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Cradle Mountain Summit (Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park)
12 Nov, 2017
18km return
9 hrs
Just recently completed my first attempt at Cradle Summit. Wow, what an experience. I was blessed with ideal weather, blue skies and sunshine. I had done the walk to Marion's Lookout the previous day, so I didn't stop for many photos this time up. I completed my trip up in less than 6hrs return, having had a rest and food break for 15mins on top. There was a scary part near the top which was quite slippery and steep as there is always snow on top of Cradle, even in summer. I just had a light backpack and tennis shoes and found that to be fine. I have a great deal of endurance and was able to traverse the mountain fairly quick, but I was full of adrenaline so that helped too!
Whatever the conditions, I highly recommend extreme respect for the mountain and always know your limits. Feel sure of yourself and confident that you can do it. When you are, you will be blessed with magnificent views and feelings of accomplishment. And of course, it's always worth the hard yakka.
Mt Miketeebumulgrai (Glass House Mountains)
24 Jan, 2017
1.2km return
70 mins
Great walk up this afternoon. Fell in love with the abundant Feather Sedges. I got to the top in about 20min and left my name on the writing board on top. First time on Miketeebumulgrai, definitely not the last :-)