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Manoa Falls (Overseas)
5 Jan, 2019
3km return
1 hr
Absolutely loved this track. The landscape is beautiful and quite different to Australia.
Coolum Beach to Noosa Heads (Queensland)
15 Dec, 2018
28.4km one-way
5.11 hrs
We were very disappointed with this walk and couldn’t recommend it. The Aunshine Coast has signs along the coast for a great walk which goes from South of Caloundra to Noosa. Its over 90km. We’ve been dong this walk in stages since we first saw the signs. However we don’t believe that all sections of the path are completed and there doesn’t appear to be signage in parts. We couldn’t figure out where to start this walk from the instructions but we have already walked as far as Point Arkwright so we started there. The first 900m was nice along a sandy track. After that though most of the way was along the main road. In some places there wasn’t even a path. There is a nice section beyond Marcus Beach. We ended our walk at Noosa Jumction which is a bus terminal and caught the 620 bus back the the Point Arkwright bus stop. We then walked back along the first part of the track to where our car was parked at the beginning. It would be good if some locals could enter some clearer directions. We did our best to follow the instructions given but found it quite difficult in places. Having said that we had a fun adventure and walked 20.4km in total.
Sheep Station Creek Conservation Park (Queensland)
14 Dec, 2018
4.4km return
1 hr
Fairly easy walk. It had been raining a little bit we had no problem with the wet.
Palm Beach Parklands (Queensland)
10 Nov, 2018
Very Easy
3.5km return
1 hr
Nice walk. We really enjoyed the boardwalk over the water. It was high tide when we walked and the water was crystal clear. We could even see fish swimming underneath.
Piper Comanche Wreck (Queensland)
18 Aug, 2018
7.5km return
3 hrs
Great walk. Thanks to the people who have given such clear instruction previously on this walk. It really helped. A lot of the walk is easy to follow but some parts are trickier. Se found ourselves off the track a few times. We just backtracked and looked for pink ribbons. In e you start seeing the ribbons so long as you follow them you should be right. If you think you’re on the track but it prayers out and you can’t see any ribbons you’re probably off the track. It seemed like many had done the same thing before us. A highlight was seeing an echidna.
Cedar Creek Falls (Tamborine National Park)
24 Jul, 2018
1.3km return
45 mins
Good path with some steps. Really nice at the bottom though the lookout at the top is a bit disappointing as the falls are obstructed by a tree.
Fingal Head Lighthouse Walk (New South Wales)
1 Jun, 2018
Very Easy
1km return
30 mins
Pretty little spot. Big crashing waves. Easy walk.
Gray Mare’s Tale Waterfall (Tasmania)
10 Jan, 2018
300m one-way
10 mins
Unfortunately the waterfall was all but dry today. You could hear just the slightest trickle.
South Sister (Tasmania)
10 Jan, 2018
700m one-way
30 mins
Information about this track was unclear on other sites. We started walking up the road before we realized that it couldn’t be the track and took our 4wd up. The road isn’t as rough in the middle section but at the top it is so bad that we damaged the running board on our 4wd. Definitely don’t take a conventional vehicle up here. The views from the top are amazing.
Wineglass Bay/Hazards Beach Circuit (Tasmania)
9 Jan, 2018
11.5km return
4 hrs
This was a great coastal walk. While this track is longer than returning from Wineglass Bay via the same route, it is much easier due to the large number of steps that need to be ascended on the way back. Though the path should be easy to follow, we did lose it at one point by following a path it looked like others had taken. We soon found ourselves wondering which way to go next - a sure sign that we were off the track. We retraced ourselves and were surprised at how clear the real track was. We must have stepped over a branch that should have said "This is not the way".