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Mt Blaine Summit Trail (Ipswich - Flinders Goolman Conservation Estate)
10 Aug, 2018
2.5km return
90 mins
Great steep walk which I did twice in the last week. The loop walk from Flinders Plum picnic area return (4.5 km total) took me 3 hours the first time but only 1.5 hrs the second (travelling reasonably quickly). The first and last sections of the trail are on well maintained 4WD tracks. The Mt Blaine trail itself is a narrow foot trail over rough terrain with some scrambling (and slipping). I recorded the route on Wikiloc the second time as I lost the trail twice the first time I did it. At the barbed wire fence the foot trail commences running parallel to the fence on the right. If doing the loop walk, depart from the summit down the east side. The trail becomes obvious 5 metres down.
Border Track (Lamington National Park)
27 May, 2018
7 hrs
We only walked O’Reilleys to Mt Bithongabel/Toolona Lookout along the border track return. 12.5 km and 4.5 hrs.
Antarctic beeches amazing, very gradual ascent along trail, great walk.
Gold Creek Reservoir (South East Queensland)
7 May, 2018
5.5km return
2 hrs
Walking clockwise the first 20 minutes has some pleasant views of the reservoir but the majority of the narrow trail is through closed scrub with a reasonable amount of lantana. Signage is limited/non-existent and there are a number of trail branchings so Wikiloc came in handy for navigating. I'd rate this as more of an ok exercise walk rather than something to seek out.
Goolman Lookout via Rocky Knoll (Ipswich - Flinders Goolman Conservation Estate)
25 Apr, 2018
2 hrs
Pleasant 2 hour loop walk on nice wide, well maintained trail. Some elevation change but fairly easy compared to nearby Flinders Peak.
Mt Barney - East Peak - Up South-East - Down South (Mt Barney National Park)
12 Aug, 2017
Very Hard
15km return
10 hrs
We loved this walk but found it very hard and as such have labelled it Brokeback Barney. We went up boys and came back men. SE Ridge has a lot more views and interesting rock features than Peasants. SE ridge felt like 3 hours walking up very steep, uneven stairs, then some hairy climbs, not for folk with heights issues. Peasants was more in forest, still steep but no exposed climbs. We used the Wikiloc app to check our location a few times - very handy app, try it out. It costs a couple of bucks to access other peoples plotted trails. I drank about 3.5 litres of water.

0645 start Yellow pinch
0730 start SE ridge track
1045 summit
1115 depart summit
1215 Rum jungle
1415 finished Peasants track
1420 walked past start of SE ridge track
1505 finish
Total - 8 hr 20 min
Mount May (Mt Barney National Park)
30 Jul, 2017
9km return
5.5 hrs
Energetic 4 hour walk with some scrambling, quite steep and faint trail in parts. Great views from south summit including to Mt Barney. To do the walk clockwise (recommended) start from waterfall creek reserve camp ground and walk up the rock face to the left of the 4WD track. The SES were searching for 3 hikers lost overnight when we arrived, thankfully found by the time we finished the walk.
Flinders Peak (Ipswich - Flinders Goolman Conservation Estate)
18 Jun, 2017
6.5km return
3.5 hrs
Great walk. It took us 1 hour 50 minutes to reach the summit. We met a lass who powered up the peak in an hour extreme hiker! My companion Gus was shattered and declared this walk to be the hardest we have done so far. Others so far have been Mt Maroon, Mt Edwards, Mt Greville, Mt Mathieson and Somerset trail walk. I think he's a bit soft but anyway, can't choose your friends...no hang on, can't choose your family...oh well, choice is always something to consider.
Mt. Mathieson Circuit (Main Range National Park)
28 May, 2017
3 hrs
Nice walk, 3.5 hr return. Track getting to the start of the track is a bit rough in parts but 2wd car did ok.
Somerset Trail (D'Aguilar National Park)
20 May, 2017
13km return
3 hrs
Pleasant 4 hr return loop with some atmospheric mist that unfortunately was mainly
concentrated on the edge of the escarpment blocking any views to the west.
Mt Greville (Moogerah Peaks National Park)
6 May, 2017
6km return
3 hrs
A superb half day walk with great landscape diversity and views up Waterfall Gorge and return via the ridge track.
Zero time: departed carpark for Waterfall Gorge route
1.15: arrived top of Waterfall Gorge
1.25: arrived rock outcrop lookout (with amazing views over Lake Moogerah and scenic rock bluffs)
1.35: departed lookout
2.05: arrived at track junction (main track coming up from Palm Gorge and ridge trail)
2.10: arrived at summit (to the left and right of the rock cairn are good places to sit and admire views in different directions)
2.35: departed summit
3.05: arrived at branch track to Palm Gorge/Ridge walk
4.10: arrived at car park
A few additional notes:
The walk involves a bit of scrambling, there is limited signage and the trail becomes faint at times.
About half way up Waterfall Gorge there is a small (dry) waterfall. The first time I did this walk I climbed up the RHS using a tree route growing beside the rock, then climbed up another slightly tricky smooth rock section. To avoid this climb, there is an easy path around the falls on the left.
Just prior (maybe 50 meters) to arriving at the first lookout above Waterfall Gorge, a faint trail splits off to the left. This is the route to take for the main summit. Follow the small trail up to the nearby main mountain cliff base, turn left, and follow a faint trail hugging the cliff base around until you rejoin the main trail just below the summit.
We met a lady walking alone up the ridge trail who thought she was doing the walk for a second time, but doing a different route this time. The first time she did the walk she said she departed from the Lake Moogerah dam wall. We let her know that was actually Mt Edwards :)
Mount Edwards (Moogerah Peaks National Park)
1 May, 2017
6km return
3 hrs
Nice 3 hr return walk on a busy trail.
Mt Maroon (Mt Barney National Park)
2 Jul, 2016
6km return
5 hrs
Great 3 hour return walk. One steep section involves a bit of easy climbing up a natural chute.