Second Pyramid

Girraween National Park

THIS IS AN OFF TRACK WALK. Long way round + 1.4km. Short way round and up +0.9km. Very good scrambling skills or medium rock climbing skills required. As always do not attempt to climb just before, during or just after rain as the rock face can be extremely slippery.

Picnic Facilities
Scrambling or Climbing
No Dogs Permitted
Camping Permitted
Eucalypt Forest
Maximum Elevation
Total Climb

Getting there:

Girraween NP is situated approximately 260km by road south-west of Brisbane. To reach the park, turn off the New England Highway 26km south of Stanthorpe or 30km north of Tenterfield onto Pyramids Road. The winding bitumen road continues a further 9km east through the Wyberba Valley to the park's Information Centre and day use picnic area.

An alternative road from Stanthorpe to Girraween via Eukey and Storm King Dam has some gravel sections.


Girraween National Park

Route/Trail notes:

Long way:

From the walk to the first pyramid when the steps finish and near altitude of 980m-1000m follow the bottom of the first pyramid around and to the base of the second pyramid and around to the NE corner this is where to start your approach from. Using a zigzag scrambling method and upwards towards the top of the second pyramid as you go along follow the contour of the rock this will aid you.

Short way:

Follow the same directions until you come to the middle of the two pyramids this will be the area in which you will climb. Scramble up through till you can locate a main vein coming from the top SSW. Use this vein to aid you, scramble using the low side of the vein as a hand hold and once you reach the top of the vein go over the top of it and locate a small crack going SSW to the top it will run out, but by this time it should be just a matter of scrambling your way to the top.



Other References:

Inform ranger at information centre about your climb before proceeding and NEVER climb alone.

With so many bushwalking options in the park, why not take advantage of the excellent camping facilities at Castle Rock.

GPS Tracks

  • No GPS available for this walk yet.


walked past the north east corner and started climb from the north side, went up a thin gap in the rocks for more fun

Sammy Gorton on 2 Jan, 2023

At 75 years and 8 months, I did this walk yesterday. I had two pole stick to assist me and I walked the 400 steps to just below the summit where the white lines began. I wasn't sure initially that the white lines indicated the continuing track. At my age, I decided it was probably sensible that I didn't climb any higher, but I enjoyed the challenge starting early about 7am - seeing the Arch, then continued on this walk. As a widow, it was good to chat to others on the track and gain new bushwalking hints.

Barbara McKay on 16 Sep, 2020

Great walk easy start and gets better at the top. Keep any eye out 4 showers.

Jamie_1986 on 16 Feb, 2018

This walk was far shorter than expected. We did the 'long' version described here but it's still only about a 2 hr trip car to car. We went up and over the first pyramid (easy enough) then slightly around the second then straight up. Retraced our steps to the car. Admittedly the 'longer' way around is far more exposed. The climbing was easy, probably a grade 8 (so a ladder basically) but if you fall you're going a long way. Great views and surprisingly windy on top. Highly recommend :D

Alice on 13 Feb, 2016

My first walk with the Qld Bushwalking Club. Had no idea where I was, but had a marvelous time. Very step and tiring. Definately don't do these walks in the wet.

Rataholic on 3 Apr, 2010

This is an excellent walk with some breath-taking rock formations, flora esp. grass trees and the most amazing butterflies. Saw large Eastern Grey Kangaroos with mothers and joeys as well. We (group of 3) were all totlly sh*gged at the end of walk.

Johnno Hallo on 10 Sep, 2002


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