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Spotted Gum Trail

Great walk to take your four legged friend on.

Natalie on 14 Apr, 2018

Mt Coochin

Amazing views! Climbed the steep 20 minute ascent to the top and blown away by the beauty. Um’d & Ah’d about heading over the the East peak but so glad we did. 25 minutes down and up to the East Peak. Definitely worth the visit!

Natalie on 7 Apr, 2018

Mt Cordeaux

An relatively easy walk and well worth the short detour to Bare Rock. Views are stunning but can get cold in the afternoon. Stay a while at the summit and look at this incredible place we are lucky enough to call home.

Natalie on 13 Aug, 2017

Mount Beerwah Summit

Wow! This was an intense climb. Feelings of never ending and "I love here now" surfaced often. Once at the top however it was spectacular. Found it a lot more challenging than Tibro but still glad I can tick this one off my list. Bring plenty of water and snacks!

Natalie on 25 Apr, 2017

Mount Tibrogargan Summit

Holy! Talk about conquering fears!! Leg shaking hyperventilating but exhilarating. Have never attempted anything like this but so glad I did. Although the thought of coming back down while out climbing up sounds terrifying it is actually easier. Don't be put off and go for it!!

Natalie on 26 Mar, 2017

Purling Brook Falls Circuit

Super easy walk but absolutely stunning! Sneaking behind the waterfall is a must!!

Natalie on 25 Feb, 2017

Mt Ngungun

Most stunning view from the top!

Natalie on 18 Feb, 2017

Box Forest

Absolutely incredible. Have done this a couple of times and so rewarding every time. Packs snacks and spend time at every stunning fall.

Natalie on 18 Jan, 2017
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