With the summmit track closed due to a massive rockfall in 2008 this is an alternative route to the summit. It is quite steep and exposed in places and not recommended if you don't have a head for heights.

Scrambling or Climbing
No Dogs Permitted
Maximum Elevation
Total Climb

PLEASE NOTE: This route should be considered a rock climb, not a walk. Please ensure you have adequate safety equipment and training before attempting this.

Route/Trail notes

Park in the carpark at the base of Mt Beerwah. Walk back along the road a couple of hundred metres and look for a faint footpad heading towards the mountain. Follow this down into a gully and cross a small creek. Sidle along the left hand side of the mountain and cross 3 or 4 gullies before climbing a ridgeline. The track from here is well marked with pink flags and red paint on the rock. It wanders right and left until eventually reaching the base of a cliffline. At this point the track either goes right or left. The left track follows the base of the cliffline before reaching some caves. It then swings right up the ridgeline for the final ascent to the top of the mountain.


No permits or cost.


GPS Tracks

  • No GPS available for this walk yet.


I just did this climb with a meetup group of all things.
I liked it a lot.Climbing is slightly easier that the regular 'tourist' route but it's much longer. It's starts 100m lower in altitude than the regular route and climbs 400m without much in the way of breaks or variation.You'll be in full sun all the way so take heaps of water.
There's a brief scary/dangerous part where it narrows right at the top.

Ron888 on 13 May, 2021

Did this after doing tibro 4 times! I enjoyed the climbing more than the tourist route. We saw a brown tree snake on the way back and had to climb over it.

Chesspeople on 17 Apr, 2021

Did this climb today, went up the east face and back down the normal way. Far more intense than Mount Tibrogargan. We didn't find the normal way in from the road, with a fair bit of bush bashing to locate the start of the climb. After that following the pink marks was fairly straightforward with not too many technical bits. Try to go early as the sun really made it difficult for us. Well worth it in the end! Took us about 2h 20m hours to complete the trip, with a rest up the top.

lathan on 16 Feb, 2021

I love this route as there is barely any people on it. Have found 3 beautiful caves on it. The route up I find quite easy however I recommend following the markers if you see them. The caves can be a little hard to find sometimes based on missing markers, recommend going with a friend just in case.

xxxNickyxxx on 29 Aug, 2020

Nice climb, easier than the tourist route and less busy, even if it was unmarked you could find a way up easily, plenty of routes possible.

xxxNickyxxx on 15 Dec, 2019

Challenging, demanding... and bucket-loads of fun. Loved it.

Clarence on 9 Feb, 2019

Decent scramble up the East face of Beerwah without the usual foot traffic of the Northern 'tourist' route. Finding the initial entrance from the carpark was the only real struggle (it's actually very close to the carpark). Once you see it, it is well-trodden and easy to navigate. When the bush part meets the rock and the scramble starts, there are multiple paint marks and pink ribbon to help you find your way. I'd say that it's even easier than the tourist route.

I'd personally recommend this route only for the ascent. I prefer to tourist route in terms of being technically challenging but this Eastern route is worth a go!

Chris on 14 Apr, 2018

Came down this track after ascending tourist track. I found it tricky in parts, make sure you get some good holds. Going up would be just as hard if not harder than tourist track. Only for the experienced.

Juiced Pixels on 17 Feb, 2018

Challenge accepted. Not for the average bush walker. Lots of challenging areas and climbs. Ruined my new shoes by the time I got back down lol great experience though.

Deano on 24 Jan, 2018

Did this alone, but found it really easy to find my way. Gets a little bit knarly at one point, but I persisted with the climb,found the cave near the top. Great climb.👍

Maverick on 5 May, 2017

finally made it to the top today! with a party of 5 I was the slowest. We started around 10.30am and if the sun was any hotter the rock would have burnt my fingers. I made it up in about 2.5 h and came down the tourist route by 3.30pm. Enjoyable though scary enough for me.

agms on 22 Oct, 2016

Getting to the base of the climb wasn't too bad. Once you find the track its pretty defined. Once we started the ascent though I believe we must have lost our way as most people on here state for a rather easy climb. We were following a track on our bellies through dense scrub at parts during the climb and the beginning of the climb was fairly moderate becoming quite steep in parts with a decent amount of loose rock. Made for an absolute adventure but not in a rush to do it again.

tekkado on 17 Feb, 2016

Such an incredible climb, fantastic views! As description suggests it is more of a climb then a walk, local town gossip tells me it is officially re-opened again. Woohoo.

courtlalala on 7 Jan, 2016

Hi and thanks to all who contribute here with comments and descriptions. Really helpful! Yes, there are about 4 gullies to cross once you find the start of the track. Thank you to the person (or people) who marked the track! great! We generally had no issue finding the way although there was one occasion where the red paint was quite awkwardly placed on a slab that I chose not to use :)

We started the hike this Sat around 1pm on a semi cloudy day. Great weather for it and the time wasn't too bad as far as the sun was facing. We were at about 310m high (at 2.30pm) when I realised that MY descend was going to be a very slow crab/bum sliding down so I chose to stop there so I don't risk a night scramble down (my friend was speedy Gonzalas so he head no issues with it :)

Quite enjoyed the climb up but coming back down was a struggle for me. The little bushes can be a nuisance at times and not much to hold on to, so you need to rely on the rock which is quite grippy when NOT wet. It took me 2 hours to descend from 310m so I made the right call to turn back! I'm a slow descender so I need to give this hike more time in the day :) However, this is definitely not a 2 hour hike whoever entered that above! :)

agms on 5 Dec, 2015

Hi all,
Did this walk just a couple of weeks ago. We parked in the National Parks Carpark and walked back along the road until we noticed the markings at the track entrance just down from the rise. We walked through the bush along the well visible and heavily trodden track. The creek crossings were dry, but there is loose gravel so watch your footings. We followed the ridge until we got to the base and looked up. Then it became overcast and rain threatened, we didn't have ropes or rock climbing gear, so we gave it a miss. Good track in and back though and the climb isn't very hard but you will need to go when there isn't any rain.

Patrick Lenihan on 16 Aug, 2015

12/04/15, Ok went back this weekend and completed the climb.
Now with respect to the track leading to the mountain, forget pink tape. When standing at the entry of the car park looking back towards the sealed road, you will see the dirt road go up a hill. Between the car park entry and the top of this hill is a small rise in the road, this is where the track starts( on the right)this would be 50 meters or so from the car park entry. once found, clear track to the east summit route.
The summit route itself is long and hard and some sections could use rock-climbing ropes and protection.can be done without but.......
Awesome view from the top best in the Glasshouse mountain!.

Guroo_Ray on 12 Apr, 2015

Did this again and found both sets of caves this time. Our crucial mistake last time was climbing up the face to the point where you can see the summit and walking towards the right (towards where the tourist route is) instead of the left to a smaller set of caves. Much more pleasant but definitely a scramble to the top. Up in 2hrs (east face) down in 1hr (tourist route descent).
We also noticed that someone has gone and removed a lot of the different coloured tapes and the 'sign' inaccurately pointing to the caves is no longer there. THANK YOU to whoever 'cleaned up' the routes.

Alice on 12 Apr, 2015

06/04/15, found pink tape on road 80 m back from car park, this is a walaby track that disapears about 30m into the bush.gave up. expect a bush bash across the valley. will try again soon when prepared for bush bashing.

Guroo_Ray on 6 Apr, 2015

Good climb, happy to find another route to Mt Beerwah when Summit walk stays closed.
The path leading into the bush starts from main road, about 80m back from the carpark entry but not well visible from the road. Once found, it is easy to follow.
We found the spot where tracks goes left (Caves) ridge or right ridge (just above the organ pipes), it is below the summit wall few minutes above steeper part of the climb (wedging crack etc). I'll try to post a photo...

igorh on 10 Oct, 2014

After a thunderstorm in the early hours of the morning this track up the east face was more of a river than a track with lots of water coming down.

Grumps on 17 Aug, 2014


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