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Second Pyramid

This walk was far shorter than expected. We did the 'long' version described here but it's still only about a 2 hr trip car to car. We went up and over the first pyramid (easy enough) then slightly around the second then straight up. Retraced our steps to the car. Admittedly the 'longer' way around is far more exposed. The climbing was easy, probably a grade 8 (so a ladder basically) but if you fall you're going a long way. Great views and surprisingly windy on top. Highly recommend :D

Alice on 13 Feb, 2016

Noowongbill Lookout

Great walk, I followed the track notes in 'Take a Walk' which seemed relevant to get to this lookout. If continuing on to Fountain Falls follow the directions up until a 15m waterfall, from here, it seems part of the ridge has become super sketchy so I suggest following pink tape which lead us from the creek to the falls, only about 15mins of walking. The walk to fountain falls is definitely the most remote I've ever felt in Lamington. Highly recommend :) p.s. take a compass for sure (and hiking poles)!!
The two of us took 8 hours from binna burra to the lookout to fountain falls and back again.

Alice on 10 Jan, 2016

Mt Tibberoowuccum

Did this as a circuit, there's several routes up and down the mountain, it's just a matter of finding your way back to the carpark or the road if you choose to descend a different way. Heaps of mosquitoes, pleasant views.

Alice on 24 Nov, 2015

Stretcher Track

Walked to the Stinson Wreck from the Christmas Creek side of the Stretcher Track. GPS said 14km total taking 5 hours car to car. Pretty steep, recommend walking poles.

Alice on 17 Oct, 2015

Ships Stern Circuit

Great walk with many incredible lookouts. Highly recommend :)

Alice on 3 Oct, 2015

North Branch Track

Undulating hills through varying types of bush/rainforest. Great for a trail run although it may be difficult after long periods of rain without having to get your feet wet. Bell birds are abundant in this area.

Alice on 12 Aug, 2015

Mt Castle Lookout

Nice little walk to a fantastic lookout! Lots of bird life :)

Alice on 12 Aug, 2015

Sylvesters Lookout

A great lookout to be done with Mt Castle Lookout, fantastic views all the way to Brisbane on a clear day!

Alice on 12 Aug, 2015

Winder Track

We completed this walk in about 3.5 hrs, a lot of uphill on the way there. It happened to start storming as we got to the Winder but there was so much wildlife about! Lyrebirds, goannas, pademelons and a Hastings River Mouse! Don't let the map fool you, despite walking along a ridge line the vegetation is dense and there are no views except for the first 30 metres of the walk.

Alice on 12 Aug, 2015

Morans Falls

Combined this walk with Castle Crag. Cold and rainy but we waited for a while until the clouds disappeared and we could see the valley below. Great views!

Alice on 9 Aug, 2015
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