Toohey Forest to Mt Gravatt

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The track is paved then bitumen to wide track. This walk can be completed in almost all conditions.

Picnic Facilities
Public Transport

Getting there

Brisbane city council buses go past Toohey Forest. Carparking available


Available for download from Brisbane City Council website

And GPS walk details availble online at google maps

Route/Trail notes



No permits required. no camping in park

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GPS Tracks

  • No GPS available for this walk yet.


Toohey picnic ground to Nathan campus, klumpps road, up azania st to Mt Gravatt lookout then down acacia track ended up on gaza rd cut through ridge track return to car park

Kmxfitness on 1 Sep, 2021

Start at Isabella st meet up walk
Pegs lookout is a westward viewing platform on the side of Toohey Mountain. It offers a great vantage point to view the sunset. The hike is a relatively easy hike on some uneven ground of approximately 7 km in total distance and a small climb of 120metres. After the recent rain the area is coming

Kmxfitness on 22 Dec, 2020

Great views of Brisbane CBD, north to Glasshouse Mts, east to Moreton Bay. Todays highlight was the sighting of a Koala crossing the track. Previously on a rainy early morning, a fox was encountered.

Agent86 on 7 Nov, 2020

Great local walk from Dellwood St, Salisbury. It can be a little confusing in there, but all the trails interlace, and meet again to cross under freeway. Once returned, stop at Sailsbury Hotel for lunch and a coldie!

tooleybird on 30 Aug, 2020

Takes about an hour from the Toohey forest entrance, up to the lookout and then down to Logan Rd. Nice walk and rewarded with the beautiful city view towards the end. There's a few paths, but just use general compass to head in the direction you need to go and all paths converge in the end.

ct__ on 31 Jul, 2020

With Barbara Frost

Kimmi on 24 May, 2020

Good backyard trail. I would rate it easy for average fitness individual . Not scenic (until you reach Mt. Gravatt lookout point) but good for fitness routine.

Andy Patel on 17 Aug, 2019

Easy to get lost in these windy tracks. Keep note of where you parked.

Suzanne on 21 Jun, 2019

Easy walk nice views

Kmxfitness on 24 Feb, 2019

Easy track. Lovely views from Mt Gravatt Lookout

Gita on 9 Jan, 2019

Nice and easy' lots of steps and a few loose stones..route recently market with yellow paint on the stones..gets the heart pumping ..great cardio

Ashwin on 15 Jun, 2017

Nice easy walk with th eoption of a paved path if your pushing a pram along. Not much diversity to speak of though

Raphael on 16 Jan, 2016

Nice walk, lots of side tracks

Guy on 9 Sep, 2015

Very good access to all tracks, quite pleasant.

Alice on 2 May, 2015

??? 2015, climbed Mount Gravatt

Christian on 2015

Very easy walk. Used to use it as a daily trek.

KELLYMI on 1 Dec, 2013

It's hard to know exactly how far you go because there are so many different side trails but a really good walk (lots of ups & downs) :)

Kirsty on 22 Dec, 2012

We last did Toohey Forest Apr5, a group of 10 (I think), & carpark was full up. No Toilets here. on 5 Apr, 2011

A great walk. Loved it!

Laurence Hallam on 4 Aug, 2010

I discovered this walk online at Brisbane City Council website when I was looking for a local park with BBQ's.

Start from the Toohey Forest and go along Toohey Ridge track until you reach the SE freeway then walk along side the freeway briefly downhill towards a tunnel. Which is part of the Inter Campus Link track.

Continue along this track under the M1 highway and up the hill. You will reach Messines Ridge Road (hope i got the spelling correct) turn right towards Circular Drive round-a-bout go straight ahead (left) and walk along the pathway and or side of the road where safe.

Keep walking past the small cooling towers and follow the track left to Mt Gravatt (mountain).

Keep following the signs to Mt Gravatt Lookout. Amazing views of Brisbane CBD skyline from here. and other areas

This is a great spot for lunch.

Then return same way. Have fun.

Boris Zoubakin on 1 Mar, 2010


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