A hike to the summit of Cradle Mountain. I would recommend staying at the mountain, as most accomodation is quite a distance from the visitors centre. The visitors centre opens at 8am, the first shuttle bus to the starting point leaves at 8:15 and the last return bus leaves at 6pm. No cars can drive to the lake at present inside these hours and if you miss the last bus it is about another 3 hour walk out so keep this in mind. If you do drive down before 8am, you can drive back inside these hours but you need to follow one of the busses as they are in radio contact with each other on the narrow one lane road. Personally I would recommend doing the loop via Hansons Peak and returning via Marrion's Lookout, in my opinion it is much better and less travelled, probably because it is a little longer and also because most walkers doing the Overland Track go via Marrion's. Amazing views the whole way and lots of options if you want to make the walk a little longer. Highly recommended, the best walk I have ever done.

Maximum Elevation
Total Climb

Getting there

Dove Lake car park. 


You don't need a map for this walk. However, you can purchase one from the visitor centre.

Route/Trail notes

Starting from the overland track starting point, either at Waldheim car park, Ronny Creek car park or Dove Lake car park.

First check point is Marion's Lookout, following the signs along the way on the eastern side of Dove Lake. 

From Marion's Lookout following the track towards Cradle Mountain. Soon you will reach the Cradle Plateau. The track brings you closer to the mountain until you reach Kitchen Hut. It should take around 3-4 hours to reach this point.

From Kitchen Hut it is a three hours return to climb to the summit. This is the most challenging part as it involve steep boudler climbing. Do leave you backpack at the Kitchen Hut as it will limit your mobility. It is highly not recommended for inexperienced hikers.

There are multiple ways back to the car parks. Follow the clearly marked track of your choice.


Permit is requried.

Other References

Trail note link: Cradle Mountain Summit Photo Track Note

GPS Tracks

  • No GPS available for this walk yet.


Much more beautiful in a clockwise direction. Spent about 2 hrs at the summit. Sunburnt lolz

Chesspeople on 17 Feb, 2021

I did this walk clockwise, starting from the lake and heading up to Hansons peak then following the Face Track, then the summit and returning via Marrions Lookout. The weather was absolutely perfect with uninterrupted views the whole way. I had previously hiked to Marrions Peak 10 years ago and although it is the most common route, I found going via Hansons much more interesting, although slightly longer. I thought the walk was pretty straightforward until the reaching the boulders, then it needed to be taken a bit more slowly as it would be easy to slip between them and do yourself a real injury. Although the walk was easier than Logans Ridge, Mt Barney, it was also a much nicer walk with truly amazing views for the whole way. The total time taken was 7 hours 30 minutes, including almost an hour on the summit, countless photo stops, and lots of talking with other walkers so actual walking time would have been very close to the 6 hour mark. I would recommend putting this walk on top of your list, the best walk I have ever done.

jgmansell on 8 Feb, 2021

What a wonderful hike. So many lakes views on the way, and fantastic views from the top. My favourite hike so far.

Asha on 31 Dec, 2020

Probably the best views of any mountain I've climbed so far. The summit track is a sidetrack away from the main tracks that circumvent Dove Lake. It starts off as a steep hike, then becomes light rock hopping, then more intense rock hopping, and then scrambling over large boulders. I would rate the difficulty as similar to Tibrogargan with less exposure. Definitely worth heading up there on a clear day, the view is absolutely phenomenal - 360 degrees!

Vonsnrub on 15 Feb, 2020

We started at Ronny Creek and followed the Overland Track the summit base at Kitchen Hut. Marion's Lookout was a great snack stop. Crater Creek and Crater Lake were beautiful on the way. The climb up the summit is hard. Big rocks, big gaps between and big drops but so very, very worth the effort to make it to the very top. We climbed it with a 9 and 12 yr old. Slow going at times but plenty of chances to enjoy the view.

Curry Bunch on 24 Dec, 2019

Summitted in winter conditions. The final ascent involved steep snow gullies rather than scrambling over boulders. Traction aides (microspikes or crampons) are a must at this time of year, and an ice axe would be wise for self arrest. Leaving your pack behind is poor advice in this kind of environment - a PLB, first aid kit or water/windproof layers are not much use to you back at the hut if you have an accident or conditions change quickly (as they easily can in this area).

Michael on 17 Aug, 2019

There is a LOT of steep bouldering in the last hour of the climb. My partner and I aren’t very experienced climbers and we still made it, but you have to go at a slow pace and try not to get overwhelmed at the amount of climbing at the end (it feels like it goes on for a while).

We did this in the middle of summer in normal joggers and exercise gear which was enough. It got very windy just before the summit so take a jacket. We did the summit track via Marion’s Lookout which took us 5.5 hours. Take food because you’ll get hungry. It was a rewarding trek, definitely recommend but take your time doing it!

Kristy on 6 Jan, 2018

My son (11) and I did the summit from Dove Lake via Marion's Lookout on Boxing Day 2017.
My father reckons we are probably one of the first families to have five generations reach the summit. Starting with R.E. Smith who was instrumental in the production of the circular plaque at the summit.

Generations are : R.E. Smith
His eldest son - R.A.H. Smith
His eldest son - P.D. Smith
His eldest son - D.R. Smith
His eldest son - E. Smith

It's an interesting idea. Would love to know if it's true (or not)

d.smith on 26 Dec, 2017

Just recently completed my first attempt at Cradle Summit. Wow, what an experience. I was blessed with ideal weather, blue skies and sunshine. I had done the walk to Marion's Lookout the previous day, so I didn't stop for many photos this time up. I completed my trip up in less than 6hrs return, having had a rest and food break for 15mins on top. There was a scary part near the top which was quite slippery and steep as there is always snow on top of Cradle, even in summer. I just had a light backpack and tennis shoes and found that to be fine. I have a great deal of endurance and was able to traverse the mountain fairly quick, but I was full of adrenaline so that helped too!
Whatever the conditions, I highly recommend extreme respect for the mountain and always know your limits. Feel sure of yourself and confident that you can do it. When you are, you will be blessed with magnificent views and feelings of accomplishment. And of course, it's always worth the hard yakka.

Dawn Sunrise on 12 Nov, 2017

Returned for another go at it and weather was much better...that is to say clear-ish yet snow and wind on summit made it for a fun hike !
To make it more challenging use Marions lookout link track !

J on 2 Oct, 2017

So much snow! But well worth it with the right gear.

Laura on 13 Oct, 2016

Nice cool hike during winter , not much of a view as low hanging clouds....will need to return on more sunnier time of the year.

J on 8 Aug, 2016

Difficult but rewarding climb! A great experience.

RollingKarn on 1 Dec, 2014

An amazing walk! 14km including the summit. We walked from Ronny Creek and the entire hike took us 6.5hrs. We absolutely loved it. Amazing scenery. The summit was challenging but you just take your time.

S K on 16 Apr, 2014

A fantastic walk! I didn’t go to the summit - there was a boulder that was just a bit too big for me to get my nerves over! However, I enjoyed sitting on the side taking in the amazing view. Really loved seeing the wombats in the late afternoon. Highly recommended.

Anoogle on 16 Apr, 2014

Done as side track from Kitchen Hit on Overland Track. Do not miss.

gracilicaudatus on Mar, 2014

Amazing walk with no peer on the Australian continent. Did this one in jeans and apparently ill-kitted for possible rainy weather later in the day - had some strange looks from the information centre - but the gamble paid off well and it stayed dry through the few hours' walk. Spots of snow up the top still in November were a novelty coming from Qld.

kodama on Nov, 2013

Fantastic walk, truly spectacular! Very cold at times (even in Summer) and also very wet at times. Challenging but highly rewarding. Good level of fitness required.

Catherine on Dec, 2012

Just spectacular, best in Tassie, especially on a sunny day!! Allow plenty of time.

Hugues Debeyser on Jan, 2009

Nice hike and a fun finish scrambling over big boulders. Awesome views.

Anonymous on 18 Sep, 2000


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