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Mt Tunbubudla West (Glass House Mountains National Park)
16 Nov, 2021
4.7km return
3.5 hrs
We drove in as far as possible which can be done with a 4wd or motorbike. If you have a friend that is willing to drop you off at the gate and come pick you up that is the next best option if not you will have to leave your car out by the dirt road near the pine forests.

All in all we did both climbs starting with the West peak it was pretty cruisy up a steep path with a little bit of a scramble to the left of the rock face you find. After that it's as simple as following the path until you find the cairn.
Mount Cooee (Glass House Mountains National Park)
11 Nov, 2021
4km return
2.5 hrs
The track was fairly easy to follow. I did lose it on the way up but just walked through the bush and found the rock cairn that indicated the summit.

A bit more wandering and I found a great spot to view Mt tibrogargen just next to it I found the trail again and got down very easily.

Some slippery patches of rock from the rain. Nothing to bad though.

Alot like Mount Miketeebumulgrai but with great views!
Tibrogargan Circuit (Glass House Mountains National Park)
9 Nov, 2021
3.3km return
90 mins
Really nice walk through some beautiful bushland with some great views of Mt Tibrogargen.
Mt. Tibrogargan summit - Caves Route (Glass House Mountains National Park)
2 Nov, 2021
Very Hard
3.97km return
This is a great way to summit Mt Tibrogargen if you have some experience rock-climbing, scrambling, abseiling or go with someone that does.

The views are AMAZING! And the caves are awesome!
There is a massive beehive in cave 4 so be conscious of that if your allergic.
Fixed belay stations every 30ish meters (we used a 75m static to do a retrievalable abseil).
If your experienced and just climb with a buddy up you can go back down the tourist track.

Trachyte Circuit (Glass House Mountains National Park)
8 Sep, 2021
5.9km return
2 hrs
Mt Miketeebumulgrai (Glass House Mountains National Park)
1 Sep, 2021
1.2km return
70 mins
Mt Elimbah (The Saddleback) (Glass House Mountains National Park)
31 Aug, 2021
1.7km return
75 mins
Wild Horse Mountain (Glass House Mountains National Park)
28 Aug, 2021
1.4km return
30 mins
Mt Tibberoowuccum (Glass House Mountains National Park)
28 Aug, 2021
1.7km return
1 hr
Mount Bartle Frere - Eastern Approach (Wooroonooran National Park)
19 Aug, 2021
Very Hard
15km return
12 hrs
0600 flight to Cairns from Brisbane.
Started this "walk" solo at 1230 and reached the helipad and evac shelter at around 1830.
Stopped to collect and purify water at the 3km mark. There's room to set up camp there but nowhere else until 7km. I set up camp roughly 30m past the helipad at 7km. Cooked dinner in the emergency shelter to make life easier. It started raining at 1am (not quite sideways.. more like slightly uphill.. no leaks thankfully). I ate breakfast at 0800, packed up my gear inside the tent and put on my wet weather gear, boots and a fresh pair of socks. I stored my pack in the evacuation shelter while I packed up my tent, then stored the tent there aswell.
Hiked to the summit with no gear except a PLB, protein bar and my phone for a photo of the summit.

Fairly decent false summit above the boulder field with ample room to set up camp if there's no room at the helipad area. I'd convinced myself I went to far in the fog and rain but sure enough there's some more root climbing to do and a very obvious park sign in the trees that marks the highest peak in QLD.

The hike down took about 4.5 hours and was pretty brutal on the legs with a pack. There were roughly a billion tiny leeches from top to bottom because of the rain, but I applied liberal amounts of 80% deet to my hips, wrists, neck, ankle area (socks and skin) and even outside my pants around my knees to stop them climbing up. Not a single one latched on until I sat in my car in a pair of thongs.

Roughly 15kg pack most of the way up. Probably 12-13kgs on the way down

List of items:
55L Denali Meridian pack. (I wouldn't recommend this pack I've had to pop rivet some stainless steel to the aluminum frame to stop it from deforming and jamming into my spine)
3 dry sacks
Tent (Zephyr II)
Ultra light inflatable mattress
Down sleeping bag (rated 4°c)
Sleeping bag liner (silk cotton)
Inflatable pillow
Jet boil 0.8L personal cooker
Ultra light titanium cutlery set
LED LENSER headlamp
Rain coat
Rain pants
Spare change of clothes and socks
6L MSR dromedary (2L from car to creek at 3km mark, 5L taken from the creek at 3km mark to evac shelter and then back)
Water purification tablets
3 protein bars
2 gel sachets
Freeze dried meals: (back country meals regular size for dinner and small for breakfast) I should have stopped on the way down to eat another meal I had but was rushing.
First aid kit: (emergency blanket, ibuprofen, panadol, antihistamines, snake bite kit (3 bandages), 2 non adhesive dressings, 1 haemostatic tampon, 12cm strip of adhesive fabric dressing with pad, 12cm length medical tape).
Personal Locator Beacon (PLB)
Lightweight Trowel (for digging #2 hole)
Biodegradable wet wipes
Dry sack for garbage
Oil of Clove essential oil to deter rats at camp.
Scarpa, leather, full shank mountaineering boots.
Battery bank for phone and headlamp

All gear except my boots were packed into 1 large compression dry sack and another 13l dry sack with a spare for garbage. I used ziplock bags for my first aid kit and personal items (wallet).
Mt Ngungun (Glass House Mountains National Park)
9 Aug, 2021
2.8km return
90 mins
Mt Ngungun (Glass House Mountains National Park)
Aug, 2021
2.8km return
90 mins
Mt Tinbeerwah (Sunshine Coast)
Jul, 2021
1km return
45 mins
Mount Coolum (Sunshine Coast)
Jun, 2021
2.6km return
90 mins
Mount Beerburrum (Glass House Mountains National Park)
Jun, 2021
3.5km return
90 mins
Mount Beerwah (Glass House Mountains National Park)
Jun, 2021
Very Hard
3.6km return
3 hrs
Mt Coochin (East and West Peaks) (Glass House Mountains National Park)
Jun, 2021
2.8km return
2 hrs
Mount Tibrogargan Summit (Glass House Mountains National Park)
May, 2021
Very Hard
2.7km return
2 hrs
Mt Ngungun (Glass House Mountains National Park)
Dec, 2020
2.8km return
90 mins