below. All up 13 kms and there are heaps of markers along the way so you cannot get lost. Amazing varied plant and tree life. At the moment there are a couple of trees that have fallen and blocked the path but nothing you cant climb over and in between branches to get across.

Some sections are hot and dry but for the most part you are un der cover and the beginning and end sections of this circuit you are in rainforests. The look out is amazing and there are a few smaller lookouts before the actual fenced one (tbh these are actually better). Take care when you are at these as these are sheer cliff faces. All in all easy rating and can easily be done with kids who are willing to walk the 13kms.
Poets Rock (Karawatha Forest)
10 Nov, 2018
1 hr
Did this one.. Very easy and not too interesting to be perfectly honest. As mentioned below good track for a run or cardio of sorts but if you are looking for views or to be impressed with scenery not too much on offer. Please note that roadworks going on around the area near the illaweena street parking so there are a few road closures
Yellowpinch Summit (Mt Barney National Park)
17 Oct, 2018
1 hr
Nice easy walk. It is uphill for most of the way and gets strenuous towards the end. Amazing views of Mount Barney , Mount Lindesay and Mount Ernest. Best views of Barney for very little effort. Can be done with kids although need to be supervised up top as sheer drop off.
Queen Mary Falls Circuit (Main Range National Park)
14 Oct, 2018
2km return
45 mins
Nice easy walk. Do clockwise so that you do not have to climb up the stairs on the way back. Falls are majestic. Best done after rains.
Purling Brook Falls Circuit and Warringa Pool (Springbrook National Park)
11 Oct, 2018
5km return
2 hrs
Lovely hike..did it after the rains so waterfall was to do clockwise to avoid climbing up the stairs. Not difficult and can be done with children.
Flinders Peak (Ipswich - Flinders Goolman Conservation Estate)
9 Oct, 2018
6.5km return
3.5 hrs
Beautiful mountain.. The hike is hard and its a climb from the get go. The razor back on top can be a bit challenging and it will take about an hour to get across even though the distance is not too much. Only one section involves scrambling and thats towards the top i believe its called the chimney. Views from top are breathtaking. If doing in summer carry water, hats sunscreen etc as it is all exposed on top and no shade at all. Do not do if raining or has rained as the razorback section will be very slippery