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Hell Hole Falls in Bundjalung Country (New South Wales)
18 May, 2019
3.8km return
2 hrs
Thoroughly enjoyed this walk with my husband and 7 year old son. Definitely wouldn't have found the place without the instructions on this site, so thanks for that!
We ended up following the road all the way down to Sand Ridge Road on the left, although on the way back we took the little trail that others have mentioned having pink ribbons, although we only saw one ribbon and that was on the way back. Obviously the path less taken! Enjoyed it though. Got the heart going on the way up the steep section, but once it levelled out and we'd made it back to the road, the rest of the walk up to the car was easy.
The walk down the creek was fun. Rocks were a bit slippery and I did land on my butt at one point (I've got to stop doing that! haha, wasn't the first time a slippery rock has gotten the better of me). The rock pools were stunning, although the water was too cold to swim! There's a good amount of water flowing down at the moment, so a lovely time to visit.
We managed the walk fairly easily, even with the uphill parts, but then we do go walking most weekends at this time of year and I'd say our fitness level is moderate / active. My 7 year old set a great pace uphill (husband and I struggle to keep up with him sometimes!), although I think if we'd taken our 9 y/o as well she might've struggled on the uphills a bit (she's not quite as enthusiastic a bushwalker as her brother). So it was a good walk to do while she's away for the weekend (haha).
Araucaria Falls (Main Range National Park)
12 May, 2019
3.6km return
90 mins
Did this walk today with our 7 and 9 year olds, and really enjoyed it! Went on a bit of a detour on our way (make sure you follow the advice above and don't rely on google maps!! Positive was we got to see more of the countryside than we'd anticipated).
The last creek crossing, just after Kurrajong Picnic area, was passable in our little Hyundai i30, although I certainly wouldn't want to attempt it any time after it'd been raining!
The walk itself is easy to follow, a little steep in spots, although no problem for us today as it obviously hasn't rained recently. It was a perfect length for the kids, they managed really well (even the steep sections on the way back up), and exploring the falls was definitely the highlight for us all.
We plan to head out another day and do some more exploring! With the detour on the way there, we sadly ran out of time, but we all agreed it would definitely be worth another visit!
Browns Falls (Queensland)
5 May, 2019
1.2km return
1 hr
Amazing walk with our 7 and 9 year olds. We had a lot of fun rock hopping and stream crossing our way to the base of the Falls. Difficult to spot the markers at times, but it's pretty easy to figure out - basically just follow the stream.
We did this bushwalk after Queen Mary Falls, which I felt was a great way to do it - the kids (and us) found Brown's Falls much more interesting and exciting.
Both kids ended up brushing against stinging nettle, so just keep a look out! Fortunately it didn't spoil the rest of the walk and they both said afterwards that they'd love to come back and do the walk again, which is definitely saying something!!
Cliff Circuit (New South Wales)
5 May, 2019
400m return
30 mins
Queen Mary Falls Circuit (Main Range National Park)
5 May, 2019
2km return
45 mins
Nice easy walk with our 7 and 9 year olds. We did the circuit in anti-clockwise direction (forgetting the advice to walk clockwise), so ended up going up all the steps on the way back up, but we found this relatively easy going (and the kids didn't even complain! Unlike them....). If you're relatively fit and active, it wouldn't make much difference whether you walk clockwise or anti-clockwise. Perhaps if you had younger children, they'd find it easier going clockwise.
Daves Creek Circuit (Binna Burra)
25 Apr, 2019
12km return
4 hrs
Completed this walk with my husband and two kids (7 and 9 year olds). It took us around 4.5 hours all up, taking it at a very leisurely pace and many pit stops along the way. The kids struggled a bit towards the end, and needed a lot of encouragement and peptalks along the last 2-3km, but we made it!
Track was quite muddy with all the recent rain, particularly along the section of Border Track that you have to walk until it branches off. The path along the clay cliffs were quite slippery and wet in spots too, although fortunately we all managed to stay upright (and by "we" I mean me, as I'm the most likely out of the 4 of us to land on my butt... speaking from experience!).
The variety in vegetation along Daves Creek Circuit is amazing and was definitely a highlight. There was also a huge variety of fungi, many different colours and shapes and sizes.
We saw a couple of little pademelons bouncing through the forest, and spotted a number of little birds flitting about, and heard many more. No snake sightings for us today, although there are plenty of snake friendly hiding spots along the way, especially when you reach the scrubby bushland along the cliffs. Maybe we just weren't looking hard enough. Other than that, my husband picked up a leech along the way, although we didn't notice until afterwards when he had blood running down his leg.
All in all, I thought this walk was fantastic and would definitely do it again (not sure the kids will jump at the chance to go again, they found it slightly too long).
Morans Falls (Lamington National Park)
21 Apr, 2019
4.4km return
90 mins
Mt Cordeaux (Main Range National Park)
13 Apr, 2019
2.5 hrs
My husband and I and our kids (7 and 9) hiked up Mount Cordeaux yesterday afternoon. It was an absolutely amazing walk with incredible views! Well worth the hike.
The majority of the track is through the rainforest, an easy track to follow with a gentle upward gradient and steps every now and then. Nothing too difficult or strenuous, other than the distance.
It took us around 1.5 hours up (with quite a few rest breaks for the kids), and around an hour back. Saw a few snakes, a massive earthworm as thick as my fingers, and picked up a leech on the way back (icky!!).
Lovely walk, I would definitely recommend it and I hope to be able to do it again soon.
Python Rock (Lamington National Park)
7 Apr, 2019
3.4km return
1 hr
Enjoyable little walk through the rainforest and stunning views from the lookout. Lovely view of Moran's Falls and Castle Crag directly opposite.
The track is relatively flat, easy to follow, and well maintained.
We saw a couple of land mullets sunning themselves just beside the track, and also the tail end of a snake as it slithered under a log.
A large fallen tree about halfway along the track provided some interesting exploring, with all kinds of mushrooms and fungus growing on and around the tree. This is also where we spotted the snake on the way back, so just be wary.
We have previously walked to Moran's Falls lookout with our two kids (7 and 9), but doing both tracks would be at once would make for a lovely outing. We had just left it too late on our previous visit to fit in both walks.
Twin Falls Circuit (Springbrook National Park)
31 Mar, 2019
90 mins
Both falls flowing after all the rain we've had recently. Very popular spot, best to go early in the morning to avoid the crowds.