Greenes Falls via Rainforest Circuit + Cypress Grove Circuit

D'Aguilar National Park

Greenes Falls Track is one of three connected walks, comprising of the Rainforest Circuit (2km return), Greenes Falls Track (+2.2km return) and the optional add-on of Cypress Grove Circuit (+500m), making a total walking distance of 4.7km. The small but beautiful trail network includes several boardwalk sections and sets of stairs, passing over rainforest pools and ending at a lookout above Greenes Falls. Be prepared for an uphill walk on the return trip. Parking is available at Maiala car park.

No Swimming
Bird Watching
Picnic Facilities
No Dogs Permitted

Getting there

At the lower end of the bottom carpark of the Maiala picnic ground. The Maiala Picnic Ground is on Mt Glorious Rd near the intersection with Browns Rd and is well signposted. The Picnic Ground has modern and clean toilets at the top of the picnic area (but are not well stocked !!). 

Route/Trail notes

With a boardwalk this track is achievable for most fitness levels, however walkers with knee/ankle problems should be aware that there are several sets of stairs (some wooden staircases with handrails, some natural rock steps.)

Route/Trail notes



GPS Tracks

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We walked this track with 3 toddlers. It's a very suitable walk for little ones as the track is quite smooth, part of it is boardwalk and it's not very steep. We took 3 hours with a lunch stop at the Falls...which was more of a trickle since there hasn't been much rain. Saw some pademelons and robins and the rainforest is beautiful as always

Natalie Taylor on 2 Sep, 2023

It was a lovely walk and doable with children too.

Foxiously on 21 Jan, 2023

Easy walk with young kids. We completed the Greenes Falls walk + Cypress Grove & Rainforest loops on the way back. Took us just over 2.5 hours, including time to explore the top of the falls (enough water to make it worth the trip). The uphill return to the carpark is mostly gentle with just a few flights of stairs to get the heartrate up. Trail well maintained and only 1 short muddy section. Lots of birdlife, several pademelons and cool spiders/bugs to see. No snakes today.

Steph T on 16 Dec, 2022

Lovely walk, track easy to follow.

Shane on 3 Oct, 2022

Did with family. Make sure there has been rain. Waterfall was barely even trickling?

BushwalkerBro on Aug, 2022

There's a good reason why I keep coming back to this track! It's so gorgeous and I love sitting by the creek at the end of the track and soaking in all the nature.

AmyKT on 4 Jul, 2022

Cruise walk through beautiful rainforest. Super muddy at the moment so best to wear decent footwear.

Natalie on 3 Jan, 2022

A very easy and very picturesque walk. Lovely and cool, but lots of mozzies around. Quite a busy/popular spot, lots of children.

Tori on 12 Dec, 2021

Easy - medium walk - tourist trek - go clockwise and take side tracks

Lisa on 18 Sep, 2021

Lovely walk, spotted a tree python and couple of wallabies.
A bit muddy post rain, part of concrete path was caved in due to a tree that had fallen down.

Krasmalley on 3 Apr, 2021

Have done this one several times before. Attempted it yesterday afternoon and got warned off by wild pigs. What is it with wild pigs in D'Aguilar NP recently?

Martin on 21 Mar, 2021

Really enjoyable. Works up a sweat great for a first time hiker. Beware of leeches

Amelia on 21 Feb, 2021

did it in the pooing rain! Saw a python and had a brown dove fly at me!

Miranda Fittock on 18 Jan, 2021

This was a quick little 4.3km up at Mt Glorious 🌄

You will find this hike has some beautiful, picturesque lush rainforest but that is about it. The fall's are unfortunately no little more then a trickle ☔

We would personally rate this hike as easy but it will get the heart pumping and a bit of a leg burn on the way back to the carpark if you push yourself 🏃‍♀️🏃

The path is well marked so you won't get lost with some boardwalks and stairs that are well maintained.

Overall this one is an easy hike for all levels of fitness 🚶‍♀️🚶‍♂️
Enjoy the rainforest on the way in and out, the sound of the bird's singing and pademelons settling in for the afternoon 🦘🦉

Don't expect much from the fall's and you won't be disappointed

Enjoy 🙏💕

Insta:- misslissy79

Mel on 27 Dec, 2020

Went at 8am and saw lots of wildlife along the track. Wasn't very busy either. Very peaceful!

CallumMcT on 18 Dec, 2020

Nice walk through lush rainforest down to the falls. While the falls themselves aren't really much to look at, the walk there and back is beautiful. Came across a large carpet python sunning itself on the boardwalk and a pandemelon happy to let me take photos and video of it.

Great walk for all ages and fitness levels, just take water.

Chewie on 17 Dec, 2020

Very easy walk, the board walks were nice to go along though very dry even at the falls. Lots of little pademellons and their babies in pouches. Took us 2 hours to complete all 3 tracks. 30 minutes to get to the falls from the start of the track

KLEEWDO on 13 Oct, 2020

Beautiful track! Amazing ancient forest! Giant fig’s!

Breno on 6 Sep, 2020

Unsurprisingly quite dry at this time of the year, but a nice gentle stroll on a Sunday nonetheless. Probably a good time to explore the bottom of the falls + Cedar Creek while it's easier to scramble down the waterfall face!

rb on 23 Aug, 2020

Beautiful rainforest walk. The falls aren’t much to look at, so enjoy the scenery on the walk in and out.

Dee on 16 Aug, 2020


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