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The Cream Track (Springbrook National Park)
3 Nov, 2019
6km one-way
3 hrs
From Talle up to Springbrook and return.
Long constant slog upwards, but heaps of places to stop and take photos of the forest and one section of the surrounding Mountains. No phone signal at the start or parts of the track so if you are planning on using your phone to track and guide you, make sure to down load the map before you leaved home, i didn't :(
3 hrs 20 mins return, 2 hrs up and 1 hr 20 mins down (in a hurry down)
Pages Pinnacle (Queensland)
31 Oct, 2019
6.7km return
2.5 hrs
Did it today for the first time, solo. Steep walk to get to the rocky section that had me huffing and puffing. It was windy and semi cloudy which kept the temps down but made it slightly harder to scramble but still not too scary. I loved it. Total moving time was 1 hr 43 mins with a look at the water on my return and over shooting the engraved tree sign.
Twin Falls Circuit (Springbrook National Park)
23 Oct, 2019
90 mins
Springbrook Pinnacle (Springbrook National Park)
19 Oct, 2019
20km return
7 hrs
We did the pinnacle via Mount Fairview and onto the Pinnacle. This was a good work out with some overgrown sections coming up to the Pinnacle. Loved it and the 360 degree views at the top are awesome.
Stinson Crash Site from Christmas Creek (Queensland)
13 Oct, 2019
15km return
8 hrs
Westray's Grave from Christmas Creek (Lamington National Park)
13 Oct, 2019
6.5km return
4 hrs
Slight detour off the Stinson wreck track. Must do if you are doing the wreck.
Wulkaraka to Fernvale - Part of BVRT (Queensland)
8 Sep, 2019
20km one-way
5 hrs
Day 1 of 8 with 19kg on my back for my solo attack on the entire BVRT.
Perfect time of year to attempt this walk, i wouldn't want to try it much later in the year
Lower Ballanjui Falls (Queensland)
4 Sep, 2019
11km return
4 hrs
First of the hot days for this summer and we came across a 2 meter Red Belly Black snake sunning itself on the path. after a min it slithered off and let us pass.
Little Bally Mountain and Bally Mountain (Queensland)
31 Aug, 2019
6.4km return
4 hrs
Araucaria Lookout (Binna Burra)
25 Aug, 2019
17.8km return
6 hrs
Once off the border track section, certain parts get narrow with and soft, be careful, there was a lot of big trees down across the track which required backpacks to come off to be able to get through and also a lot of waitawhiles hanging down on to the track