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Mt Barney West Peak from Rum Jungle (Mt Barney Summit)
6 Nov, 2021
2km return
90 mins
No view once we reached the summit because of low cloud, but there were views once we got a bit lower on the way back down. This is a good walk and seemed shorter and more straightforward than East Peak, perhaps because the summit area is not as spread out, with less chance of getting lost on descent. Unfortunately, one of our party slipped on the slabs about 60 metres short of Rum Jungle. He ended up dislocating his shoulder and had to be choppered out!
Northern Scenic Rim Trail to Mt Mistake Campsite Day walk (Main Range National Park)
23 Jul, 2021
18km return
7 hrs
I did this walk in about 6 hours (return) today. The first hour or so is the toughest, gaining a lot of altitude quickly. It was a wet day, so some of the rocks were slippery (made worse by my boot treads caked in mud)! The views really opened up at the top of the ridge, and it was a nice walk through open woodland. Be careful not to miss the track marker at the start of the walk, turning left and crossing the road from the carpark. I somehow missed the marker and followed the road for a while, before realising I was on the wrong track!
Gap Creek Falls (Main Range National Park)
13 Mar, 2021
9.5km return
3.5 hrs
I did this walk today, and while it was good to see the track was reopened after the bushfires, it was virtually completely overgrown for about 90% of the walk - the weeds love the lack of canopy. They were over my head in places and it was very difficult to see where I was going. Nonetheless, at least after the recent rains the waterfalls were running nicely. Just before getting to Gap Creek, over to the left there is a very pretty, unnamed waterfall. You get a much better view of this than the actual Gap Creek Falls.

Now I'm going to email National Parks and tell them to get the whipper-snipper out! In the meantime, wear gaiters or tough long pants.
Montserrat Lookout and Upper Portals Circuit (Mt Barney National Park)
12 Sep, 2020
10.5km return
5 hrs
I got the Mazda CX9 to within about 500 metres of the carpark before I lost my nerve, parked on the side of the road and walked the rest of the way. This saved me about an hour's walk up a steep from the Waterfall Creek Campground. The tracks have been recently slashed, which makes finding the start of the track up to the lookout (near the cattleyards) much easier. The walk was a solid slog but the view of Mt Barney was fantastic - I could hardly believe I was in Qld! The track down to the creek was a bit tricky wear the dirt was loose, but my feet went out from me only once! The Upper Portals were great to see (though not the swimming holes that the Lower Portals have).
Mt Greville: Waterfall Gorge/Palm Gorge circuit (Moogerah Peaks National Park)
16 Aug, 2020
6.5km return
4 hrs
So far, this is my favourite circuit on Mt Greville. Water was running in Waterfall Gorge after rain the day before, but it wasn't too slippery. Next time, I plan to try this circuit going clockwise, ascending via Palm Gorge and descending via Waterfall Gorge.
Westray's Grave from Christmas Creek (Lamington National Park)
17 Apr, 2020
7.5km return
3.5 hrs
This is a very enjoyable walk, never boring with a few navigational challenges, especially when crossing gullies (it can be difficult to find the track on the other side). As others have commented, don't rely on the pink/orange tape. If you lose the track, walk back towards the creek, not uphill. Take your togs. Regrettably, I didn't and there were some very inviting looking rock pools. Who would have believed we'd get a 34 degree day in mid-April?!
Mt. Mathieson Circuit (Main Range National Park)
15 Apr, 2020
3 hrs
I concur with mjorn's comments. Fires had affected large areas, but there were encouraging signs of forest regrowth. However, the grasses and shrubs growing back meant I spent half an hour picking seeds out of my (and my children's) socks when we got back to Brisbane! They also made finding the track difficult as we approached the summit of Mt Mathieson. Overall, enjoyable with some nice variety. We particularly enjoyed walking along the ridge south from Mt Mathieson.
Mt Clunie (Mt Barney National Park)
9 Jul, 2019
10.1km return
5 hrs
I did this walk today. According to Google Maps it's about 5km from the border gate to the summit. It took about two hours each way, without stops. The Bushpeople's Guide described "interesting views" but I didn't see too many. The prettiest part of the walk is in the montane rainforest near the summit. Given the steepness of the climb this one is definitely for the cooler months.