Ironbark Track is an old lumber road turned into a hiking track. It cuts behind Springfield Lakes to the edge of Spring Mountain Forest park.

Eucalypt Forest
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Getting there

The trail head for the Ironbark Track is off of Springfield Beaudesert Connection Road.  It is concealed by overgrowth.

Coming from Greenbank:  At the far end of Greenbank Military Camp there is a "Welcome to Ipswich" sign on the left side of the road.  The parking area and trail head are about 10 meters before this sign.

Coming from Springfield:  After you pass the last set of stop lights at Grande Ave, the road curves right, then left and then right again.  There is no sign, but at the end of this last right-hand curve, on the right side of the road is a small trail to the parking area.  (Google maps now has it: 'Ironbark trail conservation' estate is the trail head)


You can also start at the far end of the trail at the end of Huntingdale Drive in Greenbank, but there is limited space to park.


The following map contains most trails listed in the White Rock/Spring Mountain area. This trail is marked as IT on the map.

Route/Trail notes

WARNING!  The trail is used by Ipswich Council as a shortcut, and as such, sometimes has vehicle traffic.  I only found this out because I was walking, staring at the scenary to the side when I looked forward and saw a 4x4 headed straight towards me.  They weren't traveling fast, but its something to be aware of if you're not paying attention or are wearing headphones.

NOTICE!  The trail posts are marked wrong.  They state the track is 4 km return, but that is based off of straightline map distance, not actual walking distance.  Measured with my GPS, the track is actually just over 6 km return.

Starting at either end of the track will take you through the bush behind Springfield Lakes.  The trail is very wide along the entire length, approximately the width of a narrow road.  Within the first kilometer, the trail links up to the Frilled Neck Lizard Circuit for about 500 meters.

Every time I have walked along this track, I see multiple Eastern Grey Kangaroos.  The trees are always alive with many birds and there are a few man-made objects hidden along the sides of the track, including a chopped up 1974 Holden as well as a wooden bridge that appears to be 75 to 100 years old.

The "official" posted trail begins at Springfield Beaudesert Connection Road and ends at Huntingdale Road, however, if you continue to follow the track past the "END" sign, it will take you to the edge of Spring Mountain Forest Park.


None that are known of.

Other References

How can I find more info? Any guide books?


Basic maintenance trail. Access from Frilled Lizard track a good option.

Wanderlust on 30 Dec, 2022

I couldn't find the Springfield lakes entrance to the Ironbark trail so we started from the Frilled Neck Lizard Circuit and walked the longer portion of the Ironbark trail and back to finish the circuit. The Ironbark circuit particularly is quite sandy so this would not be pleasant when wet but it is a lovely walk in the forest.

Bobbe on 7 Feb, 2021

This walk is a fire trail so it's very easy to follow. Great instructions on how to get to the start of the track. It splits the national park and residential area so there are houses on one side as you walk the track. A couple of hills gets the heart pumping but overall pretty dull and boring track. No lookout at the end, just connects to another road. A few kangaroos and lots of birds to see if you have little ones but would not recommend when White Rock is so close and 100x better.

scruffy on 10 Jun, 2018

First walk completed using this site, good relaxing walk only a few minutes from Springfield. Great instructions on how to find the start of the walk, however the Beaudesert Connection Road is now called the Springfield Greenbank Arterial.

ozsailor on 29 Jul, 2017

Good access to Spring Mountain from Springfield lakes. Once the new estate opens near the water towers ( Angelica Way ) this track will not be needed .

Skipp on 22 Jul, 2017

The entrance is much easier to find coming from Greenbank. We tried finding it from the other end but didn't see the track. There is also a solid line on the road making entering from that end illegal. We ended up driving to Greenbank where we used a round about to turn back and looked out for the welcome to Ipswich sign. Easy. The walk was easy to follow.

Ian and Sue on 16 Jun, 2017

Can be harder going after rains.

Tennille Graham on 2017

nice walk. close to civilisation but a thousand miles from care

David on Jan, 2016

One of my favorites as it takes me away from civilization rather quickly and also connects directly to Spring Mountain Forest Park.

Danny Ros on 19 Aug, 2015


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