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Rocks Circuit (Karawatha Forest)
1 Sep, 2019
3.4km return
45 mins
Pleasant walk, interesting rock formations along the way. Very dry and not a lot of shade, so make sure you take plenty of water and sunscreen. Recommend taking a map of the area, available at the Discovery Centre or online, as there are many trails and it could get confusing, even with the signage.
Coombabah Lakelands Conservation Area (Queensland)
31 Aug, 2019
5km return
1 hr
Really lovely place to come and walk and explore, with beautiful flora and fauna.
There are quite a few different tracks and management trails throughout the conservation park, which all link up and it's definitely worth exploring. It's completely flat, so nice and easy for people of all ages and fitness levels.
I've been here a number of times now and each time I've easily spent two hours walking and not covered the whole area.
There are always plenty of kangaroos about, and if you're lucky you'll spot a koala or two as well.
While I was on the lookout for koalas yesterday and keeping an eye out for snakes, I stumbled upon an echidna, who promptly scurried away to hide under a fallen tree branch on the ground. What a lovely surprise!
White Rock Ridge Hike (Ipswich)
25 Aug, 2019
2 hrs
Well worth a visit to White Rock! We did this with our 8 and 9 year olds and it was a great little hike for them. The highlight was definitely climbing up and exploring around White Rock. Views from the top are amazing.
We followed the multi-use track (the "Hikers Track") on the way there, which was hot and dusty and a little monotonous; and we took the Ridge Trail on the way back, which was thoroughly enjoyable and I'd highly recommend it. There's a little bit of rock scrambling required, although not difficult, and the track was easy to follow for the most part - just look for all the footprints in the dirt if you're unsure.
Definitely wouldn't want to tackle this walk during summer, as there is not a lot of shade and even at this time of year we found it really quite hot. Make sure you take plenty of water too. I'm not sure how people can do this walk without taking water with them - I was surprised at the number of people who didn't have any water with them.
Over all, a fantastic hike for the family and well worth it.
Pinnacle Walk and Lookout (Border Ranges National Park)
11 Aug, 2019
Very Easy
800m return
30 mins
Stunning views from the lookout! Very easy walk. Didn't take us 30 minutes, more like 10, and we had our 8 and 9 year olds with us. Well worth the drive to get there and amazing views for very little effort. I'd definitely recommend a visit!
Daves Creek Circuit (Binna Burra)
21 Jul, 2019
12km return
4 hrs
Sylvesters Lookout (Main Range National Park)
30 Jun, 2019
940m return
20 mins
Amazing view for very little effort. If you're doing Sylvester's Lookout and Mt Castle Lookout, I would visit Mt Castle Lookout first and Sylvester's lookout on your way back (we did it in that order, mainly due to parking).
Mt Castle Lookout (Main Range National Park)
30 Jun, 2019
960m return
30 mins
Mt Warning Summit trail (Mt Warning National Park)
23 Jun, 2019
5 hrs
Fantastic hike; challenging, but definitely worth it.
Once you get past the never-ending flight of steps at the start of the Summit Track, it levels out to a more gentle upward gradient and zigzags further up toward the summit, making the hike more enjoyable (especially if you find the steps challenging). There are a number of well positioned wooden benches at parts, which make for great rest stops!
The views are amazing as you get higher, and of course if you're climbing the mountain during winter months it also gets very cold the further up you get, so make sure you take warm clothing! It was 15 degrees when we left the car park and I was unsure whether or not I would need my jacket, but I'm so glad I took it because when I checked the temp nearer the top it was only 6 degrees and we could see our breath!
The rock scrambling at the top of the mountain is both exciting and scary - if you're not a fan of heights, like me! I certainly wouldn't say it was easy, but definitely achievable once you get your mind focused. There is a particularly steep section which really challenged me, but if you push on it does get easier and reaching the summit makes it all worth while. I found going back down the rocks easier than going up, although going back down the track - and particularly all those steps - was more of a challenge with jelly legs and a full bladder.
***NOTE: Make sure you visit the toilets before starting the hike, as there are very few safe pee spots along the way (and for gods sake, if you DO pee along the way, don't leave your dirty toilet paper lying right next to the track! Gross people!)
Plunkett Conservation Park Cave (Queensland)
16 Jun, 2019
4km return
2 hrs
We took our 7 and 9 year olds on this walk and had a great time exploring. Thanks to the instructions above we were able to find the cave without any problems, which was good because there was a storm rolling in and we were in a bit of a rush to find it and get back to the car! (still got a bit wet, but it just added to the adventure!)
I'd love to go back and do some more exploring on a nice sunny day.
Bushrangers Cave (Lamington National Park)
9 Jun, 2019
4.2km return
2 hrs
We took our 7 and 9 year olds on this walk today and had an amazing time! The caves are incredible and definitely worth the hike up. Climbing through the small cave was a highlight, make sure you take the time to clamber through (it's hard to miss!)!
We walked along the base of the cliff for approx 200-300m until we reached the end of the caves/overhangs and the track started up towards the summit, then turned around and headed back down.
Certainly not an easy hike for younger kids, although our two managed really well (we go hiking most weekends, so they're used to it). Definitely an adventure! Well recommended!