Mount Wongawallan

Gold Coast
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Walk from the end of Wongawallan Drive along at first 4wd track then single track as the gradient steepens for the final climb to the summit area where there is a deep hole probably an old mine shaft beyond the hole there is a fork in the path take the right hand track to the lookout over the Gold Coast.

Eucalypt Forest
Maximum Elevation
Total Climb

Getting there

There are multiple entrances, all accessible by car. 

1. End of Wongawallan Drive; Wongawallan. Here you have to walk a few meters down someones driveway before reaching the nature reserve fence.
2. End of Crystal Creek Rd; Willow Vale. Starting through Crystal Creek Reserve.
3. End of Blacks Rd; Willow Vale {to be confirmed, looks like someones driveway}


Which maps cover the area?

Map of Wongawallan

Route/Trail notes

1. From the end of Wongawallan Drive. Walk along the driveway to the nature reserve. From here follow the 4wd track along the ridge before climbing up single track to the summit area where there is the deep hole (old mine shaft). The track then forks, right takes you to the lookout; left goes further downhill for more fire trails. No looping fire trail so return the way you came.

2. From the end of Crystal Creek Rd. ....

3. From the end of Blacks Rd. ...



Other References

How can I find more info? Any guide books?


The 4WD track is quite flat, (around half way) then it gets quite step and rocky. The mine/well is pretty cool and definitely quite deep if you drop a rock in it. The view from the look out is worth the walk alone.

Maverick on 20 Jun, 2021

You can reach this Mountain from a few different sides, Cristal Creek Rd and Blacks Rd, Willow Vale are two other access points. There are a number of fire trails, more mine shafts and an abandoned mining camp in the area to discover as well, Its a nice area and close to civilization.

Olly on Jan, 2021


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