White Rock - Spring Mountain Conservation Estate


Based in Ipswich. A heap of walks to do around here, most of them you can also mountain bike on too.


Any interesting history for the region?


What are the standout bushwalking features?


How do you get there? Include all access points if there are many?


Which maps cover the region?

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200 m one-way
30 mins

Bluff Lookout Circuit

A short walk to a lookout on a sandstone bluff. Tree top views over Six Mile Creek and the conservation area.

2.5 km return
30 mins

Frilled Neck Lizard Circuit

Frilled Neck Lizard Circuit is located just north of the Spring Mountain Forest Park. It is a mild to moderate 2.5 km return circuit that links up with the Ironbark Track. The map for this track is annexed as White Rock - Spring Mtn Conservation Estate.

6 km return
2 hrs

Ironbark Track

Ironbark Track is an old lumber road turned into a hiking track. It cuts behind Springfield Lakes to the edge of Spring Mountain Forest park.

200 m one-way
1 hr

Little White Rock Lookout Circuit Track

Take a detour from the Little White Rock Track along
a moderate level track for a view over the forest at the

600 m
30 mins

Little White Rock Track

Moderate level track suitable for average fitness levels.
Pass along the base of a rocky ridge where you will see
caves and relics of a World War 2 training bunker. The
spotted gum forest supports a local koala population.

19.07 km return
4 hrs

Paper Back Flats Picnic Area to Spring Mountain

A varied terrain walk. Sandy in parts, then really rocky in some. The first part of the walk I followed mainly the Spring Mountain fire trail which was mostly flat. When I got to Back Alley trail it started inclining for about 2kms till I got to the Spring Mountain. I climbed as far as the first cave I came across then didn’t climb the rest... although it looked doable, I was by myself and didn’t want to push my luck. It was about 10km on the way up. Return trip I went down the Daisy trail which seemed to be an old mountain bike trail. It descends quickly and is rocky, eroded in parts and hard to walk on and requires a lot of scrambling and concentration. I then got to Narelle’s Climb, this terrain has been gravelled at some stage. I also saw a red belly black snake!! I decided to bypass White Rock as I’d seen it enough times and head back to where I started. Was about 9km on the way back. If I do it again I will do it in reverse and go via White Rock.

Very Easy
300 m one-way
30 mins

Six Mile Creek Boardwalk

Wander along the boardwalk in the cool shade of the Blue Gum forest. Keep an eye out for a koala resting in a large gum, scratches and droppings at the base of the tree will point you in the right direction. Access can be had to Bluff Lookout from the boardwalk

1.4 km return
1 hr

Six Mile Creek Track (Ipswich)

A moderate level trail that leads you into a world of
large swamp box and blue gums, and if you are lucky
enough, you may even see a shy lace monitor. Cool
down as you cross Six Mile Creek and inspect a number
of revegetation areas Council has been working to

11 km return
4 hrs

Spring Mountain

Spring Mountain from Thornbill Drive Greenbank. Walk is a bit of a hard slog but the views from the different points on the trek are really spectacular.

14 km return
7 hrs

Spring Mt Caldera

A great walk. Starting at the end of Thornbill Drive, Greenbank. 60 degree views atop Spring Mountain. Caves and cliffs along with some off track navigation along the aptly named Dragons Spine Trail!