Araucaria Lookout

Lamington National Park

An awesome but seldom visited lookout offering near 360 degree views along the Numinbah Valley.

Araucaria Lookout is named after the hoop pines Araucaria cunninghamii, which can be viewed from the lookout. These hoop pine communities are a living representative of the Jurassic Age (the age of the conifers) of about 180 million years ago.

At 18km return it's a long walk but on graded tracks so there are no navigational issues or bush bashing to worry about. There are a few ups and downs to contend with but nothing really steep or nasty. Allow 5-6 hours at a steady pace including time to enjoy the views.

Bird Watching
Maximum Elevation
Total Climb

Getting there

Park at the end of Binna Burra Rd, BINNA BURRA QLD.


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Route/Trail notes

The walk is fairly well signed.  See attached GPS for further guidance.



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Lovely hike, 5 hours return including breaks, view was magnificent, the walk is very shaded and you don’t see much except for the three lookout spots.

Did see a red belly in the sun, and dingoes are around the area so travelling solo is not advised.

Map marks are clear and elevation makes it a brisk walk with limited stops

Arthur on 12 Oct, 2023

Not a challenging walk. Very well-marked. However it was very boggy with lots of resident leeches. Views from the second lookout were obscured when the sunshine disappeared and rain came over (not showers as predicted). Lots to see regardless.

BalticAussie on 15 Apr, 2022

Really loved this one for the amazing orchid bower, like a fairy wonderland and Arucaria lookout also provided some spectacular views. Some decent tree falls since the wild wind recently that were easy enough to get over or around.

Jimcar on 20 Jul, 2021

Completed along with Coomera Circuit, as Araucaria Track branches off Border Track on the way back to Binna Burra. 25km in total.
Worth the detour out to the lookouts, beautiful views from both Orchid Bower and Araucaria lookouts.
There are still quite a number of trees blocking the track in parts, which are fairly easy to navigate over, under or around.
As somebody else commented, watch out for the wait-a-while vine, I ended up with a few decent scratches on my arms... not nice! Definitely keep an eye out for those buggers and avoid if possible!
Will definitely do again when the orchids are in bloom.

Sarah on 19 Jun, 2021

This was a good walk to do after rain as it does not go down to any creeks. The trail itself is lovely along the Border Track and easy to navigate off to Araucaria lookout after that. Like others have said, there are a few fallen trees that are relatively easy to climb over or walk around. The lookout is magnificent - be sure to climb up from the lookout sign and nest yourself there for a bit to take in the view. You can sit under tree cover for some shade. I also particularly liked the Orchid Bower lookout. Easily one of my favourite hikes!

Anonymous on 12 Apr, 2021

First experience with leeches.

Sally on 7 Mar, 2021

We walked this track after the Coomera circuit and had t had lunch yet so decided to take the side track to the lookout. We counted 5 large trees down, some of which were difficult to pass for is. It’ll you’re a young agile person you’ll have no trouble but we’re not. The first one is the worst though so if you can get past that you’ll be right. The orchids are in flower right now at the orchid bower on the way but they have finished flowering at the lookout itself.

Ian and Sue on 17 Oct, 2020

Decent year for king orchids. I estimate they will open up by the weekend. Do not wear your new hiking shirt, the wait-a-while palms recovered well during last year and will rip it to pieces. A few fallen tees on the Part off the border track.

Wanderlust on 1 Sep, 2020

Once off the border track section, certain parts get narrow with and soft, be careful, there was a lot of big trees down across the track which required backpacks to come off to be able to get through and also a lot of waitawhiles hanging down on to the track

Rock Wallaby on 25 Aug, 2019

A long but moderate walk within Lamington National Park. Some parts can be slippery but generally not too bad. Ends in with a beautiful view both north and south across the tweed valley. Took about 6 hours including stops.

Troy on 20 Sep, 2018

Fantastic walk, especially loved the Orchid Bower. A walk I'll redo again for sure.

petalani on 12 Aug, 2017

If you love panoramic views then this walk is for you. The track was a bit muddy due to the light rain the previous day. The path is a little overgrown in sections and I did see two snakes, definitely wear long pants for this one. Once the track splits from the Border Track the amount of traffic decreases significantly. The Border Track feeds most of the other tracks in the area so the traffic is a lot higher which reduces the chances to see wildlife, because of this it can be a bit of a slog. Despite this, the Orchid Bower and Araucaria lookouts were amazing and well worth the journey.

rob.bushman on 8 Jan, 2017

a few years ago i was told i should have a look at this one and today i did. i was a great walk. i wonder where the name comes from however as ther was zero hoop pines to be seen from the lookout. the track norows and gets a little hairy when you get on the araucaria section. on rhe way oit i passed a good section of antartic beech trees dropping some leaves and was serenaded by at least 6 different liar birds(also from the lookout they were replying to each other). you get a real feel for and view of the ridge lines in the area and an almost 360 degree view to finish. Most of the western view includes the border track ridge to the NW and Mt hobwee to the SW. Also a great perspective of the numinbah valley and across to Springbrook repeater station area. Mt warning was also visible today.

Joshua on 27 Jun, 2016

Good walk,takes about 5 or so hours at a moderate pace.Views to the south from the lookout are very nice. It stated raining just after we began heading back to Binna Burra which made the forest feel very mystical on the drenched(even with a rain coat) return trip.

Bribie 61 on 15 Jul, 2015

This walk has some fantastic views! The last 1.5km to the top gets a little tough but reaching the lookout made it a pretty special event.

Dianne on 29 Jun, 2015

Very nice walk. If you have a full day, then this walk is great.

Philos on Jun, 2014


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