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Little White Rock Track (Ipswich)
1 Apr, 2018
30 mins
A good achievement for me while sick
South Sister (Tasmania)
31 Dec, 2017
700m one-way
30 mins
Mt Beerwah East Face (Glass House Mountains)
22 Oct, 2016
Very Hard
3km return
5 hrs
finally made it to the top today! with a party of 5 I was the slowest. We started around 10.30am and if the sun was any hotter the rock would have burnt my fingers. I made it up in about 2.5 h and came down the tourist route by 3.30pm. Enjoyable though scary enough for me.
Flinders Peak (Ipswich - Flinders Goolman Conservation Estate)
14 Oct, 2016
7km return
4 hrs
3 ways circuit (7 hours)
Mt Maroon (Mt Barney National Park)
9 Oct, 2016
6km return
5 hrs
nice spring day with some clouds and winds
Jacksonia Trail, Kokoda Trial Circuit (Mt. Cootha)
3 Oct, 2016
90 mins
x3, 13.2 km, 3h
Mt Mitchell (Main Range National Park)
17 Sep, 2016
3.5 hrs
a bit muddy for the first couple of Km, a hiking pole could help. Sweet vegetation variety and lovely views at the top. Not a large viewing platform though so smaller groups recommended. Also car parking is limited. Easy to moderate steepness (about 10km hike). Nice for backpack training if not too muddy. Oh and there are stingy plants around the trail! :)
Mt Cordeaux (Main Range National Park)
17 Sep, 2016
2.5 hrs
Loved this even more than Mt Mitchell. Felt a bit more steep at a shorter distance but covered it without stops up & down (took about 1hr 35 mins without pics time). Fantastic views and rock formations. A bit muddy here & there. Great for backpack training when not wet. Can't wait to do Bare rock.
Toolona Creek Circuit (Lamington National Park)
3 Sep, 2016
17.4km return
6 hrs
fantastic hike through creeks and rain forest. Lots of fallen trees and branches due to recent storms. One large branch cracked and fell meters from us. Feels a bit draggy by the end of it but can think of much worse things to drag along to than canopies in the rain forest :) Took about 6.5 hours with stops (mostly due to the track condition) but it warranted some yummy wedges and pizza at the end
Mt Barney - East Peak - Up South-East - Down South (Mt Barney Summit)
7 Aug, 2016
Very Hard
13km return
9 hrs
Waited a few weeks for weather to stop raining this year. Finally took my chances with a small group of 4 hoping to beat my time (10h15min) from last year in a group of 12. I successfully increased my time to 11hrs! ;)

Rock was a little wet in places but not too bad. Didn't have a rope this time so going over the first large boulder was the first fun time of the hike - I was simultaneously pulled up by my hand and pushed up from my bum :) Went up sweeping the rock on my right hip and laughing my head off. Weather held up nicely. Path looked a lot more defined now than last year.