Mt. Tunbubudla is in fact two mountains known as The Twins. Not easy to access and certainly not easy to climb, but the reward is a new perspective of the remainder of the Glass House Mountains to your north.

Bird Watching
Scrambling or Climbing
No Dogs Permitted
No Camping Permitted
Eucalypt Forest
Maximum Elevation
Total Climb

Getting there:

Unless you have a 4WD, then there is only one way in and then only if the weather has been dry for at least a week!  This is important to take note of.  Last time I climbed, a person was there in a honda civic - but the weather was dry.  Deep mud ruts can be seen from vehicles going there in the wet, and it is evident that a 2wd would likely become stuck in these conditions.

Follow the Steve Irwin Way to Beerburrum and turn west along the Beerburrum Road. After 1.8km, turn right onto Eaton Road and follow this unsealed road for 3.7km to the 'T' junction with the power lines running right and left, where you can park. The start of the walk is directly opposite you.


The Twins

Route/Trail notes:

Follow the dirt bike track as it winds around the Eastern Twin for 1.4km till you reach a fork in the track. Take the right hand track and follow for 500m to the mountain's saddle. To the left is a well defined track that leads to the cliff face.

From here, you can follow the cliff face left till you find a 'pink flagged' gully leading to the top. The right hand route requires you to climb the rock face to the top. There is a rock cairn to mark the top, but the best views are from the cliff face to the north.

You now have the option to return to the 'saddle' and climb the opposite East Twin or return the way you came.



Other References/Comments:

Glass House Mountains


Walked east and west summits. I made a 5-min video with drone footage and maps here:

Richard Pattison on 13 Oct, 2023

Steep and rocky climb, slippery in places but negotiated without accident.

jgrun14 on 11 Oct, 2022

Pretty slippery under foot especially coming down, nice & quiet, only saw 1 other walker on the day. I took the right hand track(?) around the cliff face which I wouldn't recommend

Bribie 61 on 2 Aug, 2022

We drove in as far as possible which can be done with a 4wd or motorbike. If you have a friend that is willing to drop you off at the gate and come pick you up that is the next best option if not you will have to leave your car out by the dirt road near the pine forests.

All in all we did both climbs starting with the West peak it was pretty cruisy up a steep path with a little bit of a scramble to the left of the rock face you find. After that it's as simple as following the path until you find the cairn.

Mitchell Biggs on 16 Nov, 2021

Eaton Rd is pretty much 4WD only at the moment due to some large churned up pot holes. The walk from the ‘car park’ to the base was pretty easy. Pink ribbon showed where to turn onto the single file track to the saddle. The first part of the climb was quite steep and lots of loose rocks. From the cliff face the path to the left is marked with blue ribbons. A large gum tree has fallen into the gully but we were able to use it to climb over and start on the last part of the track which has larger rocks and more trees. Added a stone to the cairn at the top. Coming down we found the steep loose part of the trail a little harder with frequent slipping hazards. Still a good mornings workout though.

Olwyn on 6 Feb, 2021

Nice walk with good views, did both east & west in about 4 hours with stops at both peaks

Dan on 22 Aug, 2020

Lovely walk - quite shaley and slippery in parts but great view at the top unlike its eastern neighbour!
Some lovely person has just remarked the two trails. Blue for the western and pink for the eastern. Great job!

JulesD on 1 Aug, 2020

A good way to spend a weekend morning, hiking both peaks doesn't take very long and is not likely to have many other people on the hike. It was more difficult to find the parking area with all the dirt roads in quite bad condition but the hike itself is well parked by pink ribbons.

Jacquie LeVay on 18 Jul, 2020

Great view of the other Glasshouse Mountains from the summit, rocks and dirt all the way up so is quite slippery as it is quite steep.

xxxNickyxxx on 6 Jun, 2020

Done both peaks from both the east and north access points.

Check out the satellite view on maps to find where the dirt bike trail enters from the north nearer to Beerburrum Woodford Road as the track is in much better condition than the one from Eatons Road.

Come south from Beerburrum Woodford Road near what is marked as Beginners car park on the map as Old Gympie Road nearby is full of washouts and bogs, as well as dumped and burnt wrecks and puncture material. Don't bother unless you're in a group of 4wds and don't care about your tyres.

Once you're in the east peak is a bit iffy with loose scree through exposed sections, the west peak is easy once you're past the first slippery section. Looks like there could be easier ways up the east but needs someone to go up and tag an easier route out.

Both great walks, nice and quiet and slightly challenging navigating the slippery stuff, did Ngungun right after at sunset which had the usual full carpark. No such problem on these two, the only others I've seen out there have been on trail bikes.

Greg Mac on 8 May, 2020

This is a great climb with a beautiful view of the Glass House Mountains from Beerwah to Tibrogargan.

The National Park sees infrequent visitors from the mainstream tourist route as it is accessible by 4WD only, so the quality of wildlife is enriched and trash is scarce. The walk to is flat enough to stretch the muscles before the steepened scramble to the summit, which seems daunting from the first cliff face but is actually quite tame in retrospect. Going down is less frightening than going up.

Be aware of dirt bikers who might not see you coming around a corner! (They shouldn't be dirt biking in a national park anyway...)

basalamant on 2020

It’s a steep scramble and was quite tough on such a hot day! Do East first as it’s taller and not so tricky

kmuki on 6 Oct, 2019

Completed west peak 5.56 km fairly steep and loose rocks and gravel
Great view of the rest of the glasshouse mountains at the summit

Kmxfitness on 22 Sep, 2019

Did both East and West peaks in the one day. Recommend going up the East peak first as this one is a bit easier and shorter, but has the better view of the other glasshouse mountains at the summit. Steep but not difficult.

JayWalker on 30 Jun, 2019

Thanks to pink flags they were a great help. I added a couple of red ropes . Steep climb but well worthwhile, great view from the north side.

Whinger on 24 May, 2019

Definitely the pick of the 2 peaks. The hike up was about as steep as the East peak with a very small amount of scrambling. There was a very nice unobstructed view to the north (Beerwah, Coonowrin etc) but there are probably other peaks you can expel less effort on to get a better view. Very well marked (once you find the entrance to the walk), takes just over 2 hours at a reasonably casual rate to do both peaks, enjoy the view and get back to the car.

Vonsnrub on 5 Feb, 2019

The west peak is challenging and slippery, but well worth it at the top. Lots of lizards, spiders etc on the way, so keeps your eyes peeled (and be prepared for spider webs on your face). The flat sanday walking track in makes it super easy to spot goanna/monitor tracks, so keep an eye out. Going up is difficult as it isnsteep and the track is modtly loose rocks, this means that coming down you are likely to end up on your backside a few times if you don't take it slow. We appreciated the support of boots on the way up, but wished we had the flexibility of shoes coming down.

After you park yoyr car and go through the gate for the walk, you will cime to a few forks. For the west peak you must go 'left, right, left'. It's pretty obvious, bit hopefully this might help somebody who isn't sure.

Take plenty of water, as well as some food - you'll enjoy a bite to eat on the west peak.

QldClimberWalker on Nov, 2018

Solid climb, fun scrambling, slippery first section.

Caleb J. Stanton on 19 Jul, 2018

Great walk with a new perspective on the Glass House Mountains. Some of the loose rocks can be slippery when walking up the slope but the view to the north is worth it. Took us about 2 hours of walking there and back.

Andrew Bentley on 2 Jul, 2017

We only climbed this mountain today. Parts of the track are quite slippery with lots of loose rocks and steep. It makes me nervous about the east mountain but maybe some other time. The path at the bottom has some muddy parts at the moment but easy enough to navigate around. The bush at the bottom is quite picturesque. All in all this is a great walk.

Ian and Sue on 26 May, 2017


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