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Arthur Earle Park Broadwalk (South East Queensland)
13 Jun, 2020
Very Easy
1km return
15 mins
Nice stroll, to a good view of the Nerang river.
Surprisingly not as much graffiti under the M1 as I thought there would be.
West Canungra Creek Circuit (Lamington National Park)
6 Jun, 2020
5.5 hrs
Only walked down to the pools and then went back the same route up. I wouldn't recommend going counter clockwise as most people go one way and the paths are quite narrow. Crystal clear water, wish I did the rest.
Twin Falls Circuit (Springbrook National Park)
30 May, 2020
90 mins
Great easy/exciting walk. Waterfalls still flowing nicely (at both locations). From which you can walk behind them both too (without the wind you don't really get wet). Got to mention those caves/overhanging rock faces are also pretty cool too. Something exciting to see every few hundred metres.
Freeman's Lookout Track (South East Queensland)
14 Jan, 2019
1.5km return
45 mins
Not too bad for a short walk. the view was just like the image (the trees surrounding having overgrown it). A bit further from open grass area there was another view area, a bit more open, but faces towards the hinterland and can't see to far because of the mountains being kinda close.
Coombabah Lakelands Conservation Area (Coombabah Lakelands Conservation Area )
7 Jan, 2019
5km return
1 hr
You can walk for a few minutes and see the kangaroos or you can go all the way to the end of the conservation area for about a 1.5 hour walk. without any breaks
Mangrove Boardwalk (Coombabah Lakelands Conservation Area )
7 Jan, 2019
Very Easy
1km return
15 mins
Short walk for a mangrove area to the birdhut. The view is alright.
Ernest Junction Tunnel (South East Queensland)
4 Jan, 2019
900m return
20 mins