Springbrook National Park


Springbrook is a 29.2 square kilometre National Park in the Gold Coast Hinterland. Only 90 minutes from Brisbane, Springbrook comprises a range of beautiful sub-tropical rainforest, spectacular lookouts and breathtaking waterfalls.

The park is part of the World Heritage Listed Gondwana Rainforests and consists of three sections: Springbrook Plateau, Natural Bridge and Mount Cougal (The Cougals).

Popular Walks


Timber getters arrived in the late 1800's they cut down red cedars and beech. In approx 1905 farmers came to the plateau and cleared for settlement and dairy farming.


Waterfalls are the most common feature for the plateau. Natural Bridge, which consists of a waterfall plunging into a cave, is very popular and only a short walk. Possibilities for off-track walks are also available.


Springbrook Plateau Section

Take the Mudgeeraba exit from the Pacific Highway (exit 79 from the north, exit 80 from the south) and follow Gold Coast-Springbrook Rd or take exit 69 (Nerang) and follow Nerang-Murwillimbah Rd for 42km till the Springbrook turnoff at Pine Creek Rd

Natural Bridge Section

Take the Nerang Exit from the Pacific Highway (exit 69) and follow Nerang-Murwillimbah Rd for 30km to the park entrance (on the left).

Mt Cougal Section

Take the Currumbin Exit from the Pacific Highway (exit 93) and keep following Currumbin Valley Rd to the end.



Sunmap Springbrook shows most of the park at 1:25000. The Currumbin and Beechmont maps are useful for the adjoining sections of the border route.



The Settlement Campground on the plateau. Bookings are made through the National Park office.

A number of private campgrounds are available in the area.


A range of other accommodation is available in the immediate area and of course the Gold Coast is in short driving distance.

Contact details

National Park Website - https://parks.des.qld.gov.au/parks/springbrook/about.html

Very Easy
700 m
30 mins

Best of All Lookout

Its makes lofty claims... and meets them! This short walk is well worth the effort with excellent views of the Tweed Valley including Mt Warning, Byron Bay and The Cougals. Plus it includes one of the most accessible stands of Antarctic Beech Trees (Nothofagus moorei) in Queensland. If you haven't been there, make sure to stop off next time you're on the plateau.

Very Easy
100 m return
5 mins

Buliya-Buliya Jagun Boardwalk

Visit Gauriemabah - place of stories, at the old schoolhouse, and discover the many tales of Springbrook. Take a short walk along Buliya-Buliya Jagun Boardwalk look and listen for the many little birds along your way to the lookout. *lookout is often overgrown with little view*

4.2 km return
2 hrs

Bushrangers Cave

An off-track walk from the border gate to Bushrangers Caves, which used to be an aboriginal camp. The adventurous can head on up Mt Wagawn to join up with the main Lamington track system.

Very Easy
1.6 km return
1 hr

Cougal Cascades

A short walk next to Currumbin Creek. Great for a short walk not too far from the Gold Coast or for cooling off on a hot day (without the sand and salt of the sea).
There are plenty of fantastic swimming holes further up the cascades if you don't mind a 20min walk upstream .

14.5 km return
6 hrs

Cougal Cascades to Boyd’s Butt and Cougal

Parked car at the Cougal Cascade then walked to the old Saw Mill which is about 1.2 k easy walk on sealed path, then 150 meters up the creek we looked for a trail at the sharp bend in the river, once we found this, some good people had marked the trees with pink ribbons so we could find our track. Boyd’s View is much better than Cougal but very dangerous at the top. The walk is not difficult, it’s pretty long doing the loop but the two views are worth the trouble. We did the entire circuit and was moderate in difficulty. Here is my video which may help. https://youtu.be/cdic-lWOVss

6 km return

Goomoolahra and Rainbow Falls

No need to complete the full 14 kilometre Warrie circuit, but instead walk 3 kilometres (of the 17 km track) and see at least 3 waterfalls. You are walking along the side of the cliff with sheer drops below and rock faces above.

Very picturesque and one of the nicest walks in Springbrook National Park. Not to be confused with the view of the Goomoolahra Falls from above.

Very Easy
600 m return
10 mins

Goomoolahra Falls Lookout Track

Picnic area with a view. Wheelchair friendly track to a stunning view of the top of Goomoolahra Falls with the warrie circuit track below and views of the Springbrook Pinnacle and out to the coast and the general hinterland.

2 km return
1 hr

Mount Thillinmam (Bilbroughs Lookout)

A 4wd track through rainforest to Mount Thillinmam (958m). Mount Thillinmam has multiple repeater towers and limited views.

10 km
5 hrs

Mt Cougal

A walk along the border fence line to the twin summits of Mt Cougal. There are excellent views from the top!
It is hard for beginners. Make sure you check weather. Finding location is a little hard. When arrive see steel gate that states ‘please keep gate clear ta’ On side of gate you can enter, when pass the gate look to your left and see sign with with instructions. Don’t be discouraged when you start, it is a little scary, but it gets easier, but still lots of hill. Follow the barbed wired fence on your left the whole way. The track will go from very narrow to comfortable in some places. Once you reach the last 700 metres or so... it becomes much harder. You will see a thin rope to guide you - do not use this to pull you up as it will break!! You will come to a spot where the track will seem to end. Look for a tree that has arrows etched into it to guide you where to go. There’s also a small pink ribbon tied to a tree branch Up further. You have to go up! It’s hard but worth it.

Very Easy
1 km return
30 mins

Natural Bridge

A sealed circuit track takes you through the forest, across Cave Creek, and into the arched cave to witness the waterfall plunging from above. At night the cave is illuminated by thousands of glow-worms' tiny green lights. While glow-worms are visible year-round, their display is significantly reduced during the winter months. Interpretive signs along with the circuit highlight the park's special features. The hoop pines Araucaria cunninghamii that emerge through the thick greenery of the surrounding rainforest are living relics of the Jurassic Age—the age of the conifers—about 180 million years ago. These pines are 'living dinosaurs'—they are among the most primitive of conifers.