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Witches Chase (Tamborine National Park)
9 Mar, 2019
2.7km return
90 mins
Enjoyable walk to the Witches Falls via Witches Chase. I walked this with my 7 and 9 year olds this afternoon and it took us 90 minutes, which included a number of stops along the way.
There is a carpark at the corner of Witches Chase and Colville Drive, which is not so well signposted, but you walk down a dirt track until you come to the Tamborine National Park sign, and go from there.
There are some lovely views through the trees at the start of the track. You wind your way down the side of the mountain into the lush subtropical forest below. There's a section of boulders along the track, which makes for some fun rock hopping and gives the walk a little more interest. There are some impressively large boulders and trees through the forest until you reach the waterfall.
The waterfall itself only had a trickle of water and wasn't anything greatly impressive to look at; however there is a lovely view from the lookout platform.
From the waterfall, you can continue on to do the Witches Circuit, although as we had previously walked the Circuit before and it was late afternoon, we headed back along Witches Chase.
Rainforest Rail Trail (New South Wales)
13 Jan, 2019
5km return
2 hrs
A really interesting enjoyable walk with our 7 and 9 year olds today. We were able to find it pretty easily thanks to the photo someone posted of the bridge and arrow pointing to the steps opposite (Thank you!)
The track is really overgrown in places, and we spotted a snake in the grass on the side of the track, which fortunately slithered away really fast. We saw bats in the tunnel, but unfortunately no glow worms. We also saw a lot of butterflies and insects and skinks along the track, which was great for keeping the kids interest.
There's quite a lot of bush coverage along the track, so you're mostly walking in the shade, but there are a few sunny spots, so take a hat and sunscreen (and good walking shoes).
All in all a fun outing. It took us 1 hour 40 minutes, we walked halfway along the tunnel and back again. Total distance 7km.
Caves Circuit (Binna Burra)
4 Jan, 2019
5.2km return
90 mins
We did this track with our 7 and 9 year olds, and it was a really enjoyable walk. Plenty of things to keep the kids interested along the way - so many beautiful views, such a variety of different vegetation (mind the Gympie Gympie), we heard a Green Cat Bird, saw a pademelon, spotted plenty of skinks and butterflies, AND of course, the caves. We walked from the Information Centre and finished at the Lodge, then walked down the road to the car. It took us 2 hours with plenty of stops along the way for the kids.
Booyong Walk (Treetop Walk) (Queensland)
30 Dec, 2018
800m return
30 mins
Nice short little walk, really enjoyable for younger children.
Didn't see so many birds, as it was quite busy when we went, but heard a Green Cat Bird and a few other birds.
The kids enjoyed wandering through the Mountain Garden, worth exploring while you're there. Saw some butterflies and lots of lovely flowers.
Warrie Circuit (Springbrook National Park)
1 Oct, 2018
17km return
5.5 hrs
Table Top Circuit (Toowoomba)
29 Sep, 2018
2km return
75 mins
A challenging hike for my husband and I (relatively inexperienced when it comes to climbing mountains, although we regularly do bushwalks with flatter terrain). The views from the top made it worth while, and there was enough wind to fly a kite.
The initial section of the walk was steep and difficult clambering up the large rocks. We set out at 10am, but it was already quite hot and the lack of breeze made the climb over the Camel hump quite a struggle. Once we got to the main section of the climb, the breeze was amazing. The rest of the climb was slightly less of a challenge, although the rocks were smaller than at the start of the walk so it was slightly easier going - having said that, the smaller rocks were loose and if you're not confident on your feet it can get a little slippery in spots.
360 degree views at the top made the climb worthwhile, and we were able to have a bite to eat before heading down. No shade up top however, so make sure you take the sunscreen.
It was certainly an amazing feeling having completed this climb, and we've made it our goal to go again.
Morans Falls (Lamington National Park)
23 Sep, 2018
4.4km return
90 mins
Beautiful walk. The scenery and views are amazing. The walk is easy going, nothing too strenuous. Our 7 and 8 year olds managed well and we completed the walk in 90 minutes, including time to explore the falls and take photos.
Make sure you take some warm layers of clothing with you, as it's pretty cool underneath the trees and it's generally a few degrees cooler at O'Reilly's than down on the coast.
One of the better waterfalls we've visited - well worth it!
Sandy Creek Circuit (Tamborine National Park)
16 Sep, 2018
2.7km return
75 mins
Witches Falls (Tamborine National Park)
31 Aug, 2018
3.4km return
75 mins
A pleasant walk, completed the circuit in just over an hour with our 7 and 8 year olds. There was only a small amount of water going over the falls, but the view from the lookout across the valley is quite beautiful. Lots of birds singing as we meandered through the forest, and some amazing trees along the way. There are a number of steep-ish sections and rocky steps, and the kids needed a couple of rest-stops on the way back up to the carpark, but for someone who is not super fit, I found the walk relatively easy-going. Definitely a worth while track to walk.
Lower Bellbird Circuit (Lamington National Park)
13 Aug, 2018
12km return
3 hrs
We did this walk with our 7 and 8 year olds. I would recommend parking your car at the Information Centre and walking down the road to the start of the track so that when you reach the end of the track (up near the Teahouse) you walk down the road to your car, instead of uphill. The majority of the Lower Bellbird track is a gentle gradient with a few steps in places, but otherwise an easy, pleasant walk. If walking with kids, take special care of the track in places where the cliff drops away sharply (there are warning signs along the way).
We detoured to check out the Lower Ballanjui Falls, which added an extra 3km on the 12km for the Lower Bellbird Circuit. Very pretty, although if you've seen Purling Brook or Twin Falls, it doesn't compare. In hindsight, with kids in tow, we could've missed the Falls and still enjoyed the remainder of the walk.
It is well worth stopping at the Yangahla Lookout, although again, please take extra care - the lookout juts out over a sheer cliff drop, no safety rails, and it's a long way up. The views are absolutely breathtaking. The "cave" - or overhanging rock face, provided a nice resting spot on the way back. All in all a really enjoyable walk. Amazing views. The vegetation is beautiful and changes as you descend/ascend down/up the side of the valley. It took us 4 and a half hours altogether with the detour to Lower Ballanjui Falls and many rest stops along the way (it would take less time without kids in tow).