Bally Mountain

Gold Coast

Ascend Bally Mountain in the Gold Coast Hinterland.

Scrambling or Climbing
Maximum Elevation
Total Climb

As with all bushwalking you should aim to "Take only photos, leave only footprints". Please take care in this area and help to reduce the environmental impact. 

Often this is promoted as a loop walk which includes Little Bally Mountain. This loop traverses private property and must not be walked. Permission has not been granted by the property owners to cross their land.


Absolutely AWESOME. The 320 degree view of the coast line and the hills is stunning.
It’s like being on top of the world!
One of my favourite walks.
We did the 6km return trip in just under 2hrs

Em on 19 Nov, 2022

The views at the top are beautiful. Definitely worth the uphill climb. You can see all the way to the coast one way, & look out over valleys & mountains the other way.
I did the 6km out-and-back trail to the summit. It starts out with a wide fire trail, then once you cross the creek (which I almost missed) you start the uphill climb on narrower trails which are washed out & rocky for the most part.
Near the top there is a small rock scramble but nothing too difficult. Amazing views & not very busy at all.
At a steady pace, it took about 1.5 hours going up & less than 1 hour coming back down.

Suz on 6 Nov, 2022

Completed this as the clockwise loop.

Woody on 27 Aug, 2022

Continued on to Mt. Gannon after summiting Bally

trowland on 29 May, 2022

This is now a full loop, the trail splits at a sign about 100m from the parking circle. The anticlockwise (western) half to the peak is a newer path and considerably easier than the more rugged and overgrown clockwise (eastern) half. The eastern half also takes longer to complete and includes some scrambling over minor rock ridges.

If you do ascend from the western approach you’ll initially follow a fire trail the better part of a kilometre before the ascent starts from a marked trail on your left. Just before you get there the path turns squarely towards the peak so you can get a good look at it - and also be able to note how much you’ll be ascending in a comparatively short distance!

It’s a good fun mountain to walk with steep but navigable trails. There’s some minor scrambling along the east side of the peak and a few sections of path at the top were a little overgrown, but navigation was easy and obvious the whole way along. The views from the top are also excellent.

MDWL on 21 Apr, 2021

Walked with Tys.
Easy walk for 300m then pretty Relentlessly Steep All the way to top. Took 1hr 15 mins to the top.Good for the lungs!
Sensational 320° views over surfers, straddie, Cooly and Mt Warning 👌🏽 Stayed probably 45mins for a snack and drank in the Spectacular views. Walked back down the same way which took 50mins.
We were walking quite quickly but had to be careful as it’s
A bit Slippery with small stones and gravel in places. Definitely will do again.

Nick Koff on 18 Aug, 2020

Its a pretty walk however the guidance from qld government is The trail to the summit of Bally Mountain is an informal out of service fire trail and is not part of our promoted trail network. It is currently closed. We are currently exploring the possibility of formalising this as a recreational trail. To ensure all elements of the walk are safe, we must conduct a risk assessment. During this process the trail will be closed and signage will be in place. We have made this assessment a priority.

Check the website

Also watch out for private properties

David Scog on 31 May, 2020

Probably the most challenging hike to date just due to my terrible fitness and the relentless steep incline to summit was actually a relief to do a bit of scrambling to get up to the peak.

Best views I've seen so far

Korina Meagher on 1 Jan, 2020

Did the anticlockwise track up Bally Mtn. Was surprised at how easy the track is to follow even though there are no signs. You stay on the main track/road which veers right then uphill and back down till you reach the creek. Here you should see a trail on the other side of the creek which is marked by a pile of rocks in the centre of the creek bed. You simply follow this well-defined track all the way to the top of Bally Mtn where you can enjoy some fantastic views of the Gold Coast and the surrounding countryside.We came down a third path which goes down the centre of the mountain. This track is very steep and slippery. It's marked with pink ribbons in places and eventually comes out in a paddock which is part of the Conservation area. You'll also see a house nearby.

Jeff on 9 Jun, 2019

Walked this via the recommended route in the description from the end of Bonogin Road. The area reminded me a bit of the Spring Mountain reserve only a bit steeper with a better view from the top. The view was sensational, could see Surfers Paradise, Coolangatta, Mt Cougal, Mt Warning from the top of Bally Mountain. Like Spring Mountain there is a labyrinth of different tracks around so was definitely nice to have a GPS to make sure I didn't wander off onto one of the more protected areas.

Vonsnrub on 18 Apr, 2019

You can’t ‘tick’ this walk without a tick or two. Another enjoyable walk but check yourself - so many ticks!

Juiced Pixels on 9 Dec, 2018

A lot harder than I remember, but still one of favs! Best done in the cooler months!

Sally on 17 Nov, 2018

Great hike
Very steep for the first section
But worth it for the view
Took ya 2 hours return and we stopped for heaps of pics along the way

Kirst on 28 Oct, 2018

Another enjoyable walk to Bally Mountain. Since last time there are new signs and barriers stopping hikers going to the top of little Bally mountain - instead you head down and across to Bally from near the abandoned farm house.
Great views from the top on a clear day

Juiced Pixels on 9 Sep, 2018

Such a fun mountain to hike, sometimes hard to find the track but stick to the directions and it's all part of the adventure! Great views all the way to the coast!! You also pass an old shack !

Emmalea on 12 Aug, 2018

Great walk for winter. Took less than 4 hours with lunch.
Fantastic views from Bally Mountain.

KGoldie on 22 Jul, 2018

Another hike up - this time with my old man so up and back via the well defined track to the west - great views - hiking group of about 20 people at the top. Found 3 ticks - make sure you check yourself!

Juiced Pixels on 30 Jun, 2018

Good walk, took me about half the time it says. It was a really clear day so had great views right over to the coast.

Bec on 12 Jun, 2018

Great walk. Arrived 8:30 on a sat morning to find carpark full (20ish cars) and I was thinking it would be packed. Didn’t see a single person and getting back carpark was empty - weird.

I went up to little Bally first as per a wikiloc map - I found there was a pretty easy to follow path up by crossing the creek after the grassy area - didn’t cross the grassy area.

The ridge between little Bally and Bally was the best part - fantastic views. The only hard part was after the ridge going up Bally it was mostly dry dusty dirt with little to hold on to which made it challenging.

The views from the top are 💯- it was a clear day and I could see the whole gold coast and south west to Springbrook, Cougal and Warning

Coming down I followed the longer well defined track to the west which joins up to a fire trail

Juiced Pixels on 2 Jun, 2018

Totally out of my comfort zone on the Razorback ridges, but I nailed it! Apart from that it's not too difficult. We had some rain so it was very slippery.
Thanks to our host for an awesome hike! :)

Sally on 30 Mar, 2018


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