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Mount Tibrogargan Summit (Glass House Mountains)
19 Nov, 2018
Very Hard
2.7km return
2 hrs

People will say "oh it's easy I did it in runners". Those people are giving bad advice that will get somebody killed, which tells me they aren't very experienced. Whilst it CAN be done in runners, I definitely would not advise it any more than I would advise to do the overland in thongs. Proper climbing shoes or even bare feet will provide a much safer experience.

Another user said "you definitely need to take plenty of water (2-3 litres)". This is also bad advice. That much water (as we found) drastically changes your centre of gravity during the most dangerous part of the climb, and is definitely not recommended. If it is that hot and sunny that you need that amount of water, then I would advise that you take a large bottle and leave it at the base of the vertical climb.

IF you know anybody who has done the climb before, do your best to make a day to do it with them as they will have prior knowledge of foot/hand holds.

As you climb, with each step up, pause to looke around to re-orient yourself to the big picture around you. Don't just keep going to the next crag or nook you see, as it may be the wrong way and youll get stuck. Take at least one person with you, as you can 'spot' for each other. There are a lot of spots where you can't see your feet without dangerously leaning away from the wall, and it is in these places that you may need somebody ti verbally guide your feet (mainly during descent). Don't be afraid to ask a random person to guide your feet - people have been killed on this mountain and personally I'd prefer a little bit of embarrassment.

My partner and I had to abort this climb yesterday after turning up in sturdy walking shoes (merrels) and finding that footholds big or flat enough for our shoes were few and far between in the most dangerous section, plus we took bags after having stupidly taken the advice of people saying to take plenty of water. It is always recommended that you take plenty of water when hiking, but this is not a hike. So many people seem to be doing their best to sound cool by giving terrible advice, but this climb is dangerous if you go unprepared.

We WILL definitely be making a second attempt at this climb very soon, but we will be leaving our bags at the car and taking only a couple of cheap water bottles that we'll leave at the base of the climb.

Summary: possible in runners, but fairly silly to do it that way as runners don't have the traction (and definitely aren't designed for this kind of traction) or the toe control that is needed. Don't take a bag (if you do, make it a slim camelback type that hugs your back). Don't take food, as it is weight that is unecessary if you're fit enough for the climb. This is a very rare case where I would say to not take food - you will be back at your car fairly soon, so food shouldn't be an issue.
Mt Tunbubudla West (Glass House Mountains)
Nov, 2018
4.5km return
3.5 hrs
The west peak is challenging and slippery, but well worth it at the top. Lots of lizards, spiders etc on the way, so keeps your eyes peeled (and be prepared for spider webs on your face). The flat sanday walking track in makes it super easy to spot goanna/monitor tracks, so keep an eye out. Going up is difficult as it isnsteep and the track is modtly loose rocks, this means that coming down you are likely to end up on your backside a few times if you don't take it slow. We appreciated the support of boots on the way up, but wished we had the flexibility of shoes coming down.

After you park yoyr car and go through the gate for the walk, you will cime to a few forks. For the west peak you must go 'left, right, left'. It's pretty obvious, bit hopefully this might help somebody who isn't sure.

Take plenty of water, as well as some food - you'll enjoy a bite to eat on the west peak.
Wild Horse Mountain (Glass House Mountains)
Nov, 2018
1.4km return
30 mins
Paved almost the whole way. Not as steep as Beerburrum, but still a great calf workout that takes 20-30 mins return for the average person. Brilliant views as mentioned by everybody else. Not a lot else for me to add.
Mt Coochin (East and West Peaks) (Glass House Mountains)
Oct, 2018
2.8km return
2 hrs
Partner and I have done this climb multiple times from both directions. Excellent exercise, great views. If you're looking for a view with a quick bushwalk where you're unlikely to see any people, this is a great option. Definitely do both peaks, as there is a lot of wildlife to be seen andneach oeak has slightly different scrub up the top which means different exoskeletal critters.

The climb is also great excercise - you're in the sun a fair bit so slip slop slap and on this climb it is definitely advised that you take water (especially since the track isn't massively defined). We've seen snakes up here, so keep your eyes peeled and you might spot one!
Mount Beerburrum (Glass House Mountains)
Jul, 2018
3.5km return
90 mins
Short but painful - paved the whole way but I swear to god it has to be a 45/50 degree incline (or it feeles like it). Dont wear hiking boots - you need more ankle movement AND the paved path is like sandpaper on those expensive boots. Beautiful view at the top. Path is smooth, but too steep to be called "wheelchair accessible" unless you're one of those "strong man" types that pulls planes in competitions.