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Mahogany Trail

It was way too hot for doing this walk today. We were so grateful for the cafe at the Summit to pick up an ice block and cold drink. We took the Summit Trail on the way back.

Ian and Sue on 21 Jan, 2017

Mt. Coot-tha Summit Track

I found it hard to believe that there might be water bubblers along this track, but there they were. Fantastic! The bottom section is quite a bit like a walk through a park. Very nice I might add. However, further along it is more like a bush walk with a good path. It was a hot day, and so maybe not as many people as on other weekends, but we did still see a few.

Ian and Sue on 21 Jan, 2017

Aboriginal Artwork Track

Not a bad walk, though there really wasn't much artwork to see. There are a few interpretive signs, but they are quite small and easy to miss. The creek wasn't running, but still pretty enough.

Ian and Sue on 21 Jan, 2017

MacDonald Rainforest

We came here to do an easy walk and escape some of the heat. It was a little cooler than where we had come from and not too busy. I think everyone was doing the walks with creeks or falls. We only saw one other family. The picaneen forest is really nice.

Ian and Sue on 14 Jan, 2017

Helmholtsia Loop

This was a really picturesque walk. We would have loved to continue following the Brindle Creek Walk, but ran out of time.

Ian and Sue on 12 Jan, 2017

Red Cedar Loop

This is a nice walk, though we enjoyed the Helmholtsia Walk more.

Ian and Sue on 12 Jan, 2017

Pinnacle walk and lookout

We set off for this walk in the car from the Forest Tops Camping Area with a nice clear sky, did tow short walks along the way and had breakfast. Before we knew it, the clouds were rolling in, and we finished the drive in the cloud, needless to say, we didn't get much of a view. However, from the sign on the lookout it seems that this would be a fantastic view on a clear day. Hopefully we'll come by this way again some time.

Ian and Sue on 12 Jan, 2017

Border Loop Walk

We were so busy looking at the strangler fig we didn't raven realise that the track had divided until it brough us back again to the same place. There are a lot of name plates on the trees and even some vines.

Ian and Sue on 12 Jan, 2017

Booyong Walk

We walked from Forest Tops and then back again. You don't notice how far you're going down until you'r climbing back up. The part along the unused roadway is quite overgrown. Walking early in the morning our shoes got wet through, though it was dry when we returned. In a lot of places the path is quite uneven with lots of roots along the path.

Ian and Sue on 11 Jan, 2017

Rosewood Loop

We accessed this track by walking from the Forest Tops National Park, making it quite a long walk. The track didn't look very frequently used. We saw a goanna along the way that definitely wasn't used to people. I don't know who got the biggest fright.

Ian and Sue on 11 Jan, 2017
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