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Mount Beerwah Summit (Glass House Mountains National Park)
26 Jan, 2018
Very Hard
2.9km return
3 hrs
It seems that the debate as to which is harder, Beerwah or Tibrogargan is fairly evenly split, so decided to find out myself on Australia Day. I have climbed Tibrogargan a few times in the past, but never Beerwah. I arrived at Beerwah just before 6 am to find about 60 cars at the carpark and along the road and was initially expecting a queue at the start, but I think many must have taken an alternate route as there was only a couple on the slope in front. The first section has less handholds than Tibrogargan but after that I thought the grade was slightly easier, although the walk was longer and took more effort. I am 68, reasonable fit but a little out of condition at the moment after a month long virus, but made it to the summit in an hour and five minutes including taking plenty of pics on the way. Back down in another 45 minutes. I drove to Tibrogargan for a banana and a break, then thought "why not", and tackled that too. It took a lot of effort to reach the summit, but that was probably because I was weary to start with, but still made it up and back in just under 2 hours and back home in Brisbane by 11:30. Since they both took about the same time, I must conclude that Tibrogargan is a little less of a challenge. This is of course, entirely subjective and I suppose it depends on the individual. Conclusion, Beerwah is longer, Tibrogargan is perhaps steeper, I wouldn't like to fall from either.