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Noosa Headland Circuit (Sunshine Coast)
7 Oct, 2018
7.3km return
2.5 hrs
Nice easy track.. Beautiful views. heaps of people around as well. Can be done in a couple of hours is doing the entire walk
Mt Tinbeerwah (Sunshine Coast)
6 Oct, 2018
1km return
20 mins
One of the best views I have ever seen..mountains, lakes,rivers,ocean you can see them all here...for very little effort...recommend this highly
Mount Coolum (Sunshine Coast)
6 Oct, 2018
1.8km return
90 mins
Easy Hike..steps most of the way to the top..and will be very slippery when wet..many mini trails to explore the top of the mountain and heaps of fantastic photo out for the Falcons they are beautiful..keep in mind only open to the public on weekends till November due to work being done.Lovely hike to take kids on to get them into it
Mt Cooroora (Sunshine Coast)
5 Oct, 2018
3km return
2 hrs
Did this one Impromptu..did not regret it..its tough on the knees but well worth the effort..quite step but metal steps have been placed there and chains are there to help you up and is quite exposed towards the tops but no cliff edges ..views are amazing
Mt Mitchell (Main Range National Park)
8 Sep, 2018
3.5 hrs
Lovely easy and beautiful hike.. recommend for beginners and people who want to take kids ( although under strict supervision as there a few exposed sections up top..nothing to dangerous though) heaps of steps as well and varied plant and bird life.. Went on a rainy day so there were no views at all but on a clear day the views would be amazing...
Rainforest Circuit (Queensland)
25 Aug, 2018
2.3km return
1 hr
Nice easy stroll. The walk along the water front is closed so had to do this rain forest circuit which is beautiful. A few steps to get up there but nothing too challenging. view from the lookout is breathtaking!!
Cougal Cascades (Springbrook National Park)
25 Aug, 2018
Very Easy
1 hr
Nice Easy stroll.. Very short. drive to the track is quote beautiful.. interesting abandoned sawmill at the end of the track. You can go down to the cascades those are beautiful as well take care though as steep.
Mt Barney - East Peak - Up South-East - Down South (Mt Barney Summit)
26 May, 2018
Very Hard
13km return
9 hrs
Lovely hike.. Straightforward walk along the firetrail to begin with and then a bit of a climb which is what you expect from any hike, this goes on for about an hour and a half to two hours with some good views.. then starts the fun.. you have to cross over a razorback which is a bit exposed so you will have to have a good head for heights.. not difficult though. After that the proper climb/scramble starts with a lot of it being exposed you will have to hang out to roots and trees and pull yourself up. Lots of arrow markers in place so you shouldn't get lost using this route. Amazing views of the valley and Mount Earnest and Mount Lindesay all the way to the summit. The descent via peasants ridge is a lot easier the first bit involves a lot of sliding down the side of the peak but its not too steep so is ok. Lovely views of the West peak and the other smaller peaks of this amazing mountain. All up took us around 9 hours with around a half hour break on top. Great feeling once you have conquered this mountain. Good luck and have fun!!
Box Forest (Lamington National Park)
24 Mar, 2018
5 hrs
Lovely walk, best to do it after some rains so you get the best out of the waterfalls. Best to do it anti clockwise so you save the best waterfalls for the end. Either ways it is a beautiful walk and can be done with kids. Elabana falls are beautiful but my favorite was the box log falls the sheer force of it and the cliffs surrounding it give it that magical feel. All in all definitely recommend doing this one if you love chasing waterfalls. A bit of rock hopping to do to get across a few falls bit nothing too dangerous
Mt Maroon (Mt Barney National Park)
19 Jan, 2018
6km return
5 hrs
Beautiful views from the top...Take lots of water and you should be fine. You can visit both of the peaks we went to the one on the right and then rock hopped across the saddle to the one on the left which is the main peak offering one of the most spectacular views i have seen Barney, Ernest, Lindesay you can see them all.. Easy to get lost on this mountain we did and ended up descending to further down the gorge and thats when it gets dangerous as heaps of loose rocks and stones and a few snakes.. We then had to climb back up the near vertical section to get to the spot where you turn off and descend the normal way.. heaps of people up and down.. Would recommend this one to any one who loves a tough climb with amazing views.. reasonable level of fitness required...